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Simon Dominic 2014


ccooony: When I first heard this rap, I thought it was really memorable and the chorus got stuck in my head. I thought that Simon D came up with a great rap for himself. Makes me wish I could have a cool sounding song with my name in it as well. It’s still stuck in my head from time to time and it’s still catchy to me whenever I hear it. Continue reading →

Song Recommendations (June 2014)

Here are our recommended songs for the month of June:


anitaya: I thought that the concept of OK Go’s music video was very well-thought-out. The creative optical illusions and accurate placement of everything made the viewing experience pleasurable and challenged my mind to look at objects differently.

ccooony: First off, before the song even began, the illusion of the words OK Go caught my attention. I really enjoyed their concept of using optical illusions throughout the whole video and the variety of colors used. The song itself had a nice beat to it and I thought that the video was a nice complement to it.

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