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Vampire Flower


ccooony: I watched a web drama called Vampire Flower and I personally liked it. There was a total of six episodes and each episode was only about 12 minutes. Even though it seemed really short and the story progressed quickly, I still enjoyed watching it. The story this drama was based on was actually given the nickname as a kind of Korean “Twilight”, and I’m assuming it’s probably because it has the element of a vampire falling in love with a human girl.

Starring A-JAX’s Jaehyung and actress Kim Ga Eun, the story follows vampire Louis (played by Jaehyung) on his quest to find the Vampire Flower which would enable the vampire who finds it to become a vampire lord and the human girl Seoyoung (played by Kim Ga Eun) who gets caught up in his quest and with whom he eventually falls in love with.

Episode 1 Summary: In the very first episode at the very beginning within the first minute we are introduced to the main characters as we see Seoyoung in some sort of an underground tunnel walking quickly away from what seems to be someone who is pursuing her. Before any harm is able to come to her, Louis appears and defeats her pursuers while she gets away and he finds out that they were sent from someone named Ashwel.

We’re brought back to a high school setting where Seoyoung is woken up by her friend wearing a vampire mask and after she tells him to get rid of it, they both head to a flower shop which was revealed to have been previously owned by Seoyoung’s mom. While there, her finger gets cut by a flower and a drop of her blood falls to the ground. Shortly after, she leaves the store just as Louis enters. As he walks through the store he catches scent of Seoyoung’s blood from the drop that fell onto the floor and classifies her as the “one that smells golden”.

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Deal With It and Juliette


anitaya: I remember watching and listening to Corbin Bleu’s music video for “Deal With It” during the time High School Musical aired on Disney Channel. Corbin Bleu was working on his solo music career aside from the High School Musical series. I became interested in listening to K-pop and watching K-pop music videos a few years later. When I first heard Shinee’s song “Juliette”, I immediately recognized the familiar melody and song and realized that it sounded exactly the same as Corbin Bleu’s “Deal With It”. The meaning of the song “Juliette” is extremely different than “Deal with It” and seems to be the opposite of each other. This song appears to be more popular and more successful for Shinee than it is for Corbin Bleu.

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High School Love On Episode 2 Recap


anitaya: Summary: This episode picks up right where we left off when Seul Bi walks and almost gets hit by the large truck, but Woohyun manages to save her in time and move her out of the way. She reminds him that he told her to get lost and to stop following him. He changes his mind and decides to look after her and take her back to his home because he still cares about her. Seul Bi walks in as Woohyun is taking a shower, not knowing the importance of privacy and modesty between humans. Woohyun decides to transfer to the new school and buys a new school uniform for himself and also buys one for Seul Bi because she begged him to. 

Sungyeol still has problems with his stepmother and does not get along with her. He is eating with his dad and his stepmom at a cafe, and then a thief shows up and steals his stepmother’s purse. Seul Bi sees the thief and decides to go after him and Woohyun follows them shortly after. Woohyun fights with the thief and Sungyeol’s dad shows up to arrest the thief. Seul Bi realizes that she still has supernatural power when she used it to help Woohyun during the fight, but it drains most of her energy to the point of being unconscious. Woohyun gives Seul Bi a piggyback ride back home. Later on, Seul Bi’s sunbae shows up to give Seul Bi official documents as evidence for Seul Bi’s identification as a human. 

Woohyun is going to his new school and Seul Bi tells his grandmother that she wants to go too. Seul Bi broke the cuckoo clock, which makes Woohyun become tardy and receive punishment. Woohyun introduces himself to his new class and sings a song, which makes all the girls swoon. Sungyeol is also in the same class. Woohyun gets seated next to a guy who then gets bullied by guys who sit at the back of the class. Woohyun and Sungyeol attempt to save the guy from being bullied in the bathroom and manage to save him during his situation. 

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Terry the Tomboy


ccooony: It has been a while since I have watched this movie and I had thoughts about it for some time now. I thought that it was one of those cute and just for fun movies. There were hints of romance in it, but nothing really serious. I was definitely rooting for the best friend (Duncanty) to end up with Terry instead of the guy she had a crush on in the beginning (Brett) and I’m glad that it was heading that way. I thought this movie was made mostly for laughs and with any movie that’s geared towards a younger audience, it had a message at the end. The message I got from it was to be true to yourself. Don’t change for anyone else and you’ll realize that just being yourself will lead you to true happiness. Continue reading →

High School Love On Episode 1 Recap


ccooony: The first episode for this drama just aired this past Friday, and I thought that I should check it out. After watching the first episode, I liked it and it appeared to me that this will shape up to be a pretty cute drama. It stars INFINITE members Woohyun and Sungyeol as well as actress Kim Sae Ron. The premise for the story is that after an angel Lee Seul Bi (played by Kim Sae Ron) saves a human boy Shin Woohyun (played by Woohyun), she becomes human as a result. After the first episode, we begin to see her journey and adjustments to being human for the first time.

Warning spoiler alert! More details below! As always read on only if you want to know some of the specifics of what happens in this episode! 🙂

First, a little bit of an intro about the main characters: we see that the main girl (Lee Seul Bi) is an angel whose job is to lead people to where they need to go after they pass on after being notified of a death through her black note book. Shin Woohyun is a popular boy at school and all of the girls adore him; some a little too much. We see that he lives with his grandma and that they work hard to earn money, with Woohyun occasionally helping out as a delivery boy. Hwang Sungyeol appears to be introverted and keeps to himself a lot, giving off a cold appearance. He has a stepmother whom he detests and  a father who is a police officer.

Summary: Since Woohyun is very popular at school, he always receives a bunch of gifts on his desk from the girls in his classroom. One of his fangirl’s mother, who happens to be a major money source for the school, comes into the classroom and essentially tells Woohyun to stay away from her daughter, even though it is her daughter who is the one who keeps following him. Too embarrassed by her mother, the fangirl (played by Crayon Pop’s ChoA) gets to the top of the rooftop ready to jump. Meanwhile, the angel Lee Seul Bi sees the fangirl’s picture on her death note and appears at the scene waiting for the death to happen so she can fulfill her duties. Of course Woohyun senses something happening at the rooftop and is there to stop the fangirl, getting onto the edge of the roof himself and trying to get her to come down.

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WGM Global 2 Concluding Thoughts


ccooony: We just finished watching all 15 episodes of We Got Married Global Season 2. I must say I’m going to miss it. I know compared to the original Korean version of the show that this was definitely much shorter, but it was nice and sweet. I think that both couples looked cute together and were well matched. I thought that Puff and Heechul were compatible with each other and they both put in a lot of effort towards one another. They were also a lot more comfortable with skinship. I think they planned more events for one another than the Key and Arisa couple.

For Key and Arisa, I got the feeling that Key took care of Arisa a lot more and planned a lot more for her, but I can understand that because she is still relatively young and inexperienced. I thought Key and Arisa were still a lot more awkward with one another in comparison to Puff and Heechul, but I’m glad they were able to get close to one another in their own way.

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Running Man Episode 203 Recap

ccooony: I always look forward to watching a new episode of Running Man every week for all of the fun, laughs, and hijinks that happen and this week was no exception. This week’s episode continued with the same guests as last week: Baek Sung Hyun, Cha Yu Ram, Fabien, Heo Kyung Hwan, Ji Sung, Ju Ji Hoon, Sam Otswiri, and A Pink’s Bomi and Na Eun.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Read on only if you want to know what will happen in the episode and the result. 🙂

Each of the guests and the Running Man members were all paired up into teams of two with the premise that everyone lost their memories and were working with their partner to win the prize money at the end. Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Sung were given a secret mission to act as the Client and the Troubleshooter meaning that Ji Sung was aiding Kwang Soo in his mission to tear off and reattach all of the other fourteen Running Man members’ and guests’ name tags while everyone was going about their day completing the different games.

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New Releases (July 2014)

Here is the newly released music video for the K-pop group f(x)’s new song called “Red Light”:


Here is the original English version of the song “Red Light” written by Phrased Differently, a British music company:


ccooony: When I first heard this song, I had mixed feelings. I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not. I did feel that this was a song that seemed to match f(x)’s style, but it didn’t get stuck in my head or catch on right away. However, after listening to it for the first time, it was a song that I didn’t think was bad yet not one of those songs that I immediately liked. I decided to listen to it a few more times to see whether it would grow on me or not.  It actually wasn’t until I heard the original English version of the song that I started to like the song more. After listening to f(x)’s song more and more, it is becoming more catchy to me, but it’s not as catchy as f(x)’s previous songs in my opinion. I’ll probably see how I feel about it after hearing it more.

anitaya: I also had mixed feelings when I initially listened to f(x)’s song. It sounds like it has synthesizers and electronic elements in the song, which suits f(x)’s style. It is a similar style of music to their previous songs such as “Electric Shock” and “Danger”. It reminds me of electronic dance music with its funky beats and auto tune. It seems like f(x) is moving towards a darker concept compared to their other music videos, which were more bright and colorful. I didn’t understand the need of the telephone sound in the beginning and end of f(x)’s song. I thought that the English version of “Red Light” seemed to flow better than f(x)’s version. After listening to both versions of the song numerous times, “Red Light” became more appealing  to me.

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Empty and Mirotic


anitaya: This is an English song sung by a Korean group called JYJ. I enjoy listening to this catchy song. Their vocals sound pleasant and match the percussion and piano melody.  Although JYJ had problems with SM Entertainment and were not allowed to be on broadcast stations, I would like to see JYJ  be able to perform on music shows for television broadcasts.

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