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The Quest Episode 6 Recap

ccooony: In episode 6, with only seven Paladins remaining, the time until Verlox’s approach was getting closer and closer. Everyone had been enjoying themselves at the end of the last episode with everyone singing the song that Bonnie had written for Sir Ansgar. However, it appeared that a traitor within Everealm who was working for Verlox allowed dangerous orbs to be scattered around town. Each of the orbs were said to have enough power to bring down the whole castle. Sir Ansgar and his guards were able to catch the traitor and deactivate one of the orbs, but seven of them were still missing. We also find out that Sir Ansgar recognized the person who was revealed to be the traitor and this scared the remaining Paladins because they didn’t want to even imagine Sir Ansgar somehow being affiliated with the evil forces.

Sir Ansgar sent the Paladins off to their rooms to search for the remaining missing orbs but they were unable to find any of them. Unable to be at ease, the Paladins were unable to get much rest that night. The next morning Sir Ansgar told the Paladins that his men were able to recover three more of the orbs meaning four was still left to find. He also introduced them to a special falcon and told them by putting on the mask they saw in the area above them they would be able to see everything the falcon saw and it would guide them to where the missing orbs were. Their challenge for the day was to try to find and bring back an orb so that Sir Ansgar could deactivate it. Continue reading →

The Quest Episode 5 Recap

ccooony: Recap: In episode 5, we’re brought to where the last episode ended off with an ogre just right outside the castle. Sir Ansgar tells the remaining eight Paladins to grab their helmets and gear and get to the armory to bring out and assemble the Scorpion, one of the weapons they had used in their first challenge. All the contestants struggled to assemble the device but without prior experience or knowledge assembling it, they just couldn’t do it. However, everything turned out fine because Sir Ansgar, with the help from his mallet, was able to single-handedly defeat the ogre himself.

For the Paladins’ next challenge, they were separated into two groups and their task was to first try to barricade a door the best they could within a certain time limit and then afterwards try to break through the opposing team’s door using a battering ram. Christian and Lina were the team captains and they each chose members for their team one by one with Christian going first. To everyone’s surprise, he chose Patrick first instead of his good friend and roommate Andrew which allowed Lina to be able to choose him instead. From there, everyone continued to be surprised by Christian’s team member choices as he chose Adria and Bonnie over Leticia and Shondo. Even Leticia said that she had the dream team and it was really just too good to be true to be able to have such a strong team. Continue reading →

Super Junior Mamacita

ccooony: When I first heard Super Junior’s new title track, I really liked it and thought it was really catchy. Sometimes I have to listen to a song more than once before I’m able to decide whether I enjoy listening to it or not, but for this song, I liked it right away. The chorus and the dance move for the chorus are really easy to remember as well. The music video is actually pretty entertaining. The concept for the video appears to be the Wild West and each of the Super Junior members have their own characters that they play within the video.

The characters are:

  • Leeteuk – Wanted Thief
  • Siwon – Sheriff
  • Sungmin – Deputy Director of a Bank
  • Shindong – Blacksmith
  • Eunhyuk – Bullfighter
  • Ryeowook – Barber
  • Donghae – Bounty Hunter
  • Kyuhyun – Gambler
  • Heechul – Bartender
  • Kangin – Fruit Shop Owner

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Running Man Episode 210 Recap

running man

ccooony: Recap: To celebrate Running Man’s fifth anniversary, this episode brought together celebrities from seven different companies who would each be paired up with a Running Man member in order to battle it out in an alkkagi match. The premise was that each of the Running Man members were employees at a company and their job was to recruit another guest to help them win the scheduled alkkagi match. Equipped with nutritional drinks and business cards, each of the Running Man members were assigned to go to a certain company to find their partners.

Here’s where everyone was assigned to:

  • Kim Jong Kook – SBS Headquarters (announcers)
  • Lee Kwang Soo – JYP Entertainment (idols)
  • Ji Suk Jin – FNC Entertainment (idols)
  • Yoo Jae Suk – CoKo Entertainment (comedians)
  • Kang Gary – ESteem (model agency)
  • Song Ji Hyo – Roxta Muzik (indie bands)
  • Haha – Seoul SK Knights (basketball team)

There were so many cameos from different people such as actors, comedians, announcers, idols, models, and basketball players. We got to see the Running Man members interact with many of them. Miss A’s Jia called Kwang Soo handsome. Haha lost to both the coach and two of the basketball players when he challenged them to shoot three pointers while he attempted a free throw. Song Ji Hyo got to rock out with some indie bands. In the end, each of the Running Man members either conducted their own little competition, simply chose their partner, or left it up to chance to see who would become their partner for the alkkagi competition. Continue reading →

America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 2 Recap


ccooony: Recap: For this week’s episode, we saw the top 22 get cut down to the top 14 competitors and were introduced to the new creative director for this cycle, photographer Yu Tsai.

The location for the top 22 contestants’ first challenge was the subway station. Their task was to pick out and wear at least three articles of clothing or accessories at each stop. Each stop represented each of the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. They have to be quick enough to make it back onto the subway in time before the doors closed to get their pictures taken and have a chance at winning this challenge. After putting on their articles of clothing, they would then proceed to model in the subway for the photographer judging them based on the clothes that they chose as well as their modeling.  At every stop, people would keep getting left behind until finally Danny and Matthew were the only two left at the last stop. The photographer chose Matthew as the ultimate winner for this subway challenge saying that bringing out his personality would go a long way.

Afterwards, with all the contestants hanging out together, Romeo blatantly expressed his dislike of Danny who does not like Romeo, which brought down the mood of the other contestants. Some of the other contestants clicked and formed bonds with one another and through their interviews, some of the girls and guys revealed who they were crushing on in the house. Continue reading →

High School Love On Episode 6 Recap

anitaya: Summary: Woohyun pulls Seul Bi towards him with Sungyeol looking at them. Ye Na watches them from a distance and cries. Seul Bi feels weird and runs away. Sungyeol stops Woohyun from chasing after her and tells him that she must be flustered. Woohyun wonders if he had spoken too directly and thought that the timing was nice. Ye Na sits at a bench with her friend Young Eun and cries even more. Seul Bi wonders why her heart is beating so fast. Sungyeol asks if she is okay and Seul Bi apologizes for lying about being Woohyun’s cousin. 

Sungyeol arrives home and his stepmom wonders who he has been hanging out with these days. He tells his stepmom to mind her own business. Sungyeol goes to his room and keeps thinking about Seul Bi. Woohyun and Seul Bi walk home together and are unsure about what to do in this kind of situation. Ye Na and Young Eun go to the cafe and talk about how Woohyun confessed to Seul Bi. A couple of classmates are also at the cafe and hears their conversation. 

Woohyun’s grandma closes the restaurant and tells Woohyun that she is going on vacation but she is going to a hospital instead. Woohyun asks if Grandma got herself a boyfriend and tells her that he is her guardian. They tell each other to take care of themselves. 

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The Quest Episode 4 Recap

ccooony: So recently we’ve really been getting into watching this new show on ABC called the Quest. To give a quick summary of what it’s all about, it’s basically fantasy world meets reality competition. Twelve people are placed into this fantasy world and interact with the characters within this story who are all following a predetermined storyline, but the twelve people themselves don’t know what’s going to happen next. They compete in a series of challenges and whether they do well or not is all dependent on themselves and their skill level.

Each week, the contestants, who are called Paladins, are given a challenge that correlates with what is happening in the storyline. The winner of each challenge receives a badge, while the three who did the worst must compete against one another in another challenge called the Fates challenge. The winner of the Fates challenge is safe from being banished and can continue on with the Quest while the other two are put to a vote by the remaining contestants to determine which of the two of them will stay, and who will be banished. Three episodes had already aired so far and through them we got to meet all of the contestants, meet some of the key characters in the fantasy world. and see them show their skills in a couple of challenges as well as watch relationships be formed.

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Shake It Off and Danger

ccooony: I thought that this was a fun and upbeat song. I liked how there were a variety of dance styles and dance moves represented in the video including ballet, hip hop, contemporary and more. I think that this is a different sound for Taylor when comparing this song to some of her previous songs, but it looks like she’s having fun with this concept. Since the song is all about “shaking it off”, I thought it was only fitting that at the end of the video everyone was just shaking while dancing and having fun.

anitaya: I thought that this was a song that makes people feel good about themselves. Despite the rumors and people that may bring you down, you can just “shake it off” and do your own thing. Everyone is going to do what they are going to do, so you should just enjoy yourself, groove to the music, and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. 

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Running Man Episode 209 Recap

ccooony: The theme for this week’s episode revolved around triangles; so it was only fitting that there were three teams who competed for the final win: Original Idol Team vs. Running Idol Team vs. New Idol Team. Original Idol Team consisted of guests Chun Myung Hoon (NRG), Danny Ahn (g.o.d.), Eun Ji Won (Sechs Kies), Moon Hee Joon (HOT) and Running Man member Kim Jong Kook (Turbo) since they were all popular idols in the 90s. New Idol Team consisted of guests SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai and Sehun, Sistar’s Soyu, and Running Man member Haha. The other five Running Man members: Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Song Ji Hyo, Kang Gary, and Lee Kwang Soo made up the Running Idol Team.

They all played a series of games in order to earn as many points as they could before the final challenge. First place = 2 points, Second place = 1 point, Last place = 0 points. The first event took place in a pool. Each team chose one member to be in the middle of the pool on a yellow platform, while the other members would maneuver around the pool to try to get the ball to the person in the middle. The ultimate goal was for the person in the middle to catch the thrown ball no matter who threw it. The other members who were not in the middle of the circle had to throw the ball on top of their team platform, which was represented by their own team color. Running Idol Team was red, Original Idol Team was blue, and New Idol Team was green. Of course, there was funny and unfair play with so many people. There was even biting and pants pulling involved when trying to get the ball. The New Idol Team ultimately ended up winning the first round after Soyu was able to catch the ball twice. Running Idol Team and Original Idol Team played once again without the New Idol Team to determine second and third place and Running Idol Team took second place in a flash.

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America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 1 Thoughts

ccooony: America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is back with cycle 21 and it will once again feature both guys and girls just like last season during cycle 20. I’m glad that they decided to stick with having both guys and girls on the show because I think it makes things more interesting and we can see all their different styles of modeling. Cory from cycle 20 made a special guest appearance on this episode and he was the one who initially greeted both the guys and the girls to the competition. I thought that it was nice seeing him back on the show since I watched him in the last cycle. Cory is likable and it was cool to see a familiar face.  Continue reading →

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