BTS (Bangtan Boys) Boy in Luv

ccooony: In light of BTS’s upcoming comeback, which I am super excited about, I decided to pick the BTS song that really got me into the group as my throwback song choice for this post! When I first heard “Boy in Luv”, it was immediately catchy to my ears and I was able to recall the chorus to the song pretty quickly. I had heard of BTS before, but I had never really listened to their songs. One day, I saw that this song had been released and I decided to check it out. I’m really glad I did because this is probably my favorite song by them at the moment.

For the music video of this song, I thought it was all right but like many other music videos, sometimes I don’t really know what’s happening or the purpose of some of the scenes. There was wrist grabbing, which seems to be a common occurrence that I have seen in many dramas before, but I’ll probably never fully understand. There was dancing of course, showcasing some of their choreography to the song as well as other scenes, where I couldn’t quite grasp the story line, but I was fine with them nonetheless. Overall, I still enjoy listening to this song and I can’t wait to see what BTS will release next! I’m hoping that I’ll like their next song just as much as I like this one!

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