America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 1 Thoughts

ccooony: America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is back with cycle 21 and it will once again feature both guys and girls just like last season during cycle 20. I’m glad that they decided to stick with having both guys and girls on the show because I think it makes things more interesting and we can see all their different styles of modeling. Cory from cycle 20 made a special guest appearance on this episode and he was the one who initially greeted both the guys and the girls to the competition. I thought that it was nice seeing him back on the show since I watched him in the last cycle. Cory is likable and it was cool to see a familiar face. 

In this episode, we got to meet the top 31 guys and girls and watch them get cut down to the top 22. For their first challenge, it was all about trying to take the best selfie after walking down to the end of the runway and being judged on their first picture. I could tell right away that there were definitely some standouts and certain individuals who I thought would make it into the top 22, and they did. There’s already some conflict between certain individuals in the house which I’m not surprised about and some rivalries as well. I have a feeling this cycle will shape up to be a pretty fun, exciting, and intensely competitive one. I’m curious as to see what will happen in the next episode to bring the top 22 down to the 14 contestants who will really be competing for the title.

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