America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 2 Recap


ccooony: Recap: For this week’s episode, we saw the top 22 get cut down to the top 14 competitors and were introduced to the new creative director for this cycle, photographer Yu Tsai.

The location for the top 22 contestants’ first challenge was the subway station. Their task was to pick out and wear at least three articles of clothing or accessories at each stop. Each stop represented each of the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. They have to be quick enough to make it back onto the subway in time before the doors closed to get their pictures taken and have a chance at winning this challenge. After putting on their articles of clothing, they would then proceed to model in the subway for the photographer judging them based on the clothes that they chose as well as their modeling.  At every stop, people would keep getting left behind until finally Danny and Matthew were the only two left at the last stop. The photographer chose Matthew as the ultimate winner for this subway challenge saying that bringing out his personality would go a long way.

Afterwards, with all the contestants hanging out together, Romeo blatantly expressed his dislike of Danny who does not like Romeo, which brought down the mood of the other contestants. Some of the other contestants clicked and formed bonds with one another and through their interviews, some of the girls and guys revealed who they were crushing on in the house.

The top 22 contestants’ next challenge took place on the beach where they met up with Kelly Cutrone and creative director Yu Tsai, who was also going to be their photographer for their beach shoot with a sexy concept in mind. After getting into hair, makeup, and black swimsuits, each of the contestants got to take their individual photos with Yu Tsai, who gave them tips and pointers. He also took note of who was doing well, who had the potential for growth, and who he felt was not model material. After their individual shoots, all of the top 22 contestants joined together and intermingled for a large group shot.

Once the beach shoot ended, Tyra, Miss J, Kelly, and Yu Tsai all came together to deliberate and choose their top 14. Once the judges made their choices, Tyra revealed to the contestants who would be moving on by calling everyone up two at the time and telling one of them that they made it while telling the other one to wait to be called again. This process continued until finally the top 14 had been revealed and the remaining 8 had to be sent home. With the top 14 chosen, Tyra revealed that they would all be taking part in a fashion show later that night. The surprise was that they would all be wearing nothing but silly string.

The top 7 guys are: Adam, Ben, Denzel, Keith, Matthew, Romeo, and Will. The top 7 girls are: Chantelle, Ivy, Kari, Lenox, Mirjana, Raelia, and Shei.

Thoughts: I’m beginning to remember more of the contestants’ names now. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I can tell why this top 14 was chosen. So far some of them have been standing out to me more than others, but as of now I don’t have any favorites yet. I know that I’ll be forming favorites as the cycle goes on. Like I said after I watched episode 1, I really can’t tell who’s going to end up coming out on top, but with all the drama, relationships, and challenges going on, I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. I’m beginning to get to know the contestants, but I know I’ll be forming some stronger opinions on how I feel about everyone going forward.

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