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Running Man Episode 214 Recap

running man

ccooony: This episode brought guests from SBS’s drama “My Lovely Girl”: Rain, f(x)’s Krystal, Park Young Gyu, Kim Ki Bang, and Alex to compete against the Running Man members in a survival audition themed competition with the prize of gold microphones. They named the competition Rpop Star, after SBS’s survival audition program, Kpop Star. Team My Lovely Girl, which included Running Man member Jae Suk in order to balance out the teams, and Team Running Man: Kim Jong Kook, Kang Gary, Ji Suk Jin, Haha, Song Ji Hyo, and Lee Kwang Soo would compete in a series of competitions before the final audition where the losing team would have to eliminate one member. The eliminated member would be unable to participate in any of the remaining games.

In the first game, each of the members from each team were attached to one another within their team and had to run through an obstacle course on acupuncture mats while being attached. Both teams ran on the course simultaneously and the goal was to catch the last person in line from the other team and rip off that person’s nametag. The two obstacles they had to pass through as they ran along the acupuncture mats were to make their way underneath a large net and another was to pass through a wall make of rubber strands. Continue reading →

Hitmaker Recap Episode 1


ccooony: The variety show “Hitmaker” features Jung Hyung Don and Defconn as well as idols VIXX’s N and Hyuk, GOT7’s Jackson, and BTOB’s Sungjae. To give a short synopsis of the show, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn are producers who create a song and try to recruit different members from different idol groups to form a project group to perform the song.

Here’s the recap for episode 1: 

It starts out with Hyung Don and Defconn outside at the top of a rooftop on a hot summer day saying that they have become Brave Duble Tiger (a name based on a combination of famous producers in Korea: Brave Brothers, Duble Sidekick, and Shinsadong Tiger). They have determined that Defconn will be the composer while Hyung Don will be the lyricist and that they are going to form the best project group. To start off their recruiting process, they first call BTOB’s Ilhoon, who works with them on another variety show “Weekly Idol”, to recommend a member from his group BTOB to join their project group. Ilhoon recommends Sungjae, so the two of them retrieve Sungjae’s number and tell him to meet with them and get snacks to bring on his way there. Sungjae arrives along with snacks and they tell him to find a way to contact GOT7. After eating some snacks, conversing with Sungjae, and having him do a variety of things, the two of them have Sungjae contact GOT7’s manager and they all find out that GOT7 is currently at their fan meeting. Continue reading →

High School Love On Episode 9 Recap


anitaya: Summary: Seul Bi starts to follow Sunbae and leave Woohyun behind, but she keeps looking back at him and decides to stop. She tells Sunbae that she can’t do it and wants to stay by Woohyun’s side even if it means disappearing forever. Sunbae tells Seul Bi that she will regret this and that he will forget her. Seul Bi walks back to Woohyun and starts to cry. She hits him just like Grandma’s spirit had told her to in the previous episode and tells Woohyun to cry whenever he wants to cry. They walk back home and Woohyun lays down while Seul Bi tries to comfort him.

At school, the P.E. teacher sees a resignation letter from the homeroom teacher. Rather than showing the principal the letter, he just tells the principal that the homeroom teacher needed a temporary leave of absence due to health issues. The P.E. teacher is appointed to take over his class for now. Woohyun, Seul Bi, and Sungyeol are absent from school. Back at home, Woohyun is feeling sad and keeps to himself. Seul Bi tries to take care of him and help him in any way possible. 

At a convenience store, the male bullies meet up and try to make sure that Chun Shik doesn’t confess and tell the truth about Seul Bi being innocent. The female bullies see the male bullies beat Chun Shik up and also want Chun Shik to keep his mouth shut so that they would not get in trouble. 

Sungyeol passes by the restaurant and sees Seul Bi cleaning the tables. He decides to help her and asks about how Woohyun is doing. Seul Bi tells Sungyeol that she is not going back and is staying here with Woohyun. 

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Jieun Don’t Look At Me Like That and Ailee Don’t Touch Me


anitaya: I think that “Don’t Look At Me Like That” is a good song and tells a message about love. In the music video and song, Jieun is tied up in chains and goes quietly to meet the one she loves. She wonders why people keep judging her and the person she loves and why they whisper and go against them. The song tells people to not look at her like that because they are just two people who are in love. She doesn’t want people to view them with hate because they are a little different. The people who are judging her are wearing masks, waving money at her, and touching her. She wants to know what is wrong with loving whoever she wants no matter what anyone says and that she will not change. She wants people to just leave them alone.

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Xia Junsu Incredible


anitaya: “Incredible” is a feel good song and a fun song that you can dance to. I like this song and Xia Junsu’s vocals, but I don’t like Quincy’s rap in this song. I thought that the lyrics of the rap were not good and did not fit the song well. In the music video, people are having fun at a party during the summer. They are dancing in a decorated room and are wearing colorful clothes. They also dance on a floor with water. I enjoy watching the dance moves and choreography for “Incredible.” This song is about a beautiful girl who has got something incredible about her. Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 213 Recap

running man

ccooony: This week’s episode of Running Man featured famous actresses most notable for portraying villainous characters in their respective dramas. Each of the five guest actresses as well as Running Man member Song Ji Hyo would each be paired up into teams with one of the other six male Running Man members to participate in a series of games. The concept for this episode was that one of the male Running Man members was unknowingly a second generation heir to a huge fortune and the race would be all geared towards finding out who is the heir.

First off, Ji Hyo and all of the guests met up in the morning and were told that they would be participating in a couple’s race. They needed to choose who they would like to have as their partner. Ji Hyo automatically volunteered to be paired up with the person that they would all like the least to be paired up with, so she unsurprisingly chose Suk Jin who is generally considered to be a weaker link.

One by one, the rest of them took turns to choose their partner:

  • Yoo In Young – Haha
  • Kim Min Seo – Kim Jong Kook
  • Seo Woo – Yoo Jae Suk
  • Choi Yeo Jin – Lee Kwang Soo
  • Lee Yoo Ri – Kang Gary

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Nasty Nasty Knock and T-ara Sugar Free


anitaya: Ze:a’s Kevin, 9Muses’ Kyungri, and a rookie named Sojin formed a special unit group called Nasty Nasty. “Knock” is a dance song with a saxophone melody and drum beats. The song is about a guy who wants to knock and find his way into a woman’s heart. In the music video, Kevin knocks on a door and tries to make Kyungri and Sojin like him while they play hard to get. I don’t really understand what’s going on in this music video, but I like this song. Nasty Nasty has a sexy concept, which is similar to Troublemaker with Hyunseung and Hyuna. I thought that this song was able to showcase Kevin’s dancing skills and show another side of each of the singers.

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2pm Go Crazy and Taetiseo Holler (September 2014)


anitaya: In the party version of 2pm’s music video for Go Crazy, it begins with Junho waking up to the sound of a rooster. The 2pm members are all covered in feathers. Taecyeon gets up and heads to the toilet when he sees a ram wearing a crown. The music starts and everyone is dancing and partying on a Friday night. This song is about going crazy and having fun all night long. I think that “Go Crazy” is a fun song and has a nice beat. This song suits 2pm’s style and has a catchy chorus. The feeling of this song reminds me of their other song, “Hands Up.”

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Fall 2014 List


Once Upon a Time

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High School Love On Episode 8 Recap


anitaya: Summary: Seul Bi pledges to the Black Note and Sunbae tells her that she will return to being an angel in a week. Woohyun and Seul Bi walk to school. Woohyun walks farther ahead with his friend Ki Soo, while Seul Bi stays behind. A student named Joo Ah approaches Seul Bi and asks if she saw Ye Na on the day before she was accused of stealing. Joo Ah worked at the cafe and saw Ye Na and Young Eun there. Seul Bi asks her about the book she has been reading about the angel loving a human. She responds that after saving the human it loved, it became an angel again. 

Seul Bi decides to apologize to the class for stealing even though she didn’t do it. Woohyun writes a letter stating that Seul Bi was innocent. Ye Na is waiting to return Woohyun’s money that he had given her previously, since she said that Seul Bi stole her money. Seul Bi sees Ye Na and apologizes to her. Seul Bi gives Ye Na advice about how to let Woohyun understand her. Ye Na criticizes Seul Bi and gives her the money to give back to Woohyun.

The male bullies corner Chun Shik and Jae Suk tells him that he dislikes how Seul Bi apologized and Chun Shik can’t take the blame for what he did. The bullies start beating Chun Shik. Seul Bi shows up and confronts the bullies. Sungyeol steps in to help her. Seul Bi goes in front of Sungyeol to block him from the bullies. She tells them that if they mess with the people she likes, she will not endure it. A couple of students blow whistles, which make the bullies run away.

Sungyeol and Seul Bi go outside. He asks her why she apologized. She says that lying is bad but sometimes it is necessary. He warns her to stay away from Jae Suk because he is dangerous. Seul Bi tells Sungyeol that she is indebted to him and tells him that she will do anything he wants.

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