America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 3 Recap


ccooony: This episode picks up right where the last episode left off with the top 14 having been chosen. They find out that their first challenge would be to walk the runway wearing nothing but silly string. All the contestants then head to the runway location and are introduced to Alexis Borges, Director of Next Model Management, and their judge for this challenge. Before getting into makeup and being sprayed all over with silly string, the contestants each showed their runway walk to Miss J who gave them tips and pointers on how to improve their walk.

Even before the runway challenge started, nerves were kicking in for some of the contestants, particularly Will as he recalled all the insecurities he has had in the past regarding his body. Romeo revealed that he thought none of the guys were his competition and it was the girls he was more worried about. He made it clear that he felt Ivy was his biggest competition and therefore he would want her to go home. He even said he used his witchcraft powers to try to make it so that Ivy would be the one going home after having done the same to make Danny go home.

During the runway challenge, all of the contestants would first pose, descend a set of stairs, and then display their runway walk while being continuously hit with silly string. Some of the contestants stood out to Miss J and Alexis Borges, while others did poorly during their walk. For the bottom two from this challenge, Ivy and Adam were called out. Adam was called out for continuing his partying mentality and not appearing to take high fashion seriously, while Ivy was a bit too timid and didn’t give off a good modern vibe. For the winner in this challenge, it came down to either Keith or Chantelle but in the end Keith was chosen as the challenge winner. As a reward, he was given the key to the Tyra suite and was able to chose one person to stay in the suite with him. He chose Kari, which made many of the other guys in the house jealous.

All of the contestants then made their way to the Cycle 21 house and they were all really happy with how beautiful the house looked and were in awe of everything around the house. Keith and Kari ended up cuddling in the Tyra suite while Matthew and Mirjana ended up doing the same. Mirjana revealed that she did have a boyfriend who wasn’t very supportive of her modeling and that she was attracted to Matthew on a more physical level. Matthew found out that she had a boyfriend the next morning when she gushed about how her boyfriend was trying to help promote her more on social media; he felt hurt and upset.

The contestants’ next challenge was to shoot the promo that would be played as the opening for each episode for Cycle 21 and capture a great still shot within their video. They would have to stand and get buckets of water poured onto them and get their shots captured with a slow motion camera. Since Tyra is always in the opening title scene, she was there to shoot first and the contestants were in awe of how great Tyra looked and how easy she made it seem. Ivy felt a lot of pressure after seeing Tyra model. Some of the contestants did well and received praise while some of the others struggled with the water and could not pull off a great look. Yu Tsai even started yelling at some point because he was frustrated with the people who were not posing well.

Back at the house, tensions rose between Mirjana and Adam due to Adam’s consistent drinking and Mirjana telling him to stop and take the competition more seriously. Matthew ended up getting into their argument potentially because he was still upset finding out she had a boyfriend and defended Adam, which made things between Mirjana and Matthew not on good terms.

During panel, all of the judges gave out their scores for each of the contestants’ photos that they had taken during their promo shoot and as usual some did well and received high scores, while others did not have a good photo. Based on judges score + challenge scores + social media score, Keith came out on top with the highest score and got best photo for the week with Lenox being runner up for best photo. The bottom two came down to Ivy and Will and in the end Ivy had the lowest score and was eliminated. Even though she was eliminated, Tyra revealed that just like last season, all of the eliminated contestants would still be able to take part in the photo shoots for the comeback competition so it was not all over yet. The eliminated person with the highest average social media score would be able to come back into the competition and compete once more.

Thoughts:  I thought it was pretty interesting how the people Romeo wanted to go home really did end up being eliminated. I’m curious as to see if he’ll be making any more predictions and if they’ll really end up coming true again. I’m kind of hoping that Matthew and Mirjana will be able to get on better terms in the future and won’t be enemies. Kari is really popular with many of the guys so I’m wondering if any potential conflicts might arise because of it or how things will turn out for them. Adam has been getting a lot of criticism from the judges for not seeming to take high fashion seriously so I wonder if he’ll change and tone down his partying mindset. Based on the preview for next episode, it looks like they will all be getting makeovers and just like last season they’ll be given a look that is determined to be the best for them, not one that they chose themselves. I’m curious to see if people will end up looking drastically different or how their look will change. Until next week!

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