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BTS War of Hormone and Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud (October 2014)


ccooony: BTS’s follow up song to their first regular album is an upbeat hip hop song that has a catchy chorus and fun dance moves. The lyrics talk about a girl’s effect on a guy due to hormones. I think that both the rap and singing parts sound great and the music video itself showcases BTS’s fun personalities and dancing skills.  I thought that it was interesting how the video was not very colorful, but nearly black and white with the exception of red on their clothes which was the only color that was highlighted. Overall, I really like BTS’s current concept and this song is really catchy so I would definitely give it a listen! 

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High School Love On Episode 13 Recap


anitaya: Summary: Woohyun stares at the ethics teacher in disbelief that she is his biological mother since she is Sungyeol’s stepmom. She tells Woohyun that she had a reason why she couldn’t tell him that she is his mom. He tells her that he has no parents and that she should move away so that he could say goodbye to his grandma. Woohyun’s mom cries from a distance. 

Seul Bi and Woohyun walk back home together. Woohyun thinks about how Sungyeol was acting before and all the comments he had made. He realizes that Sungyeol knew that his stepmom is Woohyun’s biological mom. He goes to confront Sungyeol at a basketball court. Woohyun asks Sungyeol what he is to him and asks how long he’s going to hide and suffocate him. He tells Sungyeol that nothing changed and that he doesn’t care whose son he is. Sungyeol responds that he cares and asks why Woohyun’s mom has to be his.

Sungyeol’s stepmom doesn’t feel well and lays down in bed. Sungyeol arrives at his house and tells his dad that he is in a lot of pain. His dad is oblivious to the whole situation and just tells Sungyeol to take some medicine and get some rest. Woohyun decides to throw away his mom’s necklace. 

Tae Ho and Byung Wook have been trying to refuse Jae Suk’s demands. Jae Suk asks Sungyeol how it felt to be alone with Seul Bi. He tells Sungyeol that he should be thankful he did it because he got alone time with Seul Bi and it made Woohyun angry. Woohyun overhears this and gets mad that they may have planned it together. He tells Sungyeol that he can hurt him but he shouldn’t get Seul Bi involved. Ye Na is planning her birthday party even though it isn’t her real birthday yet and invites everyone at school except Young Eun to Ms. Gong’s rice cake store. 

At home, as Seul Bi is taking out the trash, she finds Woohyun’s necklace in his trashcan just before emptying it. She takes it and puts it in a drawer instead of letting it be thrown away. Woohyun places flyers on cars and sees Sungyeol’s dad. Sungyeol’s dad wonders why he and his son are sad and thinks that they may have been in a fight. Continue reading →

Fall 2014 Playlist

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High School Love On Episode 12 Recap


anitaya: Summary: Sungyeol runs away feeling angry and upset after he found out that his stepmother is Woohyun’s biological mother. He screams at the top of a bridge and returns home. Woohyun wonders about what is wrong with Sungyeol and thinks that maybe Sungyeol is going through puberty. Woohyun calls Seul Bi to sing her a sweet lullaby and wish her goodnight. 

Ki Soo and two of Jae Suk’s friends named Tae Ho and Byung Wook are punished at school. Jae Suk’s friends talk about Seul Bi possibly teleporting at the staircase. They also talk about Jae Suk’s past when he used to be a victim of bullying and how Sungyeol had saved him when he was about to be beaten up to death.

Ki Soo confronts Woohyun and asks him if Seul Bi has super powers. He also tells him about what Sungyeol did for Jae Suk in the past. Woohyun told him to stop talking nonsense and that he knew Sungyeol deserved to be his friend. Sungyeol does not show up at school and Ki Soo gets jealous that he is not Woohyun’s only friend.

Woohyun and Seul Bi see the ethics teacher at school and ask her if Sungyeol is sick. She lets them know that he did leave home early today and wonders where he went. Sungyeol’s stepmom has a chat with Seul Bi. She tells Seul Bi that Sungyeol asked her to let him transfer schools. She thinks that Sungyeol’s crush on Seul Bi was too hard on him. She tells Seul Bi to just stay with Woohyun and not to look at Sungyeol so that he could get over it quickly. Continue reading →

High School Love On Episode 11 Recap


anitaya: Summary: Through a window, Sungyeol sadly looks at Woohyun and Seul Bi sharing a bubble gum kiss. He walks away with tears in his eyes. Sungyeol’s stepmom has a chat with Seul Bi and asks if the three of them are friends and why she is living with Woohyun. Seul Bi tells her that she doesn’t have any parents and that there was a reason that she can’t tell her why she lives together with Woohyun.

Woohyun and Seul Bi take a walk outside. Woohyun awkwardly and slightly reaches for her hand but decides not to hold it. Seul Bi stands on top of the planter while walking alongside Woohyun. He tells her that it’s dangerous to be walking on it, but she tells him that he is more dangerous. She falls toward him as they walk along and holds onto his shoulders to regain her balance. Woohyun then holds her hand telling her that he’s not dangerous and they both return home.

Sungyeol is in his bedroom and remembers witnessing Woohyun and Seul Bi’s kiss. He holds the wishing rock he got as a present from Seul Bi and feels upset. He ignores Seul Bi at school and doesn’t talk to her. For P.E. class, the teacher makes the boys throw and catch a baseball and the girls throw and catch a larger sized ball. Sungyeol is partnered up with Woohyun and throws the baseball at him really hard. Eventually one of his throws ends up hitting Woohyun really hard in the stomach. Woohyun is taken to the nurse’s office. Sungyeol’s stepmom sees that Woohyun is in pain and scolds Sungyeol telling him that he should be more careful.

Sungyeol’s stepmom goes to the nurse’s office to check up on Woohyun. She is visibly upset and she even sheds a few tears but when Woohyun sees her there, she covers up her true intentions by saying that she is there to apologize to him for Sungyeol’s actions. She tells him to tell her if he is not feeling well and that she will take him to the hospital if necessary. Sungyeol goes to the nurse’s office too and says that he has a headache. Woohyun tells Sungyeol that he thinks that the ethics teacher is nice. Sungyeol tells him that he is not her biological son.
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Running Man Episode 215 Recap

anitaya: This week’s episode featured special guests Jo Jung Suk and Shin Min Ah. The Running Man members are meeting up at a wedding and are separated by the bride’s family and the groom’s family. The bride’s family includes Jae Suk, Suk Jin, Kwang Soo, Ji Hyo, and Min Ah. The groom’s family includes Gary, Haha, Jong Kook, and Jung Suk. Each person finds out their relation to the bride and groom by peeling back their name plaques.

  • Min Ah is the bride
  • Jae Suk and Suk Jin are the bride’s older brothers
  • Ji Hyo is the bride’s older sister
  • Kwang Soo is the bride’s fraternal twin brother
  • Jong Kook is the groom’s older brother
  • Jung Suk is the groom’s distant cousin-in-law
  • Gary is the groom
  • Haha is the groom’s brother

The first mission is the wedding consent name tag elimination. The bride and groom must eliminate everyone’s name tags from both families to gain consent for their marriage. They need to eliminate any opposition within the given time limit of 30 minutes. After eliminating all name tags, the bride and groom must shout out “We’re getting married” in front of the officiant in order to successfully marry each other.  If they fail this mission, then the groom can be swapped out for someone else from the surviving family. Continue reading →

High School Love On Episode 10 Recap


anitaya: Summary: Woohyun helps Seul Bi apply medication to her wounds on her arms from the falling plant incident. Seul Bi tells Woohyun that she is glad that he isn’t hurt. He tells her to get some rest. Seul Bi wonders whether Sunbae was the one who moved the plant. Woohyun lies down on his bed and thinks about what happened and whether or not there may have been a ghost.

Sungyeol gives his dad Ms. Gong Rice Cake Investment Proposition about market research for the visitors and competition. Sungyeol wants his dad to invest in it to help Woohyun but he says that he doesn’t have any money. Sungyeol’s dad wishes that he could help in some way. 

Seul Bi sees Woohyun in the restaurant and thanks him for coming back. She’s happy to see him smile. Woohyun tells her that he wants a chance to protect her. Seul Bi and Woohyun head to school. Chun Shik confessed to the teacher that he put the phone in Seul Bi’s backpack. Ye Na sees him and asks if he is out of his mind and if he is scared of Jae Suk.

Everyone is seated in the classroom with Woohyun and Seul Bi’s return to school. Ye Na starts texting an apology to Woohyun about what she did. Young Eun takes her phone and stops her. She stands up and tells the teacher that Ye Na was the one who put the phone in Seul Bi’s backpack. Young Eun tells everyone that Ye Na did it to frame Seul Bi. The teacher tells everyone to switch seats. He matched everyone with someone who he believes would never end up together or would ever date. Seul Bi ends up sitting next to Sungyeol and Woohyun ends up sitting next to Ye Na. The teacher tells Ye Na to go to the disciplinary office.

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Soyu and Urban Zakapa The Space Between


anitaya: “The Space Between” is a cute and romantic song about awkwardly falling in love with someone. Urban Zakapa’s Soonil and Youngin in collaboration with Sistar’s Soyu sing softly and hit high notes in harmony for this song. “The Space Between” is a pleasant song and the music video for it has a nice storyline about a boy and a girl. I enjoy listening to “The Space Between.” It has a similar vibe with the song “Some” by Soyu and Jung GiGo.

The boy and girl are both working in their own office and receive a package. The boy receives a bra and the girl receives Sistar’s albums. Their packages are mixed up between them because their addresses are similar, containing the numbers 25-9 or 9-25.They text each other on the phone and decide to meet up. They exchange their packages and the girl kicks him when he said that the bra must not be hers, making her feel embarrassed. 

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