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High School Love On Episode 17 Recap


anitaya: Summary: The ethics teacher goes to Woohyun’s house after being kicked out by her husband. Woohyun asks her to leave. Woohyun’s biological mom looks around the house and sees old photos. Seul Bi tells her that she wishes Sungyeol, Woohyun, and their mom can live together. Sungyeol tells his dad that he should just forget about him.

Seul Bi asks Woohyun why Sungyeol and he can’t both call the ethics teacher their mom. Woohyun asks Sungyeol if he’s satisfied that everything can disappear. Sungyeol asks Woohyun what Seul Bi’s secret is. Woohyun replies that it’s none of his business. Sungyeol asks if anything will happen if he says something about Seul Bi. Woohyun tells him not to do something he will regret.

Kwang Shik is welcomed back into the classroom as the teacher by his former students. He returns the money from Joo Ah’s part-time job to her. Joo Ah thanks him and says she thinks about him sometimes. 

Seul Bi’s angel mark glows on her wrist during class and Woohyun throws a piece of paper at Sungyeol’s face to divert his attention from her. The students are taking a test. Everything on the test disappears and then reappears for a brief moment. Sunbae shows up outside of the classroom. After the students turn in their tests, the papers disappear. Jae Suk asks Seul Bi if it is because of her and says that she has supernatural powers. The test papers appear again. Continue reading →


Running Man Episode 222 Recap

running man

ccooony: With no guests, this week’s episode focuses on the seven Running Man members and the concept is that they are all aliens from another planet that has landed on Earth and their goal is to try to return home. Each of the members were given their own alien look and shiny silver matching outfits. Jae Suk was given a grasshopper type look, Suk Jin was given a Shrek type look, Jong Kook was given a look similar to Legolas from Lord of the Rings, Kwang Soo was given a egg shaped head, Ji Hyo was given purple hair, Gary was given a black wig and thick eyebrows, and Haha was given the half shaved head hairstyle. As they all gathered at the R flag, they couldn’t help but laugh at each other’s costumes.

For their first mission, each of the seven members would start out at a different R flag point located inside a huge open field. Their mission was to work together and collect large puzzle pieces and assemble the puzzle together within the time limit of three minutes. Each of  the members would have to retrieve two pieces and then bring them to the designated meeting spot to be put together. For their first attempt, although there was a minor setback with Suk Jin having initially taken the wrong path out in the field, they were really close to completion but were one piece too late before time ran out. However, they were able to tell that the puzzle was of a picture of a screw inside of a six sided star on a white background. During their second attempt, even though Ji Hyo was having trouble locating her second puzzle piece initially, she was able to find it and all of the members were able to work together and get their mission done. The picture on the puzzle was their first hint in their quest to return home. Continue reading →

The Heart Wants What It Wants


anitaya: The music video is shot in black and white. It starts off with Selena Gomez talking about her emotions and then the song starts. “The Heart Wants What It Wants” is a mid-tempo pop song that talks about Selena Gomez’s relationship with Justin Bieber. In the song, Selena sings about how there are many reasons why her relationship with him should end but she still loves him and can’t let go. She feels like something is missing when he is not with her. She sings about being in love with him and feeling a lot of mixed emotions without him. They had many breathless moments and she is unclear about the future of their relationship. Continue reading →

Hi Suhyun I’m Different (ft. Bobby) + GOT7 Stop Stop It (November 2014)

ccooony: YG Entertainment’s newest unit group consisting of soloist Lee Hi and Akdong Musician’s Suhyun just released their first song featuring Bobby from YG Entertainment’s upcoming boy group iKON. The storyline for the music video is that Bobby has just moved next door to Lee Hi and Suhyun and they immediately take a liking to him. The two of them follow him around and keep watch over him and he catches them doing so from time to time. Eventually the two of them separately receive a text from him to meet up at an amusement park and are surprised to see each other there. Both Lee Hi and Suhyun come together when they see that Bobby was there with another girl who appears to be his girlfriend. They follow Bobby and the girl around and try to sabotage their date, but in the end they just end up being upset over seeing the two of them together.

The lyrics to the song itself talk about girl who likes a boy and says that she wants to be together with him. She says that she is different from all the other girls and can’t be compared to them. Both Lee Hi and Suhyun’s voices work together well and Bobby’s style of rapping fits in with the rest of the song. It’s cool to see Lee Hi having the opportunity to work in a group and for Suhyun to showcase another style outside of Akdong Musician. The song is really pleasing to the ears and the music video itself is fun and playful. Overall, I think that this unit group is off to a great start and I can’t wait to hear more from them!

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Running Man Episode 221 Recap

running man

ccooony: This episode took the Running Man cast members and the guests to Jiri Mountain where they encountered elders and fresh produce that is being grown around that area. The Running Man members started off the day spread out in different places around the community such as at a gas station or in front of a convenience store. Their jobs were to promote the place they were located at in order to celebrate the multi-year anniversaries of those different stores. Soon the guests they were paired up with arrived with a karaoke machine cart in tow.

The pairings were:

  • Yoo Jae Suk with Kim Yeon Woo and Kim Kyung Ho
  • Kang Gary with Jung In and Bobby Kim
  • Haha and Ji Suk Jin with Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha
  • Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo with Hong Jin Young
  • Song Ji Hyo with Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kyuhyun

The first mission for each of the teams was to sing at least ten songs requested by the people around the area no matter which song was requested and successfully score over 70 points on the karaoke machine. Hong Jin Young showcased her trot singing skills, Kim Yeon Woo and Kim Kyung Ho were eventually able to satisfy the music taste of the elderly ladies in the neighborhood, and Song Ji Hyo was able to keep the mood up and score well even if she was off beat or out of tune. Continue reading →

High School Love On Episode 16 Recap

anitaya: Summary: Seul Bi’s angel mark glows and then disappears. Woohyun asks Sungyeol what he’s doing and he says that he’s going to find out even if he doesn’t tell him. Sungyeol asks Woohyun what’s the light on her wrist. Woohyun tells Sungyeol that he knows he’s been giving Seul Bi a hard time and warns him not to do it again. Woohyun walks away.

In his bedroom, Sungyeol reads a book about angels that have become humans. The book says that the angel mark shines when suspected or in danger. The book floats in the air and Sungyeol is surprised. Woohyun comes in the room and Sungyeol tells him that he thinks that he has finally found out. Woohyun tells him to stop the nonsense. Seul Bi is in her room and wishes that nothing will happen to them. 

At school, students are going to career counseling. The ethics teacher asks Joo Ah if she’s not going to college and says that there are grants and scholarships. Joo Ah responds that her house will still leak when it rains even if she goes to college. Woohyun tells the ethics teacher that he wants to grow up quickly because he won’t need someone to take care of him and he can be accountable for the choices he makes. Seul Bi tells the ethics teacher that she wants to become a human. The ethics teacher laughs at what Seul Bi said.

Woohyun and Sungyeol go outside to talk. Woohyun asks Sungyeol what’s going on. Sungyeol asks Woohyun to tell him about Seul Bi’s secret. Woohyun tells him to shut his mouth and Sungyeol asks him if he should reveal it. Sunbae turns up the speakers. Everyone at school listens to Sungyeol’s voice being broadcasted, “Should I reveal that the ethics teacher is my stepmom and your biological mom?” Woohyun tells him to stop.  Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 220 Recap

running man

ccooony: The concept for this week’s episode is that the Running Man members and the guests are humanity’s last 12 survivors and they are paired into guy-girl couples where one couple will win and get to escape at the end. Everyone had actually met up the week before to film, but due to the rain and difficult weather conditions and trying to work around everyone’s schedules (Jang Dong Min’s in particular), it was pushed back to one week later when the weather was much better. This episode featured guests Jang Dong Min, MIB’s Kangnam, Kim Min Kyo, Park Soo Hong, and Song Jae Rim. The Running Man members with the exception of Ji Suk Jin were the girls in the episode.

The pairings were:

  • Jang Dong Min and Song Ji Hyo
  • MIB’s Kangnam and Gary (Gae Eun)
  • Kim Min Kyo and Haha (Hana)
  • Park Soo Hong and Kim Jong Kook (Jong Sook)
  • Song Jae Rim and Lee Kwang Soo (Kwang Ja)
  • Ji Suk Jin and Yoo Jae Suk (Jae Soon)

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High School Love On Episode 15 Recap


anitaya: Summary: Woohyun and Seul Bi enter Sungyeol’s house. Woohyun asks Sungyeol’s family to accept him. Sungyeol and his stepmom tells Woohyun to leave. Sungyeol’s dad allows Woohyun to stay the night. Sungyeol and his dad go out to eat. Sungyeol’s dad asks Sungyeol why he didn’t tell him about Woohyun. Sungyeol replied that he knew it was going to hurt him. Sungyeol’s dad apologizes to his son.

Woohyun goes outside in front of Seul Bi’s bedroom window. Seul Bi tells him that he should go home. Woohyun tells her that he is here to protect her. They both say goodnight to each other. Sungyeol and his dad return home and Sungyeol is drunk. The ethics teacher apologizes to her husband and says that she will find a way. Sungyeol’s dad asks her if she’s going to kick her own son out who came to her or if she’ll let them live by themselves.

Seul Bi texts Woohyun and asks if he is uncomfortable sleeping on the floor. Woohyun replies that it is okay because he is here with her. Woohyun sings a lullaby and Sungyeol tells him to shut up. 

The next morning, Seul Bi gives Sungyeol’s dad a hangover drink and thanks him for accepting her. She says that she will do even better if he also accepts Woohyun. Seul Bi and Woohyun walk to school together. Sungyeol and his dad eat at a restaurant. Sungyeol tells his dad that Woohyun is no longer his friend.  Continue reading →

America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 12 Recap


ccooony: With Mirjana’s elimination and Chantelle remaining after her comeback, the top 7 models: Adam, Keith, Shei, Will, Raelia, Lenox, and Chantelle were headed to Seoul, South Korea to continue their competition. 

Once they arrive in Seoul, the models walk into a studio and see a Kpop group being filmed while performing their choreography to their song. The models are greeted by Yu Tsai and Miss J and are introduced to the boy group who is none other than BtoB. Yu Tsai explains to the models about Kpop and how it has to do with fashion. For their challenge for the week, the models would be split into two teams and they would have to learn some of BtoB’s choreography for their song “Beep Beep” and perform it publicly in front of a crowd. While dancing, they would have to keep in mind that they would still have to model and that while they are in a team, they will be judged individually. Adam, Keith, and Shei made up one team, and Will, Raelia, Lenox, and Chantelle made up the other team. BtoB’s English speaking member Peniel was the one who explained the steps to them. Continue reading →

Zhoumi Rewind


ccooony: Super Junior M’s Zhoumi is following in the footsteps of his fellow member Henry in being able to to release his own mini album and be a solo artist. His title track “Rewind” is said to be an R&B track about wanting to go back to a time before a break up, hence rewind. Both Chanyeol and Tao are featured as rappers in Zhoumi’s Korean and Chinese versions of the song respectively.  It was fitting for many of the scenes in the music video to move backwards instead of forwards since the concept itself is about rewinding back.

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