America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 12 Recap


ccooony: With Mirjana’s elimination and Chantelle remaining after her comeback, the top 7 models: Adam, Keith, Shei, Will, Raelia, Lenox, and Chantelle were headed to Seoul, South Korea to continue their competition. 

Once they arrive in Seoul, the models walk into a studio and see a Kpop group being filmed while performing their choreography to their song. The models are greeted by Yu Tsai and Miss J and are introduced to the boy group who is none other than BtoB. Yu Tsai explains to the models about Kpop and how it has to do with fashion. For their challenge for the week, the models would be split into two teams and they would have to learn some of BtoB’s choreography for their song “Beep Beep” and perform it publicly in front of a crowd. While dancing, they would have to keep in mind that they would still have to model and that while they are in a team, they will be judged individually. Adam, Keith, and Shei made up one team, and Will, Raelia, Lenox, and Chantelle made up the other team. BtoB’s English speaking member Peniel was the one who explained the steps to them.

Each team had their struggles with team members. Keith and Shei felt that Adam’s excessive drinking was becoming a much bigger problem and that they could tell that he was still a bit drunk while trying to learn the choreography and was just out of it. As for Will, Raelia, and Lenox, they all didn’t really want to work with Chantelle because they knew about her bad attitude and felt that she wasn’t helping their team’s mood. In the end, when it came time to perform, the three individuals who stood out were Raelia, Keith, and Chantelle. Raelia took the challenge win.

Afterwards, they all headed to the luxurious hotel room that they would be staying at while in Seoul, and were able to see all different photos of them taken throughout the season being hung up on various walls around the room. As a prize for winning best photo for last week, Chantelle had first pick of whichever bed she wanted. She chose the big bed and Adam started acting up about how there weren’t enough beds and that he would take the couch for that night, but that they should rotate. Shei offered to share her bed with him, but he refused. In one of Shei’s interviews, she commented that Adam really wasn’t boyfriend material. Adam’s drinking still continued through the night.

The next day, the models had a photoshoot at Seoul City Hall for MCM bags. While some struggled, some rose to the occasion. Both Tyra and Yu Tsai were there to give the models modeling advice and to help them take a good photo. Adam was still out of it as he was still drunk and he was criticized for maintaining the same face and having a hard time softening his features. Raelia wasn’t impressing the client because he felt she was too sexy for the brand image. Keith was struggling with his running pose until Yu Tsai personally gave him a demonstration and he was able to get a good jumping shot. Chantelle had some feedback about how her arrogance was coming across in her photos. Both Shei and Lenox were doing okay, but were still being pushed to do even better. Will was the only one who nailed his shot perfectly and was able to get the right look for his photo the fastest.

It was time for panel and both Will and Keith rose to the top by receiving perfect scores of 10 from each of  judges who all loved their pictures. Lenox, Shei, and Adam still received fairly high overall scores but received some mixed reviews from the judges. Miss J said that Lenox’s photo wasn’t as strong as previously and she didn’t like Shei’s photo. Kelly Cutrone disagreed and liked both Lenox’s and Shei’s photos. Tyra liked the photos but she still wanted them to push to do even better. Regarding Adam, the judges thought his picture turned out well, but Tyra commented that his presence on set was not professional and as if he was drunk. Chantelle and Raelia’s pictures received the lowest scores as the judges did not like how they turned out.

In the end, Keith got best photo for the week, with Will being runner up for best photo. The next three names that were called out in order were Lenox, Adam, and Shei so they were all safe from being eliminated. The bottom two models were Raelia and Chantelle. For Chantelle, Tyra said that her attitude was getting in the way of her beauty within her shots and Raelia wasn’t consistent when it came to finding the right angles for her face within her shots. The scores were close, but Raelia had the lowest combined score and was eliminated from the competition.

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