High School Love On Episode 15 Recap


anitaya: Summary: Woohyun and Seul Bi enter Sungyeol’s house. Woohyun asks Sungyeol’s family to accept him. Sungyeol and his stepmom tells Woohyun to leave. Sungyeol’s dad allows Woohyun to stay the night. Sungyeol and his dad go out to eat. Sungyeol’s dad asks Sungyeol why he didn’t tell him about Woohyun. Sungyeol replied that he knew it was going to hurt him. Sungyeol’s dad apologizes to his son.

Woohyun goes outside in front of Seul Bi’s bedroom window. Seul Bi tells him that he should go home. Woohyun tells her that he is here to protect her. They both say goodnight to each other. Sungyeol and his dad return home and Sungyeol is drunk. The ethics teacher apologizes to her husband and says that she will find a way. Sungyeol’s dad asks her if she’s going to kick her own son out who came to her or if she’ll let them live by themselves.

Seul Bi texts Woohyun and asks if he is uncomfortable sleeping on the floor. Woohyun replies that it is okay because he is here with her. Woohyun sings a lullaby and Sungyeol tells him to shut up. 

The next morning, Seul Bi gives Sungyeol’s dad a hangover drink and thanks him for accepting her. She says that she will do even better if he also accepts Woohyun. Seul Bi and Woohyun walk to school together. Sungyeol and his dad eat at a restaurant. Sungyeol tells his dad that Woohyun is no longer his friend. 

Joo Ah gets kicked out of the cafe she works at and asks her boss to give all of her wages. The boss fires her and tells her that there are plenty of kids who will work under the minimum wage. Tae Ho sees her outside and sees that she is upset. He asks if it’s because of the store owner and that he will deal with him for her. He gives her a heat pack.

In class, Jae Suk texts Tae Ho to check if the victims Yo Han and Chun Shik are leveling up and to report back to him. Tae Ho texts Byung Wook. The ethics teacher confiscates Jae Suk’s phone. Jae Suk tells the ethics teacher in front of the whole class that he saw that she lives with Sungyeol. He makes an inference that therefore Seul Bi lives with Sungyeol. The ethics teacher changes the subject that Jae Suk should use his brain power for academics.

A student asks the ethics teacher how Sungyeol is related to her and she responds that he is her son. Sungyeol tells Jae Suk to step out of the classroom. The female students tell Seul Bi that she’s lucky to be able to move in with boys.

Ye Na makes a comment about Seul Bi and Young Eun tells her not to speak. Ye Na says that she knows Young Eun is troubled because of Sungyeol and that she should take it out on Seul Bi instead of her. Young Eun responds that she is more worried about Ye Na because she did everything to get Woohyun. Ye Na throws her drink at Young Eun’s face.

Outside, Jae Suk asks Sungyeol if the ethics teacher is his biological mother or stepmom. Sungyeol tells Jae Suk that he did a good job and to keep blabbing because he couldn’t say it himself.

Da Yeol gives Ye Na her phone back that she won from the raffle and tells her to stay away. Ye Na asks Da Yeol why she works at a karaoke place. Young Eun spots them and says that all Ye Na has is blackmailing or money. Ye Na has no friends. Da Yeol tells Young Eun that Ye Na has been giving her a hard time. Ye Na starts to cry. Seul Bi sits next to her and tries to comfort her.

Jae Suk asks Da Yeol about who the guys were from the other day. She tells him that they said that they worked for an agency. Da Yeol says that there is no other way for her to be a star on stage since she has no money or connections. She says that at least she has a dream and that she feels sorry for Jae Suk because he doesn’t have a dream.

Woohyun goes to the nurse’s office because of his hurt shoulder. The nurse tells him not to use that shoulder and to get it scanned if it gets worse. She asks Woohyun if the ethics teacher is really Sungyeol’s mom. He asks her what’s different between a stepmom and a biological mom. She responds that she doesn’t really know.

A security guard who used to be a teacher at Sungyeol’s school goes to the store that Joo Ah used to work at. He asks the store owner for the money he owes Joo Ah. He tells him about how she must feel about having her wages shortened. The security guard asks the store owner if he wants him to report this to the labor department. He tells him that he paid 210 won less for five hours a day for a month and that he owes her 31,500 won. He gives him the money to give back to Joo Ah.

Woohyun and Seul Bi are walking together outside. Sungyeol notices them and tells Seul Bi that she’s not walking the right way to go home. Seul Bi tells him that she’s going to help out with the restaurant and tells him to keep it a secret from his stepmom. He asks her if she wants him to lie. Woohyun tells her that she doesn’t need to come because he has Ki Soo and Chun Shik. He tells Sungyeol to escort Seul Bi safely. Seul Bi and Sungyeol are walking together and she tells him that she needs to go to the bookstore alone. 

Tae Ho eats cup noodles at the store Joo Ah worked at and creates a mess. He pays for his snack with coins. Sungyeol’s dad is furious that his wife used a loan to salvage the shop. He says that she should have talked with him first and that she keeps disappointing him. She apologizes to him and he says that he can’t believe her. Sungyeol overhears their conversation about his stepmom helping with the rice cake shop. 

At the restaurant, Ki Soo asks Woohyun if he knew about Sungyeol and the ethics teacher. Seul Bi comes to the restaurant to help Woohyun. Joo Ah works at Woohyun’s rice cake restaurant now. 

Sungyeol and Jae Suk are playing games at the Internet cafe. Jae Suk asks Sungyeol what his dream is. Sungyeol ignores his question and is about to get up until Seul Bi arrives. Seul Bi delivers food to Jae Suk and apologizes to Sungyeol. 

Sungyeol, Jae Suk and his friends go to Woohyun’s restaurant to eat. Ki Soo, Joo Ah, and Seul Bi serve them food. Byung Wook leaves suddenly. After everyone leaves, Sungyeol stays behind. He lets Woohyun know that his mom owns this restaurant. Sungyeol asks Seul Bi to leave with him.

Seul Bi asks Sungyeol if he’s going to keep giving Woohyun a hard time. Seul Bi apologizes to Sungyeol for lying earlier and tells him that she wants Woohyun to try living with his mom too. Sungyeol sees the glowing mark on Seul Bi’s wrist. He draws a sketch of it in his notebook. The sketch of the angel mark glows in his notebook. Seul Bi, Woohyun, Sungyeol and his parents eat dinner together. 

Sungyeol’s dad has a conversation with Woohyun and asks him if business was good. Woohyun tells him that he will work hard and pay it back. Sungyeol’s dad says that it’s awkward and uncomfortable and Woohyun feels the same. Woohyun thanks Sungyeol’s dad for accepting him. Sungyeol’s dad goes to have a drink alone at a market stand and comes home drunk.

Woohyun and Seul Bi sit on the swings at a playground. Seul Bi tells Woohyun that she is the one person who’s always going to be happy thanks to him. Sungyeol arrives at the playground and talks with Woohyun. Sungyeol and Woohyun compete on the monkey bars on how many chin-ups they can do. If Woohyun wins, Sungyeol will keep everything a secret between Sungyeol, the ethics teacher, and Woohyun. If Sungyeol wins, Woohyun will tell Sungyeol about Seul Bi’s secret. Sungyeol lets go of the monkey bars and Woohyun wins.

Woohyun’s shoulder keeps hurting and he lies down on the sofa. His mom gives him pain relievers. Sungyeol walks into Seul Bi’s room when she is sleeping. He touches her hand and looks at the angel mark on her wrist. She is surprised and wakes up. Sungyeol covers her mouth. 

Sungyeol sees Woohyun on the sofa with his mom sleeping next to him. Sungyeol makes breakfast, but Woohyun can’t eat it because he’s allergic. Sungyeol gets angry and his dad tells him to stop for his sake. 

Woohyun goes to his mom’s bedroom and chats with her. She talks about her past memories with him and how hard the divorce was and raising him alone. She tells him that it must have hurt him and apologizes to him. She says that because he was hurt, she could see him longer. 

Seul Bi tells Sungyeol that nothing will change because he’s doing this. She says that he’s only hurting each other. Seul Bi tells him to stop hurting Woohyun and that she won’t let him anymore. Sungyeol steps closer to Seul Bi and the angel mark glows. He asks Seul Bi what she is and what she’s hiding. He starts to ask, “Are you a … ?” Woohyun comes and quickly covers Sungyeol’s mouth.

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