Running Man Episode 220 Recap

running man

ccooony: The concept for this week’s episode is that the Running Man members and the guests are humanity’s last 12 survivors and they are paired into guy-girl couples where one couple will win and get to escape at the end. Everyone had actually met up the week before to film, but due to the rain and difficult weather conditions and trying to work around everyone’s schedules (Jang Dong Min’s in particular), it was pushed back to one week later when the weather was much better. This episode featured guests Jang Dong Min, MIB’s Kangnam, Kim Min Kyo, Park Soo Hong, and Song Jae Rim. The Running Man members with the exception of Ji Suk Jin were the girls in the episode.

The pairings were:

  • Jang Dong Min and Song Ji Hyo
  • MIB’s Kangnam and Gary (Gae Eun)
  • Kim Min Kyo and Haha (Hana)
  • Park Soo Hong and Kim Jong Kook (Jong Sook)
  • Song Jae Rim and Lee Kwang Soo (Kwang Ja)
  • Ji Suk Jin and Yoo Jae Suk (Jae Soon)

For their first game, one member of the team would start out sitting on a spool with rope around it at one side of the field. Their partner would start out at the other side of the field and then run towards them. They would then grab the rope and run back unraveling it in the process, which would in turn spin their partner. Once all the rope was unraveled, the person sitting on the spool would then run to the side of the field their partner started on and try to jump up and grab the dangling snack. There would be three rounds in total. The first place team would be the team that won the first round, the second place team would be the team that won the second round, and the third place team would be the one that won the third round. The girls in the team would start off sitting on the spools for the first round, and then they would switch off with the guys for the next round.

Before the game actually began, they all sent cheers to one another calling each other honey and oppa and shooting lots of hearts at one another, being all cute. The rest of the cast teased Jang Dong Min in particular for being so nice around Ji Hyo since he normally has a more grumpy persona and for being so awkward around her at the beginning. All of the couples were playful and brought out lots of laughs.

For the first round, Kangnam struggled in the mud at the beginning and was the last to get to the spool while the others were a little more neck in neck, but it all came down to the girls and who could get the dangling bread first. Kwang Soo was close the first time, but the others got in his way. Jong Kook eventually was able to use Kwang Soo as a stepping stool but couldn’t quite grab the bread and ended up knocking it down and into the ground. In the end, Jae Suk was the one who was able to find the fallen bread first, so he was able to secure first place for his team.

For the second round, the Running Man members showed off their skills on the field with their fast speed and fast unraveling, but it still came down to their partners and who could get the dangling bread first. In the end, Park Soo Hong was able to jump up and grab the bread with his height and long arms.

For the third round, the guests got a lot better at running through the mud, but in the end, Kwang Soo was able to grab the bread utilizing his tall height.

Afterwards, everyone was brought to a table with six pairings of dolls with threads tied around their wrists. The winning couples were able to choose which thread they wanted first without knowing what it would be used for or what they would have to do with it by placing their name card in front of it. The first place team Jae Suk and Suk Jin chose the elastic rubber one, the second place team Jong Kook and Soo Hong chose the hiking rope, and the third place team Kwang Soo and Jae Rim chose the laundry rope. The remaining couples got the chance to select from the remaining threads on their own, so Dong Min and Ji Hyo chose the metal chain, Gary and Kang Nam chose the polypropylene rope, leaving Haha and Min Kyo with the plastic string.

The next game was a name tag ripping battle inside a large cage with food on the line. Two couples would be able to automatically move on to the next round and following Jae Suk’s suggestion, was determined by the guys from each team. First, all of the guys would squeeze each other’s hand as hard as possible and anyone who screamed out in pain would be eliminated. Suk Jin was eliminated after this round. Next, they moved on to grabbing each other’s sideburn hair rather than their hands. From this, Soo Hong and Kangnam were eliminated. The final round to determine who would get to move onto the final round for the actual game would be determined by who could withstand Jong Kook’s tickling the longest. His technique was demonstrated on Jae Suk, Soo Hong, and Kwang Soo who all showed their hilarious reactions from the tickling. Min Kyo went first and was able to withstand for 11 seconds. Dong Min went next and was able to withstand for 17 seconds which meant that he and Ji Hyo would automatically move on to the next round. Jae Rim was able to withstand for more than 11 seconds so his team would be able to automatically move on to the next round as well.

For the initial first round of the name tag elimination game, it wouldn’t matter if the guy’s name tag was ripped off, but the round would end if the girl’s name tag was ripped off. The first battle was between Jae Suk/Suk Jin and Jong Kook/Soo Hong. Jong Sook easily overtook Suk Jin and Soo Hong was able to get Jae Suk’s nametag ripped off. The second battle between Haha/Min Kyo and Gary/Kangnam was very fierce and close, but in the end, Kangnam was able to rip off Haha’s nametag to get the win.

Soo Hong kept on putting on his hand cream saying that he needed his hands not to be dry in order to rip off nametags more easily and Haha and Min Kyo kept exclaiming whether or not there would be a game that was based on luck or crawling into small spaces, or not just on strength or at least something they could win at.

The semi-final match between Ji Hyo/Dong Min and Jae Rim/Kwang Soo wasn’t shown but it showed than Ji Hyo/Dong Min would be moving on to the final round. For the semi-final matches, both nametags would have to be ripped off. In the match between Jong Kook/Soo Hong and Gary/Kangnam, it seemed like it would be a close fight in the beginning, but Gary ended up unintentionally ripping off Kangnam’s nametag. This was the first time in Running Man history that someone ripped off the nametag of someone on their own team. This led to an easy win for Jong Kook and Soo Hong especially since they could beat Gary 2 to 1 now that Kangnam was eliminated. 

For the final round between Dong Min/Ji Hyo and Jong Kook/Soo Hong, it was very fierce. Ji Hyo and Soo Hong went against one another and while Soo Hong apologized and thought that he could easily take out Ji Hyo, she surprised him by being able to rip off his nametag first and eliminating him. Ji Hyo then went to help out Dong Min with Jong Kook, but while it was very close, Jong Kook was able to rip off Ji Hyo’s nametag just a split second before she was able to rip his off. With the final battle between Jong Kook and Dong Min, even though Dong Min tried to use some dirty tricks, Jong Kook ultimately prevailed and won. Jong Kook and Soo Hong were able to win all of the food including a cup of ramen, kimchi, boiled eggs, kimbap, and candy.

There was a bonus name tag elimination round for the chance to win two cans of coffee and it was between Min Gyo, Jae Suk, Jae Rim, Kang Nam, and Dong Min. Jae Suk commented on how he was the only girl there and the cast members watching shouted out for them to partner up and eliminate the girl first. This meant that Jae Suk was the first target, but he was able to successfully escape danger. While Min Kyo was trying to take on Dong Min, Jae Suk rushed in and got Min Kyo out. Between Jae Rim and Dong Min, Jae Rim got the upper hand and got Dong Min out. In the end, Jae Suk was able to demonstrate his great skills and speed to first get Jae Rim and then finally Kangnam out and get the win.

The winners of the name tag elimination game got the chance to swap out their rope, so third place team Kang Nam and Gary swapped out their rope for the rubber one thinking that something stretchy would be to their advantage, second place team Ji Hyo and Dong Min swapped theirs out for the rubber one as well which meant that Gary and Kang Nam ended up getting the metal chain one, and Jong Kook and Soo Hong swapped out Haha and Min Kyo’s plastic string with Jae Suk and Suk Jin’s hiking rope.

Soo Hong and Jong Kook took the time to enjoy their snacks. Jong Kook snacked on the eggs while Soo Hong ate the ramen and some kimchi. The rest of the cast decided to play for a sip of the ramen broth and a hardboiled egg. After a game of rock, paper, scissors, Haha and Min Kyo won and Haha even managed to get a strand of ramen as he took a sip of the broth.

For the third game, it was a group tug of war. Soo Hong and Jong Kook were happy that it was another strength based mission and the others exclaimed about the unfairness. Jong Kook just said that since the day was about survival, it was only right that it would be for the survival of the fittest. The men would have a rope tied around their waist and they would have to try to hand their partners an item one at a time. Their partner would then try to stack all of the items they were given, and the first one to stack all of the items and get it to stand for at least three seconds would win.

Everyone tried to run to their partners at the beginning and go for it, but most of them ended up getting pulled back strongly by the force of everyone trying to run in different directions. This round, they would have to successfully pass four clementines to their partner to stack. Min Kyo showed off his unexpected strength and he and Haha were able to take the win before anyone else was able to stack all their fruit. 

For the second round, it was time for the the women of the team to have a chance at pulling. Soo Hong was extremely happy that it meant that Jong Kook would have a chance to compete and Ji Hyo asked if someone could step in for her, so Dong Min ultimately subbed in for her to pull again. This time they would have to pass over five yogurts.

Jong Kook was surprisingly struggling since he was having  trouble with his shoes which allowed the other teams to get ahead. Jae Suk and Suk Jin convinced Kwang Soo to help them get at least four yogurts on their side by helping to pull towards Suk Jin’s table stating that they would help him do the same afterwards. Jae Suk was about to get the fifth yogurt to Suk Jin, but Kwang Soo stopped him saying that Jae Suk promised to help him now. Jong Kook took advantage of Kwang Soo and Jae Suk’s tussle and was able to get the yogurt to his partner and eventually all the teams were able to get the bottles. In the end, it all came down to who could stack the uneven bottles the fastest and Suk Jin was able to take the win with his alternating stacking technique. Suk Jin and Jae Suk then thanked Kwang Soo since they were able to get their win by using him.

For the final chance to swap out ropes, Jong Kook and Soo Hong swapped theirs out for Haha and Min Kyo’s. Jae Suk and Suk Jin immediately swapped out their rope for Jong Kook and Soo Hong’s. In the end, Min Kyo decided to place Jong Kook and Soo Hong in front of the metal chain despite their requests to help them out.

For the final mission, their task was to unravel the rope tied up to a boat with their name cards in front and the rope was knotted by rope experts.The first team to successfully unravel their rope without breaking it and hold up the boat over their heads would be the winner. Min Kyo and Haha’s thick rope seemed to be the easiest rope to unravel and Suk Jin and Jae Suk’s knot was on the easier side to unravel as well. Jae Rim showcased his skill with knots for his team’s rope as well. Jong Kong and Soo Hong in particular struggled with their metal chain since it was hard to get a grip on. The other two teams struggled with their ropes as well. In the end, the battle came down to Haha/Min Kyo, Jae Rim/Kwang Soo, and Jae Suk/Suk Jin. Haha and Min Kyo were able to get to their boat first and ultimately won the race to be the final surviving couple.

Afterwards, they all got to go to a cafe and enjoy some baked goods and sweet treats. For winning the race, Haha and Min Kyo got a special dessert with a gold ring hidden inside. Soo Hong got a surprise birthday cake because it was his birthday.

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8 responses

  1. May i know what song (slow song) song ji hyo and jang dong min ? At first game spool with pool


    1. I finally found the song: Lee Jang Hee – “I’ll Give Everything To You”


      1. Thanks.very appreciated it 🙂


  2. And i want to know what bground music at ep 5. For suk jin when they play curling


    1. Byun Jin Sub – “Will Be Alone”


  3. what is the song at the end when they eat cake? in ep 220?


    1. The song is “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay.


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