Running Man Episode 221 Recap

running man

ccooony: This episode took the Running Man cast members and the guests to Jiri Mountain where they encountered elders and fresh produce that is being grown around that area. The Running Man members started off the day spread out in different places around the community such as at a gas station or in front of a convenience store. Their jobs were to promote the place they were located at in order to celebrate the multi-year anniversaries of those different stores. Soon the guests they were paired up with arrived with a karaoke machine cart in tow.

The pairings were:

  • Yoo Jae Suk with Kim Yeon Woo and Kim Kyung Ho
  • Kang Gary with Jung In and Bobby Kim
  • Haha and Ji Suk Jin with Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha
  • Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo with Hong Jin Young
  • Song Ji Hyo with Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kyuhyun

The first mission for each of the teams was to sing at least ten songs requested by the people around the area no matter which song was requested and successfully score over 70 points on the karaoke machine. Hong Jin Young showcased her trot singing skills, Kim Yeon Woo and Kim Kyung Ho were eventually able to satisfy the music taste of the elderly ladies in the neighborhood, and Song Ji Hyo was able to keep the mood up and score well even if she was off beat or out of tune.

Once all of the teams succeeded in their mission, it was time to head to the next location. The first three couples to arrive at the location were given hints that would help them at the final location. The next location was outside at an open field and their next game had them acting as moles. Using their hands, they would have to dig themselves a hole big enough to allow them to make their way underneath an obstacle. Next, they would have to use a shovel as a stepping tool to flip up a shoe into a basket that must be held above their heads. Finally, the first person to dig up a radish and hold it above his or her head would win.

This game was played in three rounds. The first round was between Kim Yeon Woo, Bobby Kim, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, and Leeteuk. It was a close round with the final result coming down to who could get their hands on the radish. In the end, Kim Yeon Woo was able to win the round.

The second round wasn’t shown, but Kim Jong Kook was revealed to have won the round. For the third and final round for this game, it was between Kim Kyung Ho, Jung In, Narsha, Hong Jin Young, and Song Ji Hyo. Kim Kyung Ho surprised everyone with his quickness and was easily in the lead the entire time despite Song Ji Hyo nearly being able to catch up with him while everyone else couldn’t even get past the first obstacle. With Kim Kyung Ho winning this round and his teammate having won one of the previous rounds, his team was the winner for the game. The first three teams were again able to receive more clues that would be utilized at the final location.

The next location was at a restaurant and each team was told to sit in front of a table with 20 different dishes that were representative of the local area. Kim Kyung Ho made his way to the washroom during this time despite the PD telling him not to go yet. Haha was the first to catch on and told his team to start memorizing what was on the table. The other teams also scrambled to try to take a look at what was on the table, but in a flash the staff rushed in and covered all of the dishes. By the time Kim Kyung Ho returned, he had missed everything and wasn’t able to see any of the dishes.

For this challenge, the PD would name a dish and each team would have to try to guess where that dish is and uncover it. In the end, Narsha, Haha, and Ji Suk Jin had the most number of correct guesses and got to enjoy eating all of the dishes as a reward with Gary, Jung In, and Bobby Kim’s team coming in second and Ji Hyo, Leeteuk, and Kyuhyun’s team in third. Additional clues were also given out to each of these three teams.

For the final mission, based on all of the clues they’ve collected so far, they have to correctly pick one of five different stages representing five different foods: apple, melon, ginseng, persimmon, dogwood fruit. In order to do so, each team would have to successfully collect 3 microphones found inside the nearby building and then be the first team to have all three of their members stand on top of the platform of the food of their choosing. Both Gary’s team and Ji Hyo’s team found the microphones first and thought that the correct food was persimmon. Gary’s team was just a step ahead of Ji Hyo’s team so Ji Hyo’s team had to pick a different food. While Ji Hyo was thinking apple, Leeteuk thought dogwood fruit so they ended up going with his choice. Both Jae Suk and Haha’s team were thinking apple but Jae Suk’s team made it there first so Haha’s team had no choice but to pick something else. Jong Kook’s team was the last to arrive so they had no choice but to get the last pick.

In the end, apple was the correct answer so Jae Suk, Yeon Woo, and Kyung Ho were the winners and the other four teams were doused with flour. The winning prize was some of the area’s fresh produce. 

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