Running Man Episode 222 Recap

running man

ccooony: With no guests, this week’s episode focuses on the seven Running Man members and the concept is that they are all aliens from another planet that has landed on Earth and their goal is to try to return home. Each of the members were given their own alien look and shiny silver matching outfits. Jae Suk was given a grasshopper type look, Suk Jin was given a Shrek type look, Jong Kook was given a look similar to Legolas from Lord of the Rings, Kwang Soo was given a egg shaped head, Ji Hyo was given purple hair, Gary was given a black wig and thick eyebrows, and Haha was given the half shaved head hairstyle. As they all gathered at the R flag, they couldn’t help but laugh at each other’s costumes.

For their first mission, each of the seven members would start out at a different R flag point located inside a huge open field. Their mission was to work together and collect large puzzle pieces and assemble the puzzle together within the time limit of three minutes. Each of  the members would have to retrieve two pieces and then bring them to the designated meeting spot to be put together. For their first attempt, although there was a minor setback with Suk Jin having initially taken the wrong path out in the field, they were really close to completion but were one piece too late before time ran out. However, they were able to tell that the puzzle was of a picture of a screw inside of a six sided star on a white background. During their second attempt, even though Ji Hyo was having trouble locating her second puzzle piece initially, she was able to find it and all of the members were able to work together and get their mission done. The picture on the puzzle was their first hint in their quest to return home.

The task for the second mission involved a treadmill and cookies. All of the seven members combined would have to try to consume at least 100 cookies. However, they would have to try to eat them without using their hands as they made their way down from the top to the bottom of the moving treadmill platform. For their first attempt, Suk Jin went first and was unable to eat very many as the cookies sped down the treadmill and he attempted to eat them head on. He was only able to eat 6. Gary was next and he surprised everyone with how well he was able to do. He was able to consume 14 total. Next was Haha, and he also surprised everyone with his eating abilities by being able to eat 19 of them. Afterwards, it was Ji Hyo’s turn and she was able to bring the group’s total to 45, but 80% of the cookies that would be distributed down the treadmill were already used up. Jae Suk was starting to get the hang of it and was able to eat them as they went down, but as he requested for even more and they came down in a large group, he missed every single one. With all the cookies in the basket gone after Jae Suk’s turn, their first attempt was a failure since they were only able to consume 53 out of the 100 of cookies they needed. 

For their second attempt at this treadmill mission, they were allowed to place the cookies on the treadmill themselves rather than it being done by a staff member, and the Running Man members had a strategy going into it. They decided to have Jong Kook go first and came up with the idea to position the cookies in groups and in a line, since the positioning of the cookies coming down would affect their success rate. Their strategy worked out as Jong Kook was able to consume 19 of them. Following the same type of strategy where the cookies were placed in a line coming down, Kwang Soo was the next to go, and he was told to also lie down at an angle for better positioning for the cookies to fall into his mouth. It worked out well as Kwang Soo was able to consume 20 of the cookies to bring the group’s total to 39. Next was Haha and he wanted to utilize the same type of eating strategy he used during the group’s first attempt, but in his attempt to eat them rather than let them fall into his mouth, he ended up hurting his lips instead and was only able to consume 11 to bring the group’s total to 50.

Afterwards, it was Jae Suk’s turn and he decided to use the lying down method to consume the cookies. He was able to do well even though Jong Kook was not completely satisfied and consumed 19 cookies to bring the group’s total to 69. The group decided to have Ji Hyo go next, and we saw a Monday Couple moment as Gary put Ji Hyo’s head in his lap to support her as she too would be utilizing the laying down method to try to consume as many cookies as possible. They decided to put all the cookies in a straight line with a group of them together at the end. She was able to do well and consumed 15 in all to bring the group’s total to 84. Convinced with their laying down method, Gary was next to go and everyone was confident that he would be able to complete the mission. He didn’t disappoint as he was able to consume 20 of them to bring the group’s total to 104, therefore completing the mission. The hint they received was a symbol that is similar to the @ sign but not quite.

For their last mission, each of the members entered a black van one by one to receive their mission for how they would be able to return to their home planet. Everyone except for Jong Kook was told that they were a Martian from Mars and that they would win if they eliminated everyone from Venus. Jong Kook was told that he was an alien from Venus and that he would win if he eliminated everyone from Mars. Without knowing who was from where, everyone was suspicious of one another and the time limit was that they would have to get it done before the sun set. Eventually Haha, Kwang Soo, and Suk Jin with Gary nearby teamed up against Jae Suk to eliminate him and rip off his nametag. They couldn’t hide their surprise when they saw that he was a Martian, but no one would admit that they themselves was a Martian too. Jong Kook was the only one who decided to tell the truth and say outright that he was from Venus but everyone was still suspicious and couldn’t decide whether to believe him or not. Eventually Jong Kook was about to go after Haha and remove his nametag, but Gary ended up being the one to ambush Haha and eliminate his nametag only to find out that Haha was a Martian too. Suk Jin eventually thought up the idea that maybe all of them are Martians and consulted with Ji Hyo about it who then agreed. On the other hand, Gary was more focused on eliminating more members since he couldn’t figure it out yet and Kwang Soo wanted Jong Kook out. Kwang Soo, Gary, Suk Jin, and Ji Hyo all gathered together to discuss their thoughts and Kwang Soo approached everyone with a pinky promise to say that they wouldn’t betray each other and eliminate Jong Kook first, but true to his betraying nature, he quickly turned on Suk Jin and eliminated him only to find that he too was a Martian.

With the elimination of another Martian, Ji Hyo was more convinced that they were all Martians and that rather than keep on eliminating one another, they should work on solving the riddle to their clues that they had received earlier. However, with Kwang Soo’s continuous insistence of going after Jong Kook, Ji Hyo then became suspicious that he was from Venus since he kept wanting to eliminate more people. With the sun quickly setting all four of the remaining Running Man members were all gathered together. Ji Hyo was now getting the feeling that there was at least one of them who was from Venus. She was occupied with getting bit on the leg by mosquitoes for a brief moment and Kwang Soo nearly took the chance to rip her nametag off. With Kwang Soo’s distraction, Gary stepped in and ripped off Kwang Soo’s nametag instead only to see that he too was a Martian. With only 10 minutes left, Ji Hyo insisted that they try to solve the riddle. Jong Kook brought up how the screw stood for the Phillips (One) screwdriver and speculated if that meant that there was only one from Venus.

We are shown the one screwdriver and that the symbol stood for number one in Taiwanese. With theses two hints both indicating to the number one, Jong Kook said that he had been saying that he was from Venus all along and it finally dawned on Ji Hyo and Gary that they would have to go against Jong Kook. The Monday Couple had previously been able to take on Jong Kook before, so now it would once again be a battle between Mr. Capable and the Monday Couple. The funny thing was that Gary had actually eliminated pretty much everyone else and Jong Kook actually hadn’t eliminated anyone yet. They all decided to battle each other head on and it was a very close battle but Ji Hyo managed to oust Jong Kook who simultaneously ousted Gary. This meant that with Ji Hyo being the last one standing the Martians win. 

It was determined that this was Ji Hyo’s solo win and the PD’s said they did this because everyone had been saying they wanted a fight against Jong Kook. Ji Hyo’s prize for winning was that she could go home, but it was proposed that she would be given a choice to either return to her home planet or take a relocation fund in the form of gold and live on Earth. The condition for taking the gold would be that she would have to take and send them a picture of herself eating dinner in her alien outfit and one in her outfit in front of her house. Kwang Soo also suggested to add on that she take one from her bed too. She ultimately chose the relocation gold and fulfilled all of the picture taking requirements with her proof shots after filming.

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