High School Love On Episode 17 Recap


anitaya: Summary: The ethics teacher goes to Woohyun’s house after being kicked out by her husband. Woohyun asks her to leave. Woohyun’s biological mom looks around the house and sees old photos. Seul Bi tells her that she wishes Sungyeol, Woohyun, and their mom can live together. Sungyeol tells his dad that he should just forget about him.

Seul Bi asks Woohyun why Sungyeol and he can’t both call the ethics teacher their mom. Woohyun asks Sungyeol if he’s satisfied that everything can disappear. Sungyeol asks Woohyun what Seul Bi’s secret is. Woohyun replies that it’s none of his business. Sungyeol asks if anything will happen if he says something about Seul Bi. Woohyun tells him not to do something he will regret.

Kwang Shik is welcomed back into the classroom as the teacher by his former students. He returns the money from Joo Ah’s part-time job to her. Joo Ah thanks him and says she thinks about him sometimes. 

Seul Bi’s angel mark glows on her wrist during class and Woohyun throws a piece of paper at Sungyeol’s face to divert his attention from her. The students are taking a test. Everything on the test disappears and then reappears for a brief moment. Sunbae shows up outside of the classroom. After the students turn in their tests, the papers disappear. Jae Suk asks Seul Bi if it is because of her and says that she has supernatural powers. The test papers appear again.

Ki Soo walks with Woohyun and Seul Bi and talks about how strange it was. He says that he thinks he saw Seul Bi’s wrist sparkle. Woohyun tells him that he was using a mirror to joke around. Seul Bi tells them that she’s going to head over to eat lunch with Ye Na. 

Ye Na eats lunch by herself and Seul Bi joins her. Ye Na checks Seul Bi’s wrist and says that something weird was sparkling. Seul Bi tells her that she has nice nails. Joo Ah joins the girls and so does Tae Ho. Woohyun asks Seul Bi to get something to drink. Tae Ho and Joo Ah get up and leave Ye Na’s table.

Seul Bi is standing outside and Tae Ho grabs her by the wrist. He wants to check it out. Seul Bi tells him to let go of her. Tae Ho says that he definitely saw it sparkle earlier. Joo Ah gets in between them and tells Tae Ho that she has something to tell him. Joo Ah confesses to Tae Ho that she likes him. She gets embarrassed and then walks away. Tae Ho exclaims that starting today it’s day one for them as a couple.

Seul Bi returns home and paints the ethics teacher’s nails because she wants to become closer to Woohyun’s and Sungyeol’s mom. Seul Bi leaves the room to find Woohyun. She sees him sleeping and starts painting his nails. The ethics teacher tells Woohyun that Seul Bi has a way of making people happy.

Woohyun thinks to himself that by telling all the students, if this means that something more dangerous can happen in the future. Seul Bi enters Woohyun’s room to clean his nails. Seul Bi’s angel mark glows on her wrist and she says it would be good if she could clean it off. Woohyun blows on it.

The ethics teacher can’t find the answer key to the test. Students surround Seul Bi and ask if it was her. One student says that there was definitely something strange going on with Seul Bi during the test. He accuses her of taking the answer key. Joo Ah stands up for Seul Bi and asks if they have evidence that Seul Bi did it. The students check Seul Bi’s clothes to try to find the answer key.

Sungyeol tells them that he saw the ethics teacher take the answer key with her. He brings Seul Bi to the nurse’s office and tells her to stay there. Seul Bi’s wrist is glowing again and she wonders where she could find the answer key. 

Sungyeol and Woohyun talk outside. Sungyeol says that all of the kids are siding with him and that it seems like someone’s helping him. Woohyun says that the person must have the same heart as him. Sungyeol responds that the person would take Seul Bi away too. Sungyeol tells Woohyun to give Seul Bi up and that it’s the only way for all three of them to be under the same sky. 

Woohyun adds a writing board to the wall of the restaurant so that people can write their wishes on it. He tells Seul Bi that it’s a wish making board. Woohyun and Seul Bi each draws a heart that connects to each other. Ki Soo and Yoo Hwan put angel wings on the door of the restaurant for a photo zone. Ki Soo asks Seul Bi to take a picture with the angel wings.

Joo Ah sees Seul Bi outside of the restaurant. Tae Ho is close by and calls Joo Ah his other half. He tells her that he’ll help her with her part-time job. Joo Ah apologizes to Seul Bi and says that it’ll be uncomfortable now. 

Woohyun sits on a park bench and thinks about Seul Bi and what may happen to her. He also thinks about what Sungyeol said to him. The ethics teacher asks Woohyun about the weird situation. 

The ethics teacher has a discussion with her husband about her sons and Seul Bi. She asks him for a favor. Woohyun tells Sungyeol to watch over Seul Bi well. He says that if she disappears, he can’t see her again. Sungyeol responds that it’ll be fair for both of them. Woohyun says that this will be better than Seul Bi disappearing forever because Sungyeol likes her too. Woohyun begs Sungyeol not to send Seul Bi to him.

Sungyeol picks up Seul Bi from Woohyun’s house. Woohyun had previously told Seul Bi that he doesn’t think that he can go on like this and that everything’s difficult because of her so she should leave. Seul Bi told Woohyun that she’ll believe his lies and go. Sungyeol sees Seul Bi crying and tells her to never cry in front of him again.

Woohyun is feeling sad without Seul Bi. Chun Shik asks Woohyun if he’s okay. Seul Bi is feeling sad too and Sungyeol takes her away from Woohyun. 

The ethics teacher viewed the CCTV and couldn’t find anything about what happened to the answer key. Kwang Shik says that this is horrible for the students’ college resumes and that this is a big deal. He tells her that they need to find the answer key. Seul Bi tries searching all over the school.

Seul Bi goes inside the gym and shreds of paper fall down on her. Sunbae appears in front of her and says that the students’ lives are getting destroyed because of them. Seul Bi responds that it won’t happen. She says that she has friends and that Sunbae can try all he wants. Sunbae says that he’s going to do anything he can to put Seul Bi back in her place.

Ki Soo asks Woohyun why he’s letting Seul Bi stay at Sungyeol’s place. Woohyun explains that he is cowardly and doesn’t know what he was thinking. Ki Soo confronts Sungyeol and asks him why he is making their lives bad. Jae Suk comes to talk to Ki Soo and punches him in the face. Byung Wook and Tae Ho try to stop him.

Jae Suk tells them to leave. Tae Ho and Byung Wook save Ki Soo and tell him to not appear in front of them again. Young Eun sees Ki Soo in her neighborhood with an injured face. She offers him a boiled egg. 

Joo Ah asks Woohyun if everything in the angel book is true and Woohyun asks if she’ll keep it a secret. Joo Ah tells Woohyun that they should look for a solution. 

The ethics teacher asks Woohyun if he can tell her about Seul Bi. She talks about weird things that have been happening because of Seul Bi. At school, Seul Bi tapes up the shredded pieces of paper. Woohyun finds Seul Bi and helps her tape them up. 

Sungyeol runs to the school after receiving Woohyun’s message about Seul Bi. The wind blows leaves strongly around Woohyun and Sungyeol. Woohyun exclaims that it can never take Seul Bi away. Woohyun is leaving Seul Bi under Sungyeol’s care. Sungyeol approaches Seul Bi and asks why she’s doing this. She says that it’s her fault that this happened. 

Sungyeol tells his dad that he’s scared and feels like he’s turning into a monster. He cries and asks his dad to hold him. Seul Bi gives the answer key to the ethics teacher and says that she found them and taped them up. The ethics teacher asks Seul Bi what she’s hiding, what she is, and why Woohyun sent her to Sungyeol. Sungyeol tells the ethics teacher not to try to know anything.

The students find out that the answer key was found. Things are still awkward between Seul Bi and Woohyun. Seul Bi goes to the library and bumps into Woohyun. 

Seul Bi is walking with Sungyeol and receives a text from Ki Soo telling her that Woohyun is sick. Sungyeol tries to stop her from going to him. She falls to the ground and becomes unconscious. Woohyun feels pain in his chest and collapses to the floor.

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