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The Genius 3: Black Garnet (Finale) Concluding Thoughts + Recap

ccooony: Another season of the Genius has just recently ended and I must say that I was really satisfied and happy with how it ended and how the whole season went. This season had a great cast and the different games met my expectations with its difficulty and how it brought out the skills of the different players. If you haven’t seen this season or the previous two seasons yet I would definitely recommend it! I must say that this is probably one of my favorite variety shows to watch.

The ultimate winner for this season was none other than Jang Dongmin. He beat out Oh Hyunmin 2-1 to claim the title and joined the ranks of Hong Jinho (Season 1) and Lee Sangmin (Season 2) as winners of the Genius. Dongmin had the support from the majority of the other contestants and the way he played the game was truly admirable. Although he came close to defeat against Ha Yeonjoo during his death match in a previous episode when he really couldn’t make any more moves, he didn’t give up and was able to utilize his confidence and boldness and win the match. Throughout the whole season, Dongmin rose up as one of the players to beat and carried an image of being loyal and a leader throughout the games. It was only fitting that he and Hyunmin were both able to make it to the finals together, as they had made a deal halfway through the season to meet each other in the finals and they had been allies ever since.

The finals of the Genius 3 consisted of 3 rounds. Two of the games would be one that has been played before and the other game would be a brand new game. The Genius player that would be able to win two of the rounds would become the final victor of this season of the Genius. All of the eliminated contestants were invited back to watch and they each had the chance to pick and choose an item to give to the player they support. The support was much more swayed towards one player in comparison to the other seasons as 8 of the contestants chose to support Dongmin while only 3 chose to support Hyunmin. Continue reading →


Running Man Episode 226 Recap

running man

ccooony: This week’s Christmas special episode of Running Man features notable actors and actresses from the upcoming movie How to Steal a Dog: Kim Hye Ja (nation’s mother and a staple presence on the small screen in Korea for about the past 40 years), Kang Hye Jung (wife of Epik High’s Tablo and mother to Haru), and Lee Chun Hee (a member of Family Outing back in the day).

In this episode, all of the Running Man members and the guests were one team and their goal was to complete as many of their missions as possible in order to give them the best chance to draw high numbers when drawing numbers for a lottery that determines how much money they will win. They would be playing Santa’s Lottery Race.

In the first game, all of the Running Man members and the guests would have to complete the given task within the time limit. For the first task, everyone would have to find an animal head and make it back within the allotted time to take a selfie where everyone’s face could be seen. Gary found a rabbit head first and made sure to give it to Kim Hye Ja, Jae Suk ended up with his characteristic grasshopper head and Jong Kook ended up with the giraffe one. Although everyone was able to get a animal head in time, it was hard for everyone to get in the picture even with Kwang Soo’s long arm holding the camera phone. They all failed the first task. For the second task entitled “Weigh the Item”, everyone would have to go find items marked with an “R” sticker and bring it back to the starting location with the goal of reaching a combined weight of 150kg with one item per person. They were able to find a few of the heavier items, such as a tire and a plant bed on wheels, but were unable to reach the target weight since they were short by about 20kg. 

Afterwards, they were all told to make it to the lottery drawing location within the next 20 seconds in order to receive one of the benefits. However, it took everyone 38 seconds to get there, so they weren’t able to receive the benefit of adding in an additional number 9 ball into the mix of balls to be drawn. Regardless, Kim Hye Ja was given the honor of drawing the first ball that would go into the thousand won spot and she was able to draw the number 8, earning the group 80,000 won. Continue reading →

Holiday Songs (December 2014)

anitaya: Artists from Starship Entertainment came together to sing “Love Is You.” The song is about waiting to meet a soulmate on the first day of snowfall. This song has a sweet melody and gives the feeling of winter. The vocals of K.Will, Junggigo, Boyfriend, Sistar, and Jooyoung sound pleasant with rapping from Mad Clown and Bora. The music video shows the warmth of a home and snow falling throughout the day. The artists gather together in a room with holiday decorations around them.

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My Ear’s Candy

ccooony: This song was released by Baek Ji Young featuring 2PM’s Taecyeon all the way back in 2009 and is a pop dance track with some techno beats in it. The choreography for this song, particularly the “shoulder shimmying” move and the partner dance between the two of them are easily memorable and the beat of the song makes you want to groove along to it and just dance along.

While Baek Ji Young mainly releases ballad songs that showcase her strong vocals, this is a song she is well known for and there have been many parodies and performances of this song. More recently, she performed this song on the 10th anniversary of M Countdown featuring Taecyeon’s hoobaes GOT7’s JB and Jackson.

While I had heard the song quite a few times, I had never actually watched the music video until now. After watching it, I thought that the music video was actually fitting for the song with all of the lights and metallic colors. I really like how Baek Ji Young and Taecyeon’s voices work well together in the original version of the song and overall I really enjoy listening to it. 

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How did you feel about High School Love On?

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High School Love On Episode 20 Recap (Finale)

anitaya: Summary: Sungyeol’s parents and Woohyun watch over Sungyeol in the hospital. Two years have passed. It’s raining and a girl stands next to Woohyun and is wearing his necklace. Woohyun wishes that he could see Seul Bi again. Sungyeol and Woohyun go to the same college.

Seul Bi goes to a convenience store with Sunbae. Sungyeol sees her through the window. Seul Bi gives him her umbrella and walks away with Sunbae. 

Sungyeol eats out with Woohyun. Woohyun asks Sungyeol to call him older brother. Sungyeol asks Woohyun if he misses Seul Bi. Sungyeol gets drunk and Woohyun helps him walk back home. Seul Bi is near them and takes a flyer that says Ms. Gong’s rice cake shop is hiring. 

Woohyun is in his bedroom and reads the letter that Seul Bi wrote and sent to the slow post box. He starts crying and wonders where Seul Bi went and left him alone. He misses Seul Bi.  Continue reading →

Winter 2014 List


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Toheart Delicious

anitaya: Toheart is a unit group formed by the collaboration between Shinee’s Key and Infinite’s Woohyun. Key and Woohyun were able to come together as Toheart because of the merger of SM Entertainment’s SM C&C and Woollim Entertainment. “Delicious” is a pop dance song with a catchy melody. The song is about two guys fighting over a girl who they have both fallen in love with.

In the music video, it shows scenes where the two guys used to hang out together as friends. The guys are competing and trying to look charming to the girl they like. In the lyrics of the song, the guys ask the girl to choose one between them. I really like this song and think that Key and Woohyun work well together. Key and Woohyun are the same age and are both good friends.  Continue reading →

High School Love On Episode 19 Recap

anitaya: Summary: Woohyun runs towards Seul Bi and punches Jae Suk in the face, making him fall to the ground. Jae Suk walks away. Woohyun sees that Seul Bi is unconscious and carries her. He calls Sungyeol to open the door and sees that Sungyeol is sick. Sungyeol is taken to the hospital and Seul Bi is okay. Sungyeol opens his eyes and looks around. The ethics teacher arrives at the hospital to check on Sungyeol. Woohyun tells her that he is glad that she is a good person.

Sungyeol goes back home and his dad watches over him. Sungyeol opens up a drawer and looks in an envelope. It contains divorce papers for his parents. Seul Bi sees Sungyeol and says that she wants to stay here until his wounds heal.

Woohyun chats with Jae Suk about him wanting Seul Bi to disappear. Jae Suk replies that it’s because everything is her fault. Woohyun tells Jae Suk that he is selfish and has no friends. Woohyun tells him that Seul Bi is worried that Jae Suk will also be sick. He also sincerely asks Jae Suk to protect Seul Bi. He says that without Seul Bi, Jae Suk will be alone for the rest of his life. 

Woohyun, Sungyeol, and Seul Bi are back at school. Sungyeol tells Woohyun that he thinks his parents are getting a divorce. Sungyeol says that he will ask his dad and that Woohyun should ask his mom not to. Everyone in class is wearing yellow fabric around the wrist to show support for Seul Bi.  Continue reading →

High School Love On Episode 18 Recap

anitaya: Summary: Sungyeol watches over Seul Bi who is lying in her bed. The ethics teacher goes to the restaurant and sees Woohyun collapsed on the floor. Woohyun says that his heart is in pain and then lies in his bed. His mom watches over him and flashes back to the time when she took him to the swimming pool. She is talking on the phone and Woohyun is drowning. 

Seul Bi wakes up and tells Sungyeol that she wants to go to school. Woohyun wakes up and tells his mom that he wants to go to school. Woohyun walks with Ki Soo and sees Seul Bi walking with Sungyeol. In the hallway, Woohyun tells Seul Bi not to look and wait for him. Woohyun asks Sungyeol how Seul Bi got hurt and that he said that he was going to protect her well.

The students go to the gym. A couple of students pour out balls from containers. Ye Na says that Seul Bi can clean up all of it by herself. Jae Suk says that Seul Bi has special powers and found the answer sheets. He tells Seul Bi to use her powers to clean it up. Young Eun tells Ye Na and Jae Suk to clean it up because they fit so well together.

Seul Bi responds that she wishes she had powers and starts cleaning up the balls. Joo Ah helps her and tells Tae Ho to help also. Seul Bi falls to the ground and becomes unconscious. Woohyun starts feeling pain in his chest again. Seul Bi and Woohyun both go to the nurse’s office to rest.  Continue reading →