Toheart Delicious

anitaya: Toheart is a unit group formed by the collaboration between Shinee’s Key and Infinite’s Woohyun. Key and Woohyun were able to come together as Toheart because of the merger of SM Entertainment’s SM C&C and Woollim Entertainment. “Delicious” is a pop dance song with a catchy melody. The song is about two guys fighting over a girl who they have both fallen in love with.

In the music video, it shows scenes where the two guys used to hang out together as friends. The guys are competing and trying to look charming to the girl they like. In the lyrics of the song, the guys ask the girl to choose one between them. I really like this song and think that Key and Woohyun work well together. Key and Woohyun are the same age and are both good friends. 

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