Holiday Songs (December 2014)

anitaya: Artists from Starship Entertainment came together to sing “Love Is You.” The song is about waiting to meet a soulmate on the first day of snowfall. This song has a sweet melody and gives the feeling of winter. The vocals of K.Will, Junggigo, Boyfriend, Sistar, and Jooyoung sound pleasant with rapping from Mad Clown and Bora. The music video shows the warmth of a home and snow falling throughout the day. The artists gather together in a room with holiday decorations around them.

In the music video, Ariana wakes up in her pajamas and dances with her friends. The song tells Santa not to let her fall in love again if her love won’t be here next year. Ariana has a pleasant sounding voice and can hit high notes. The song has a holiday feel to it with the sounds of bells and chimes. The people in the music video are wearing Santa outfits, reindeer antlers, and furry hats. There are ornaments, presents, and a Christmas tree, which give the feeling of Christmas. 

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