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Running Man Episode 231 Recap

running man

anitaya: In this week’s episode, Yoo-ames Bond returns. There are no guests. In the beginning of the episode, Jae Suk gets blindfolded as he enters the building. He is summoned to a secret room and is told that they have designated a successor for him. Yoo-ames Bond must hand over his water gun to his successor and order that person to eliminate everyone. He has to teach his successor all of his spy skills and help that person successfully become the second Bond. Jae Suk thinks about who his possible successor could be. Jae Suk is told that if he finds himself in danger or feels that his successor isn’t performing, he has the authority to eliminate that person. Jae Suk waits for his successor to show up. 

Earlier in the day, the Running Man members are given a wake up call and are handed their mission, ‘Please find me’ race. They have currently lost their identities. As their name tag states, they are not themselves at this moment. Their name tags are blank. They are told that if they want to get their identity back, they must hurry over to the taekwondo studio. The Running Man members are all dressed in white and are spirits. Ji Hyo wonders if this is a spy race.

Everyone is blindfolded as soon as they enter the taekwondo studio. They are led off to different locations while blindfolded. When they take off their blindfolds, they see mysterious doctors in front of them. The doctor tells them that their physical body is hidden somewhere within the building. The moment they stepped into the building, their physical being has started to disappear. They need to quickly complete their mission and recover their body before it disappears completely. Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 230 Recap

running man

anitaya: This episode of Running Man is a flower boy special. It takes place in Running Man High School. The guests for this episode are Hong Jong Hyun, Seo Kang Joon, Choi Tae Joon, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Seo Ha Joon. The six Running Man members are sunbaes (seniors) and Kwang Soo with the six boys are hoobaes (juniors) from the same school. This episode’s race is male students’ life of research race. They will receive hints throughout their research. At the end if they get the correct answer, they will gain the final victory. 

They are told to look at the question and guess the top answer by teenage girls. The question is “When you’re in a one-sided love, which was the hardest moment for you?” They must guess what the top answer is. The answer choices are:

  • Even when he knows I like him, he treats me like an invisible person
  • When they friendzone you with “You’re a good friend”
  • When I failed to contact him first and wait for him blankly
  • When he said he likes my friend and asked me to introduce him to her
  • When the person is too popular
  • When I can’t do anything and think of the person all day long
  • When he said he likes someone else and came to me for relationship advice

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ccooony: The story revolves around Felix O’Neil, a prankster who gets expelled from his school and goes to great lengths to make sure his parents don’t find out. With help from his best friend Danny, his new friend Katie, and his brother Ben, he tries to carry out his elaborate schemes and hide the truth from his parents.

This movie was written and directed by Alex Goyette, (who we remembered  from the first season of Internet Icon as JouleThief) and has a notable cast including famous Viner Cameron Dallas, YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson (Terry the Tomboy, the React series on YouTube), and Matt Shively (The Troop, True Jackson VP) who play Felix, Katie, and Danny respectively. Continue reading →

Maze Runner

ccooony: Overall I really liked its intricate plot and the characters so I’m glad that it did well in the box office and that there will be a sequel continuing the story coming out later on in the year. Based on the book by the same name, the basic premise introduces us to the character Thomas who starts out by waking up in an elevator to find himself among a group of other boys in a community they call the Glade without any memories of who he is or even what his name is. He discovers that they are all at the center of an elaborate maze and that the group sends out Runners each morning to try to map the whole maze and find a way out.

Everyone carries out a specialized task to keep themselves alive and functioning in designated groups whether it’s to farm, to heal, or to run. One of the rules they live by is that no one runs beyond the walls that enclose them into the maze besides the designated runners because no one has ever survived a night outside. Thomas continues pushing the boundaries and asks questions about everything including who he is and why they are all there in the first place.

One of the things that I really liked in this movie was the development of the different characters and how notable and memorable they were. Even though there were so many members, many of them were able to distinguish themselves and even though not all of them survived at the end, I felt their impact throughout the film. The main character was of course Thomas as the last male to enter into the Glades and change everything for everyone and lead them all to escape. I really felt his growth into a leader throughout the movie and it was nice to see his determination and bravery. Continue reading →

Pinocchio Concluding Thoughts

anitaya: I enjoyed watching this drama about a girl named In Ha who is a Pinocchio, which means that she hiccups whenever she lies and a boy named Ha Myung whose father has been framed for losing the lives of nine firemen. Both of them become reporters to seek the truth and bring justice. 

I think that all of the actors in this drama did a great job portraying their characters. The storyline was interesting and the relationships between each character was great to watch. This drama centered around family and I could feel the bond between In Ha and her family as well as Ha Myung. It also showed the relationship Ha Myung has with his brother and the relationship Bum Jo has with his mother.
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Running Man Episode 229 Recap

running man

anitaya: This episode features the guests: Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won, and Lee Seo Jin. In the beginning of the episode, Lee Seung Gi is given a secret mission to oust all eight members by secretly eliminating their name tags. Lee Seo Jin will help him with this secret mission. Seung Gi and Seo Jin need to eliminate the seven Running Man members and Chae Won. If anyone catches on, they will fail their mission. 

Everyone gathers together for the opening except for Seo Jin who is hiding in a hotel room. The opening mission is to find all 15 pieces of the card within the time limit to complete the puzzle on the board. There are a total of ten numbers, and five other numerical symbols in the puzzle. Jae Suk mentions that he heard Seo Jin was going to be a guest from the news. The PD tells them that he’s flying back from overseas and will arrive later. 

Seung Gi plans to lead the Running Man members one by one into Seo Jin’s room to rip out their name tags. Ji Hyo already finds a puzzle piece and so does Suk Jin. Gary also finds a puzzle piece. This makes Seung Gi worried because they must eliminate them all before the puzzle pieces are found. Jong Kook and Kwang Soo are searching on the fourth floor where Seo Jin is hiding. Jong Kook leaves to go to another floor and Kwang Soo stays. Seung Gi leads Kwang Soo into Seo Jin’s room and then rips off his name tag. Kwang Soo acts surprised. Seung Gi goes out to find the next person to oust. 

Two hours earlier, the seven Running Man members and Chae Won gathered together for a ‘fool the guest’ mission. They are told that Seo Jin and Seung Gi have been given the mission to oust all eight of them by eliminating their name tags. Their mission is that they have to act natural and let them eliminate their name tags. If Seung Gi and Seo Jin succeed in ousting all of them, the eight members succeed the secret mission. If Seung Gi and Seo Jin suspect something odd going on before they’re eliminated or a candid camera, they will fail the mission.  Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 228 Recap

running man

anitaya: Summary: This is the first Running Man episode of 2015 featuring guests Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won who are promoting their upcoming movie. The Running Man members are split into three teams:

  • Seung Gi, Jae Suk, Kwang Soo
  • Chae Won, Gary, Haha
  • Ji Hyo, Jong Kook, Suk Jin

The theme for this episode of Running Man is weather. Because of the world’s diversity, all kinds of weather are occurring at the same time. For the last mission, an enormous disaster will occur because of the unusual weather. There is only one place that has normal weather. Everyone’s mission will be to find the safest place through the hints they will gain throughout the day.

The first mission is Running Bedrock Protrusion. The earth was suddenly dried up so the bedrock suddenly changed form, which is why people took shelter in the container. The Running Man members go into a truck that tilts upward and changes slope. They try to hold on and not fall off into the mud puddle. The last person remaining gets one point and the first team to get three points wins.  Continue reading →

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