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Spring 2015 Playlist

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Running Man Episode 235 Recap

running man

anitaya: The Running Man members and their partners continue their missions from the previous episode. Gary and Sung Ryung are looking for Itim Kati to eat. They also learn how to make Som Tam. Kwang Soo and Fei are learning how to make dim sum from the chef in Hong Kong. Jae Suk and Jung Hoon are searching for wild mushrooms in the mountains. Ji Hyo and Taecyeon are on a boat trying to catch cutlass fish. Jong Kook and Seo Woo are digging for cockles from the mudflat. Haha, Shoo, Suk Jin, and Yoo Sun obtain their ingredients.

The 2015 New Year’s Cooking Battle begins. Each team will use their own ingredients and kimchi, which is the main theme. Within 100 minutes, the team that makes the most delicious dish will win the battle. When the timer hits zero, they cannot submit the dish any more. Some teams may be disqualified. The special judges for this competition are Nam Sung Ryul, Park Sung Hoon, Shim Hyo Sup, and Heo Hyuk Koo.

There are five types of kimchi and two teams per kimchi will be accepted. Everyone wants old fermented kimchi.Who gets to choose first will be decided by rock-paper-scissors.  Fei is the last one to choose. Yoo Sun and Shoo get to pick first. Suk Jin, Yoo Sun, Haha, and Shoo pick old fermented kimchi. Jae Suk and Jung Hoon pick whole cabbage kimchi. Ji Hyo and Taecyeon pick radish kimchi. Gary and Sung Ryung pick white kimchi. Jong Kook and Seo Woo pick whole cabbage kimchi. Kwang Soo and Fei are left with the white kimchi. Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 234 Recap

running man

anitaya: This week’s episode is the 2015 New Year’s Cooking Battle. In the beginning of the episode, five Running Man members are scattered across Korea. Gary is in Thailand and Kwang Soo is in Hong Kong. The guests are Miss A’s Fei, Yeon Jung Hoon, Yoo Sun, Shoo, 2pm’s Taecyeon, Seo Woo, and Kim Sung Ryung. The Running Man members are paired up with their partners:

  • Kwang Soo and Fei
  • Ji Hyo and Taecyeon
  • Haha and Shoo
  • Jae Suk and Jung Hoon
  • Suk Jin and Yoo Sun
  • Jong Kook and Seo Woo
  • Gary and Sung Ryung

Their mission is to get the ingredients with their partner, learn a secret recipe, and make the most delicious dish. They have prepared five types of kimchi. The members can choose one type of kimchi and make a dish along with other ingredients they will get.

Jae Suk and Jung Hoon visit Madame Choi Geum Ja’s house. They learn how to make buckwheat porridge. Gary and Sung Ryung’s mission is to eat the top three street foods of Bangkok: Ma Muang, Kwetiau Kai, Ai-Ddim-Kkag-Ddi, and get R stickers. Jong Kook and Seo Woo’s mission is to dig out 1,000 red shells from the mudflats. For Kwang Soo and Fei, they have to beat the employee in a game of rock-paper-scissors for both of them to eat. Continue reading →

Amber Shake that Brass ft. Taeyeon

ccooony: f(x)’s Amber recently released her solo debut MV for “Shake that Brass” and is the first f(x) member to go solo. Overall, the music video is very colorful and full of life especially with all of the different cameos from some of her fellow idol friends. For example, you could see miss A’s Min and Jia, Got7’s Jackson, Busker Busker’s Brad, Rainbow’s Woori, Park Joon Hyung, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, and many others. I think that the dancing was well executed and Taeyeon’s vocals suited Amber’s rap in this song.

The song is all about enjoying the moment and forgetting about one’s worries and I felt like the bright colors and upbeat tone contributed to the meaning of the song. The song itself isn’t very catchy or easily memorable to me at the moment, so I’ll probably have to listen to it a few more times before I can decide whether or not I really like the song. But overall, I’ll be looking forward to seeing how Amber will do with this track and how her promotions will go! Continue reading →

MyName “Too Very So Much”

ccooony: MyName has finally come back with their new song after more than a year. This track is different from the other concepts they’ve tried so far. I really like this kind of hip hop and groovy sound for them. The last song that I’ve liked from them was their debut song “Message”, but I actually like this song better and I feel like this concept suits them. I like how there is a lot more rap in this song and it has a really catchy chorus. The dance moves are also very expressive and I can tell that it’s a high energy dance and song. Overall, it’s a very bright, upbeat song and I’m enjoying listening to it! Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 233 Recap

running man

anitaya: This week’s episode of Running Man is Finding the Hidden Gemstones Race featuring K-pop idols. These K-pop idols have rarely appeared on variety shows. This week’s theme is the unnoticed idol members special. The guests are Super Junior’s Ryeo Wook, 4Minute’s So Hyun, Beast’s Dong Woon, Infinite’s Dong Woo, Girl’s Day’s So Jin, Teen Top’s Niel, Eric Nam, BtoB’s Min Hyuk, and Vixx’s N. Everyone is divided into four teams:

  • Red Team: Jae Suk, Dong Woon, Dong Woo, So Hyun
  • Pink Team: Gary, Haha, N, So Jin
  • White Team: Jong Kook, Ji Hyo, Min Hyuk, Ryeo Wook
  • Blue Team: Suk Jin, Kwang Soo, Eric Nam, Niel

The missions for the ‘Job Well Done Race’ are games picked by the guests. They chose the games from previous Running Man races. Based on the results of each mission, they will receive a gold bar with a ‘Job Well Done’ stamp. The team that gets the most gold bars will be the winner. Only the winner can actually take the gold bars. 

The first game is “One Heart and Mind on the Mudflat’. Min Hyuk wrote down that he wanted to play a mudflat game. All four team members will start running at the same time. When they hear a loud pop, huge work pants will shoot out. They will try and grab the pants. All four members will get in the pants. There is a rubber mat at the finish line. All four members must be on the mat.  Continue reading →

EXID Up & Down

ccooony: Even though this song was released all the way back in August 2014, it wasn’t until more recently that the song received much attention because a Hani-focused fancam went viral. It even won them their first ever wins on the major broadcast music shows. Their music video has over 9 million views with the view count still increasing. I’ve been hearing this song a lot more and the chorus is really easy to remember. I think that the song is actually pretty catchy and it is easy to recognize their choreography for the dance as well.

I think that their success really shows the power of viral videos and I think everyone will be looking to see how their next single/album will do to see if they will just be a one hit wonder or if they can continue their current fame and recognition to rise as one of the top girl groups or not. We’ll just have to wait and see. But for now, they’re doing well with this song and I know I’m not tired of listening to it yet. Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 232 Recap

running man

anitaya: This week’s episode is a reunion special featuring friends of the Running Man members. The guests are: 

  • Jong Kook’s friend Hong Kyung Min
  • Ji Hyo’s friend Kim Ji Soo
  • Jae Suk’s friend Kim Won Joon
  • Suk Jin’s friend Oh Hyun Kyung
  • Gary’s friend Jo Miryo
  • Kwang Soo’s friend Shin Da Eun
  • Haha’s friend Park Ji Yoon

The theme for this episode is the Best Friends Race. They will get seven suitcases. One of the suitcases has a golden key which is worth 1.5 million won. The last team that gets that suitcase will win the race. They will have to find the suitcase themselves. There will be a special bonus for the team who gets it first. There are five mission sites in Yeouido. They must find clues about the location of the suitcases and get the answer by clearing the missions.

Suk Jin, Hyun Kyung, Jae Suk, and Won Joon arrive at the snack bar. The sign on the wall says to have lunch with your friend. The keyword is sharing. The mission is to eat with your friend. They will be given a clue when they perform the correct action. Kwang Soo and Da Eun are under the Han River bridge. The sign on the wall says to eat with your friends. The keyword is Dalgona (flat toffee).

Ji Hyo, Ji Soo, Jong Kook, and Kyung Min go to the cafe. The sign on the wall says to drink with your friend in a friendly manner. The keyword is to drink and it’s a friendship test. Jong Kook and Kyung Min did a love shot and passed the friendship test in one attempt. The answer is love-shot and the clue they get is the Korean letter for ‘UI’. Jong Kook and Kyung Min go to the next mission site.

Haha and Ji Yoon go to the photo studio. Their mission is take a picture with your friend. The keyword is pose. The answer is piggyback and they finally succeeded after multiple tries. The clue they get is the Korean letter for ‘GONG’. Gary and Miryo go to the stationery store. Their mission is a friendship test to pick it with your friend. The keyword is to pick. The answer is to pick the correct highlighter. The clue they get is the Korean letter for ‘DO’. Continue reading →