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Running Man Episode 240 Recap


anitaya: The guests for this week’s episode of Running Man are 2PM’s Junho, Kim Woo Bin, and Kang Ha Neul. Everyone is wearing clothes that they wore when they were 20 years old. The winner has been nominated and is Suk Jin. If Suk Jin scores 100 and becomes the winner, everyone will win. Nine members will need to have a strategy to help Suk Jin win the race. Suk Jin needs to have 100 points at the end to win.

The first game is ‘oh shiny 20’s quiz’. They will be in two teams, one with Suk Jin and one without. Ten water bombs are installed in the pool. Each member will solve the quiz. If all of the team members get it right, each member will score 30 points. They get to decide their own teams. Team Suk Jin will solve short-answer questions. Team Not Suk Jin will solve Dichotomous questions and choose between the two. When the answer is wrong, the whole team will be water bombed. 

Team Suk Jin needs to win while Team Not Suk Jin needs to lose. Team Suk Jin answers three questions correctly and then gets the fourth question wrong. They are water bombed. Team Not Suk Jin answers two questions correctly and then gets the third question wrong. It’s Team Suk Jin’s turn again and they get the question wrong right away. Team Not Suk Jin answers one question and gets the second answer wrong. Team Suk Jin answers five questions correctly and wins the first round. Each member of the team scores 30 points each. Continue reading →


Unpretty Rapstar Concluding Thoughts + Recap

ccooony: Season 1 of Unpretty Rapstar has finally come to an end after 8 episodes and it’s been a great season filled with relationships, tears, disses, and most importantly great original rap lyrics and awesome tracks. While I initially thought it was going to be like Mnet’s other rap show “Show Me the Money”, it was different in a good way.

Since there were only 8 rappers and they were competing for a track on a female rapper compilation album consisting of 6 total tracks, I feel like I was able to get to know each of the rappers better and had more opportunities to see what they had to showcase.

The winner of the final track, and essentially the winner of Unpretty Rapstar ended up being Cheetah and I think it was well deserved. Throughout the whole season, she was one of the top rappers to keep an eye out for and she dominated the stage with her well-written raps and her strong charisma.

Jessi, who came in 2nd place, definitely had a strong presence within the competition and she had such a strong power with her rap and voice. If Cheetah didn’t win, then I definitely think that it would have been Jessi. Cheetah and Jessi were both one of the top contenders throughout the whole competition and definitely proved themselves and their skills. Continue reading →

EXO Call Me Baby

ccooony: EXO just released Korean and Chinese versions of their music video for their newest title track “Call Me Baby.” I’m really excited and happy with it. The song “Call Me Baby” was really catchy to me the first time I heard it and I can’t help but groove along to it. The lyrics refer to a guy who shows his love for his girl and say sweet things to his one and only love. Of course the lyrics wouldn’t be complete without EXO’s trademark E – X – O thrown in there.

The music video was nice and I’m not disappointed at all with the dance moves. I thought that they all danced quite well and were all in sync. There are quite a few clothing changes for all of the members throughout the video. The music video includes fancy cars. Some of the scenes were recorded one-shot style, which I thought added to the quality of the video. Overall, I really like this track and I’m looking forward to seeing them promote it. I also look forward to see how well this song will do!

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Dream Knight Episode 1 Recap

ccooony: As a quick premise for this web drama, it stars all of the seven members of idol group GOT7 and features the story of Joo In Hyung (played by Song Ha Yoon), a bullied high schooler with a positive attitude and a big fan of a popular boy group GOT (only three members consisting of Jr., BamBam, and Yugyeom) whose life gets flipped upside down when four mysterious boys enter her life (JB, Mark, Jackson, Youngjae).

Ep 1: We are first introduced to the main character girl Joo In Hyung dozing off in a classroom before being rudely awakened by some of the other girls in her school. She’s made fun of and it’s revealed that her mother had passed away and she doesn’t have her own home so she has made her own shelter at the rooftop at school.

One of the mean girls (played by Miss A’s Min) throws a coin at In Hyung telling her to get some food and makes fun of her poor status but rather than get upset about it, she merely takes it all in a positive light and says to throw a more valuable coin at her next time since it would actually take more than that coin to buy food. Continue reading →

JJ Project Bounce

anitaya: JJ Project is a duo with JB and Jr. who later became part of the group GOT7. “Bounce” is an upbeat dance song that you can groove to. The music video starts out in a classroom at school and then everyone gets up to dance. This song has a catchy chorus and melody. It sounds like a pop rock song. The main dance move for this song is shaking your body. There is a dance break at the end of the song with cool dance moves. JB rolls on the back of Jr. in the music video. “Bounce” was the first song that JJ Project sang. Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 239 Recap

running man

anitaya: The guests for this week’s episode of Running Man are Kim Dong Hyun and Sung Shi Kyung. Everyone is a member of the Dark Night, the best night errand boys. Gary and Ji Hyo’s mission is to acquire the secret key in a treasure chest at the bottom of the aquarium. Jong Kook’s mission is to find the ‘R lock’ among the locks of love and acquire the secret key. Kwang Soo and Suk Jin’s mission is to acquire the secret keys in a gondola. They can’t get off the gondola in the middle. Haha and Dong Hyun’s mission is to open a lucky bag on the rock climbing wall and acquire the secret key. Jae Suk and Shi Kyung’s mission is to acquire the secret key from the people who are in animal costumes. 

After acquiring the secret keys, everyone attends a regular meeting. It’s the ‘Hunter of the Key’ race. When they succeed the final mission, they will get a huge dividend and live in luxury. The secret keys are critical to complete the mission. Before the final mission begins, they will receive another chance at getting an additional key. 

The next mission is a race for the key. There is a track shaped like a key. Three runners will start. They will pick a person from each zone and go to that person. They will throw the person down and pop the balloon underneath. They run to the finish line and the first one to finish is the winner. There will be three rounds, so three winners will go to the finals. It is an individual battle. Dong Hyun wins the first round, Ji Hyo wins the second round, and Gary wins the third round. Ji Hyo wins the race for the key and gets an additional key.
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Super Junior D&E Can You Feel It

ccooony: Even though “Can You Feel It” isn’t their title track, I really enjoy this catchy track by Donghae & Eunhyuk! Because their chorus of “I got a feeling” in Korean sounds like “rabbit” in Korean, their point dance move in this song is bouncing up and down with the pointer fingers up like rabbit ears. You can’t help but groove along to the song when you hear the beats and chorus.

It’s really repetitive, but that is what makes it so easy to remember. If you watch one of their performances for this song, the two of them style up their hair so that it looks like they have cute rabbit ears, but their dance moves keep the song sounding groovy and fun! Overall, I think this is a really pleasing track to listen to! 🙂 Continue reading →


ccooony: This film revolves around the term the “DUFF” or the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend”. In high school, there are so many different labels, from the jock, the geek, the rocker, and the mean girl. The main girl Bianca is content with how she is going through high school until her next door neighbor and jock Wes tells her that she is the “DUFF” to her prettier, more popular friends Jess and Casey.

She refuses to believe him until she starts thinking about it and realizes that it really is true. People talk to her trying to get close to her friends or to get information about Jess and Casey. This leads her to become distanced from her friends and strike up a deal with Wes to help her get rid of her “DUFF” label and get a date with her crush in exchange for helping him pass science class to keep his spot on the football team. Continue reading →

Diary of an Ugly

ccooony: This Filipino teen romantic comedy film is based on a best selling novel of the same name. The basic premise is that the main character girl named Eya Rodriguez sees herself as ugly because of the imperfections on her face and ends up becoming hired to be the personal maid to Cross Sandford, a popular, rich, handsome, and self-centered teen.

Other notable characters include Chad Jimenez who befriends Eya and has a crush on Lory. Lory becomes one of Eya’s close friends and has a crush on Cross. Without spoiling too much, basically we see the interactions, friendships and love lines between these four main characters and see who ends up with who with all of the hilarious and sweet moments in between all of the drama that happens to them. Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 238 Recap

running man

anitaya: The guests for this week’s episode of Running Man are Kim Seo Hyung and Ye Ji Won. The theme for this race is ‘The Water Fairy Race’. In the bottles, there is a special water that can purify any kind of water. They need to bring this bottle and find the black muddy water at the world water forum in Daegu and then purify the black muddy water. The winner will be the first team that purifies the water.

They can only use two public transits to get to Daegu among the train, airplane, inter-city bus, city bus, and taxi. They will have to complete the missions and go to ‘D’ park in Daegu as soon as possible. They will pick which public transit they will use by selecting an envelope randomly.

Seo Hyung’s team with Haha and Jong Kook select the airplane and bus. When they arrive in Busan, they must take the bus and get to Daegu. Ji Won’s team with Jae Suk and Kwang Soo select the train and bus. They can take the train for two stations maximum. If they don’t get off at the first station, they have to get off at the second station. Ji Hyo’s team with Gary and Suk Jin select the bus and taxi.  Continue reading →

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