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EXO Next Door Episode 7 Recap

EXO Next Door

anitaya: Chanyeol asks Minhwan what he’s doing here. He replies that Chanyeol must have gotten the wrong impression. Yeon Hee agrees that it’s a misunderstanding. Sehun asks if Minhwan made her cry. She says that he made her cry because it’s been a long time. She was just happy to see him. 

The EXO members are surprised that they know each other and that she was glad to see him. Minhwan leaves and tells Yeon Hee that he’ll send her a Line message. Yeon Hee calls Gaeun on the phone and tells her what happened. 

The EXO members are back home and they talk about Yeon Hee and that guy. They find it odd that they know each other and he called her by her name. Baekhyun thinks that maybe he is her ex. 

Yeon Hee talks to Gaeun about Cho Minhwan, her first love. She tells her that he was just a dark part of her dull past. Gaeun says that EXO played a part of shining a ray of light into Yeon Hee’s dark love life.  Continue reading →


5 Must-See Moments from The Flash 1×19

ccooony: So much action and so many revelations occurred in the most recent episode of the Flash, but here are five must-see moments from the episode that you should be sure to remember: 

1. SnowBarry kiss


Even though it wasn’t really Barry, who could forget that this happened? Barry doesn’t know about this, but Caitlin sure remembers! All fans of SnowBarry definitely got a treat!

2. Cisco and Laurel as Black Canary

Cisco + Black Canary

How adorable is Cisco for being such as big fan of the Black Canary! It’s always nice to see The Flash and Arrow character crossovers!

3. Fight scene between The Flash and the Shapeshifter

Flash vs. Shapeshifter

The shapeshifter may have looked like The Flash, but he is no match for the real thing! There’s only room for one Flash and that title belongs to Barry! Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 6 Recap

EXO Next Door

anitaya: Chanyeol knows that her name is Yeon Hee. She wonders how he knows that. He asks her if she feels anything after he called her name. She replies that she is honored. He tells her that she can go and that he accepts her apology. 

Chanyeol texts Yeon Hee to be prepared for her initiation ceremony and to go to work. Yeon Hee worries about being interviewed by EXO and also thinks about how lucky she is.

Three EXO fangirls are outside the dorm and wonder if EXO lives there. They see Yeon Hee’s brother and think that he’s strange. They think that they are wrong and EXO probably doesn’t live here.

Yeon Hee’s brother searches for EXO on the internet. He sees pictures of them and thinks that they have superpowers in real life. He goes in the house and tells Yeon Hee that she can’t go into EXO’s house. He asks if she is insane and tells her that EXO has supernatural powers and are aliens. Yeon Hee tells him that if EXO has those powers, then she does too. She tells him she can take care of herself. Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 5 Recap

EXO Next Door

ccooony: The episode starts out with someone approaching an older looking Yeon Hee and shining a light on her. It appears that it is for broadcast and she is being filmed for something entitled along the lines of: “Documentary Hour, The Life of a Hermit”. A mic is put forth in her direction and her info is captioned on the screen. Name: Old Lady Yeon Hee. Age: Unknown. She looks significantly older and her hair has turned all gray.

The reporter asks her how she came to live there and Yeon Hee’s response is that it has been a while and it was ever since she was wrongly accused. She tells the reporter not to enter, but he continues with his questioning to ask her what happened to her. She responds with the question, “Do you have cockroaches in your house?” and then goes on to say that the three things you need to be careful of are binoculars, cockroaches, and universal stars. He tries to ask her which universal stars, but she kicks him out while yelling at him. In the end, a voiceover for the broadcast tells us that unfortunately that was the end of the interview with Old Lady Yeon Hee and asks the question, “When will her long winter end and when will spring come for her?”

We are taken back to present day, with the original younger Yeon Hee at the dining table with her blanket wrapped all around her. It appears that she is sick as her mom takes her temperature but does sees that her fever is improving. After Yeon Hee sneezes, her mom scolds her for having left her window open all night. Yeon Hee responds that she was frustrated and just needed some fresh air. Her mom continues to scold her about making sure to eat, until her brother intervenes to say that she should let her be. Her mom concedes and tells Yeon Hee to go to her room and that she will make her some porridge later. Continue reading →

The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 7 Recap

anitaya: Chef Kwon put Dr. Chun in the back seat of his car in a garage under his house. The next day, Chef Kwon has a photoshoot in his kitchen and is going to get new kitchenware. He knocks down a crystal object from the counter and asks the employees in his home to leave.

The police are still looking into the barcodes and the publisher that is represented in them. The publishing company was called Geumtoil Publishing, but it closed in 2000. Moo Gak says that because the murderer left Ma Ri’s car, it allows the police to backtrack his route.

Moo Gak visits the comedy troupe. Cho Rim is holding the board behind the people performing. She hurts her hand when the nail pricks her and she falls down, ruining the skit. The other members of the troupe are angry.

In Bae scolds Cho Rim for ruining the skit and asks if it’s because she’s jealous. Her hand still hurts and she has tears in her eyes. Moo Gak sees this and then runs into the boss and Woo Ya. The boss tells him he’s disappointed in him and Woo Ya tells him about Cho Rim’s situation. Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 243 Recap


anitaya: This week’s theme is the hottest icon race. Five top stars who qualify as the hottest icons are the guests: Noel’s Kang Kyun Sung, Jang Soo Won, Son Ho Joon, Hong Jong Hyun, and Yoo Byung Jae. The guest will be waiting on the street. The Running Man members need to discuss whether or not they want that guest in their car. One member has to get off. If they don’t want the guest, they continue driving. The people who are kicked out are collected and will become one team. Seven people will be kept in the car.

The first guest on the street has a giant mascot head and is holding shopping bags. The Running Man members ask him to show his face. It’s Kyun Sung. He asks them to please let him in the car. They ask him to decide which member he wants to get out of the car. He wants Suk Jin to get out. Kyun Sung gets in the car.

The second guest wearing a giant mascot head is reading a magazine and sitting on a bench. They ask him to show his face. It’s Soo Won. He asks to be let in the car. Jae Suk asks him to dance. He asks him to choose one person to get out. Soo Won picks Kwang Soo. He gets in the car.

The third guest is sitting on a chair holding a cup of coffee at a table with sandwiches. He is Ho Joon. They drive away and leave him there. They think that the other team needs hot guys too. Suk Jin and Kwang Soo arrive. Ho Joon gives them his sandwiches. He says he’ll try his best and asks them to let him in. He gets in the car.
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Block B Bastarz Zero For Conduct (Song Review)

ccooony: I was both pleasantly surprised and curious when I heard that Block B was going to have a unit group. The unit group consists of three of the Block B members: U-Kwon, B-Bomb, and P.O. With their title track “Zero For Conduct” produced by their leader Zico, I had high expectations to hear another great song and I wasn’t let down. I thought the track was really catchy and made me want to groove along with it. The chorus of the song is really memorable and I thought there was some strong rapping and strong beats throughout the song.

I like the dance move that all three of them do for the chorus and I think the song itself is a really cool track. It was nice to see B-Bomb and U-Kwon be able to showcase their dancing skills and more of their singing in this song. P.O’s deep voice is easily memorable as well and I think that this song style fits all three of them really well. Overall, I was really happy to hear this track from Bastarz and I think their unit group debut is off to a great start with this song. Continue reading →

EXID Ah Yeah (Song Review)

ccooony: “Ah Yeah” is said to be the follow-up song to EXID’s hit track “Up & Down”. The girls must have been feeling the pressure to try to deliver another hit song and have a successful comeback this time around to prove that they aren’t just a one hit wonder. With this track, I can see and hear some similar elements to “Up & Down” although it does have its own style to it.

You can hear the jazzy instrumentals in the background throughout the song and there’s even someone whispering, “Where do you live? Do you live alone?” right at the very beginning of the song. The first time I heard the song, it didn’t catch on for me right away, but after listening to it a few more times, it’s getting a bit more catchy to listen to. Continue reading →

MAX Gibberish (Song Review)

ccooony: From the very first beat of the song, I had a feeling this was going to be catchy and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. This song makes you just want to dance along and Max’s vocals have such great range to them. He has strong vocals and hits all of the notes in the song very well. I really liked the concept of the video as well. The dancing and the backwards and forwards effects for the different scenes made the video even more interesting to watch. The vocals, rapping, catchy beats, and dancing made this a great song and video to watch. Overall I thought this was a great song!

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Summer 2015 TV List


So You Think You Can Dance

Teen Wolf


Faking It

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