5 Must-See Moments from The Flash 1×19

ccooony: So much action and so many revelations occurred in the most recent episode of the Flash, but here are five must-see moments from the episode that you should be sure to remember: 

1. SnowBarry kiss


Even though it wasn’t really Barry, who could forget that this happened? Barry doesn’t know about this, but Caitlin sure remembers! All fans of SnowBarry definitely got a treat!

2. Cisco and Laurel as Black Canary

Cisco + Black Canary

How adorable is Cisco for being such as big fan of the Black Canary! It’s always nice to see The Flash and Arrow character crossovers!

3. Fight scene between The Flash and the Shapeshifter

Flash vs. Shapeshifter

The shapeshifter may have looked like The Flash, but he is no match for the real thing! There’s only room for one Flash and that title belongs to Barry!

4. Discovery of the real Harrison Wells

Dr. Wells body

We now have solid proof from Joe and Cisco’s findings that the Dr. Wells we know isn’t really who he says he is! If the real Dr. Wells is that skull Joe dug up from the ground, then who exactly is the person pretending to be him now?

Wells' Lair

5. A look into Dr. Wells’ lair and the future

Not only have Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry stumbled upon the hiding place of the Reverse Flash and see the yellow suit, they also see the article up on the screen about how The Flash vanishes in the year 2024. What will our trio do with this startling and newfound information?


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