3 Key Moments from Arrow 1×21

ccooony: With Oliver’s acceptance to become Al Sah Him in exchange for the life of his sister, this had a major impact on all of the characters. Here’s three key moments that you might not have seen coming:

Oliver stabbing Diggle right through the heart at the very beginning of the episode?! At least it really wasn’t Diggle, but this new Oliver killed that man in a flash and like it was nothing! The League of Assassins’ ability to affect the mind is no joke! Definitely a predictor of his tough fighting nature to come!

Thea is taking on a hood and arrows of her own! If she’s going to go against the Arrow, she has to have the right tools at her disposal!

Oliver and Nyssa are set to be married?! Rather than have his own daughter killed, Ra’s al Ghul has bethrothed Nyssa to be Oliver’s wife as wife to the future demon in order to merge their bloodlines. But what will this mean for Olicity?! I can’t imagine how everyone will react when they find out this new piece of news.


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