4 Sweet Moments from Jane the Virgin 1×20

ccooony: The episode had its fair share of both cute and funny moments as well as some highly emotional scenes. Here are 4 sweet moments that happened in the episode.

And….. Santos is back in “The Passions of Santos”! Without Rogelio, that telenovela was not the same and the ratings reflected that. Now Rogelio can go back to being the main title character and is celebrating the news with his happy dance! Here’s to seeing Rogelio in more scenes as Santos!

Definitely a Team Michael moment. Jane finds out that Michael was the one who kept her grandma from being deported and no words are needed. All of the thankful, grateful, and warm feelings are conveyed through the hug.

The baby is now turned around so that Jane is all set for when she wants to go through natural birth. Good job Jane and the baby! Can we get a fist bump! 🙂

Baby bump conquers all other moves in the ring! No one messes with Jane and her baby bump or you’ll be set to be knocked down!


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