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We Broke Up Episode 1 Recap

we broke up

2NE1’s Sandara Park (as Woori) and Winner’s Kang Seung Yoon (as Wonyoung) star together in this new web drama based on the popular webtoon “We Broke Up”.

anitaya: Three years ago, Woori is sleeping on her bed and her friend tries to wake her up. Woori overhears her friend’s phone conversation about a new semester party. Woori tells her friend that she’s ready to go to the party. They both go to the party and Woori’s friend calls out for a boy from the freshman class who can sing.

A band named The Band I Do Not Know performs Kang Seung Yoon’s “Wild and Young” at the party. Woori gets up and walks closer to the band. She stares at the lead singer, Wonyoung . They look at each other.

Woori and Wonyoung are dating and in love. Wonyoung sells his guitar to pay rent for the share house they will live together. A girl named Nina sees Wonyoung and his guitar and tells him to keep it up.

Woori goes back to the guitar store and begs an employee named Hyun Woo to sell it back to her. He is one of her classmates. Hyun Woo eventually gives in to her after she tries to persuade him by dancing and acting cute.  Continue reading →

WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 1 Recap

ccooony: With BtoB’s Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Joy being confirmed to be a part of the next “We Got Married” lineup, their first episode was all about their initial discovery of having each other as partners as well as their first meeting.

Sungjae and Joy were with their respective BtoB and Red Velvet members when they each received their first mission card separately as well as a phone, in which they could use to communicate with one another. The BtoB and Red Velvet members were very excited to try to help figure out who their fellow member would be partnered with. Sungjae and Joy, with the help from their group members, were tasked with sending each other hints by phone to help each other guess their identity.

They all had a lot of laughs and anticipation sending hints back and forth. One of the pictures Joy received by phone was a picture showcasing Sungjae’s lips and she commented to her fellow members that his lips were sexy. BtoB guessed that Sungjae’s partner could be older because he is still fairly young. At the end of all the hint giving, their mission was to prepare a gift for one another for their first meeting.  Continue reading →

Show Me the Money 4 Episode 1 Recap


ccooony: Following the success of “Show Me the Money 3,” which brought more fame and recognition for notable rappers including Vasco, CJamm, Iron, Giriboy, B.I., and Bobby, this new season of “Show Me the Money” started off with a lot of anticipation as well as many more aspiring rappers trying to prove they got what it takes to make it as a rapper.

The producer lineup for this season includes 4 teams with a total of 9 producers.

  • Tablo + Jinusean
  • San E + Verbal Jint
  • Jay Park + Loco
  • Zico + Paloalto

This episode took us through the first round of auditions where about 7000 participants came out to have a chance to showcase their skills. We got to see both impressive performances as well as not so great rapping. We were also reintroduced to some familiar faces from last season as well as a few new standout contenders. Continue reading →

BTS Dope (Song Review)

ccooony: After finishing up promotions for their track “I Need U,” BTS is back with their new track “Dope”. Right from the start of the first verse, I had a feeling that this was going to be a great song and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. This is probably one of the most upbeat songs from BTS so far with faster choreography to match the quick pace of the song. Not only their moves as a group, but the rap in the song was also fast paced.

I got a groovy vibe from the saxophone sounds that played throughout their main dance sections of the song. The boys pulled off all the moves and kept up with the pace throughout the song. The song mentions about how hardworking they all are while other people are out clubbing. Overall, this is a really catchy track and is a song I would want to have on repeat! Fitting with the the title of the song, BTS is definitely dope! Continue reading →

Sistar Shake It (Review)

ccooony: Sistar has returned with another fun summer song! “Shake It” is a song that makes you want to just groove and shake along! The music video is both bright and colorful, which really matches the happy vibe of the song. We also see cameos from some of their label-mates from Monsta X in the music video.

The beats in the song and the chorus make it memorable and Sistar’s vocals and rap suit the vibe of the song. When I first heard the “Shake it up shake it for me” lyrics, it actually reminded me of lyrics from JJ Project’s (now GOT7’s JB and Jr.) song “Bounce”. However, this song is easily distinguishable and has its own catchy lyrics. Overall, this is a really fun song that is suitable for the summertime!

Continue reading →

Monsta X Trespass (Song Review)

ccooony: Starship Entertainment’s newest boy group, who is their first hip hop group came out with a great debut song! I really like the sound and feel of this hip hop track. The strongest point of this song for me has to be the main rap chorus by Jooheon. I’m really looking forward to seeing Jooheon’s performance on the upcoming season of “Show Me the Money 4.” I can’t wait to see how he shapes up against the other rappers.

Monsta X was formed from Starship Entertainment’s survival show for a new boy group called “NO.MERCY”. I think that this group came out with a strong track and a strong presence. Not only the rapping, but the vocals and dancing are also strong. Each of the members appear to be charismatic on stage, but also seem to have their own goofy and personable sides to them as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what new tracks they’ll come out with next as well as their future activities! Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 16 (Final) Recap

EXO Next Door

anitaya: Chanyeol runs to the playground and finds Yeon Hee sitting down. He tells her that he knows he is late and asks if she is mad. Yeon Hee replies that she’s not really mad and that her lips froze. Chanyeol laughs and places his hands on her face. 

D.O thinks about his encounter with Yeon Hee at the playground. He shows up and asks Yeon Hee what she is doing there. She tells him that she’s waiting for Chan and that it has been four hours. He tells her that she should go home if he doesn’t show up since she’s freezing.

Yeon Hee doesn’t think that Chanyeol will stand her up. She tells D.O. that she will keep waiting for Chanyeol. D.O. goes home and tells Chanyeol about this. Chanyeol rushes over to Yeon Hee.  Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 15 Recap

EXO Next Door

anitaya: Chanyeol asks Yeon Hee out on a date. D.O. approaches them and gets a phone call that Suho is missing. He tells Chanyeol and talks with the other EXO members. Suho left the hospital without saying a word and has his phone off. They wonder why he would do that.

Suho is sitting alone outside with a sad expression on his face. He overheard a conversation between the doctor and his managers. Suho thinks to himself that it might be over for him because of his leg. 

Yeon Hee thinks about her date with Chanyeol. She wonders where and when they will meet and then asks her friend Gaeun about it. Gaeun asks Yeon Hee if Cho Minhwan called her. Yeon Hee tells her to stop making a fuss about him because he just wanted another girl’s number. Gaeun tells Yeon Hee that if the guy doesn’t tell her the specifics, it means that she should decide.   Continue reading →

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