Show Me the Money 4 Episode 1 Recap


ccooony: Following the success of “Show Me the Money 3,” which brought more fame and recognition for notable rappers including Vasco, CJamm, Iron, Giriboy, B.I., and Bobby, this new season of “Show Me the Money” started off with a lot of anticipation as well as many more aspiring rappers trying to prove they got what it takes to make it as a rapper.

The producer lineup for this season includes 4 teams with a total of 9 producers.

  • Tablo + Jinusean
  • San E + Verbal Jint
  • Jay Park + Loco
  • Zico + Paloalto

This episode took us through the first round of auditions where about 7000 participants came out to have a chance to showcase their skills. We got to see both impressive performances as well as not so great rapping. We were also reintroduced to some familiar faces from last season as well as a few new standout contenders.

One of the hot topics for this season was the increase in idol rapper participants. While some of them shined, others failed to make it past the first round. VIXX’s Ravi, Seventeen’s Vernon, 1Punch’s One and even an actor named Kim Min Jae were all able to showcase their skills and receive a necklace to pass to the next round. However, other participants including MIB’s Sims and 5Zic, Hello Venus’s Lime, 2Eyes’s Dasom and former Glam leader Jiyeon failed to make the cut.

The most notable idols that everyone was anticipating was Winner’s Song Minho as well as former Speed leader and Zico’s older brother Taewoon. There were definitely some contestants who were not happy that the two of them were planning to compete, while there were others who believed that they would be strong competitors.

With Minho’s audition to be judged by fellow idol Zico and Taewoon having the pressure of his younger brother being a judge while he himself is a contestant weighing on him, their auditions were left as cliffhangers for the next episode to see if they will both make it past the first round or not. The next episode will also reveal whether Monsta X’s Jooheon would make it past the first round to round off the notable idol participants.

The next episode will wrap up the first round auditions and we’ll get a chance to see more from the contestants. We’ll find out what happens next!

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