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WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 5 Recap

ccooony: Sungjae and Joy walked up multiple flights of stairs towards their new home located on the highest floor of the building while holding hands. They were nervous but excited to see what was in store for them. Once they opened the door to their new home, they immediately set out to explore.

Sungjae felt that it was a perfect home for two people and he liked the interior. Joy noticed how all of the items seemed to come in a set so that they were couple items. The two of them entered the bedroom to see the bed and the couple pajamas placed on top. Joy jumped to sit on top of the bed and Sungjae joined her. Continue reading →

We Broke Up Episode 9 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: Nina drives away and Wonyoung smiles as he enters his house. The dog, Kot-Dong, barks at him when he goes inside. Woori thinks about the time when she and Wonyoung broke up. She tells Hyun Woo what happened. The Band I Do Not Know was not doing well and didn’t know when they would ever debut.

The band came home drunk one night. Woori and Wonyoung had an argument about the band’s situation. The next day, they apologized to each other. However, after that incident, they knew that they felt differently about each other and then broke up a few days later. It wasn’t a bad breakup, but lately, they haven’t been on the best of terms.  Continue reading →

We Broke Up Episode 8 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: Woori thinks about what Hyun Woo said about moving out of the share house. She’s not sure about what she should do. The Band I Do Not Know will be on a radio show called, “Volume Up Stars.” Shim Hun posted a YouTube video of their band performing, which helped them gain more popularity.

At Gaha Entertainment, Woori does a presentation. One of the employees asks her about one of the graphs she used. It was from the company’s internal reports. Hyun Woo admits that he helped her. Woori tries to work without receiving any help from Hyun Woo. Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 255 Recap


anitaya: This week’s episode of Running Man is a summer special. There are six pairs of chairs and the male Running Man members must lift up the blinds to see who their partner is. The guests are: Sistar’s Soyu, APink’s Bomi, AOA’s Seolhyun, Sistar’s Bora, and Lee Guk Joo. The teams are: 

  • Jae Suk & Soyu
  • Jong Kook & Bomi
  • Gary & Seolhyun
  • Suk Jin & Ji Hyo
  • Haha & Bora
  • Kwang Soo & Guk Joo

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WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 4 Recap

ccooony: After their meal, Sungjae and Joy only had 3,600 won left over for the rest of their date. They decided to go to an arcade to play a couple of games and make things interesting by involving a bet. The winner gets to hear the other person sing a song for him or her.

Sungjae mentioned in his later interview that he really wanted to hear Joy sing for him because of her cute and pure voice. When he sang for her on their first date, he didn’t get the chance to hear her sing because she hadn’t had the chance to prepare a song for him.

After playing a shooting game and a fighting game, Sungjae had won the first game and Joy had won the second game. Since they were tied, Sungjae suggested that they each sing a song for one another. They then headed into a small karaoke room within the arcade. Continue reading →

We Broke Up Episode 7 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: Wonyoung is lying down on his bed and Woori tells him that he shouldn’t give up on this opportunity. He says that he doesn’t want to compromise his music for money. She asks him how he felt when he got kicked out of the studio and tells him that he needs to think about what’s most important right now. 

Nina enters the room to speak with Wonyoung and Woori leaves. Nina tells Wonyoung that she gives up on trying to persuade him. She lets him know that she’ll believe in him this time and tells him not to blame her if things go wrong.

Nina also asks Wonyoung how he could let her go home drunk the other night after what she told him. He tells her that she was too drunk to mean it. She admits that she doesn’t do that to anyone. She confesses to Wonyoung that she is interested in him.  Continue reading →

The Genius 4 Episode 2 Recap


ccooony: The main match for this episode was a garnet match, meaning that the person with the most garnets at the end of the main match would win and receive the token of life, while the person with the least amount of garnets would become the elimination candidate for the day.

The players are not allowed to give their garnets to anyone else so they have to try to earn garnets for themselves through the game to avoid becoming the elimination candidate.

The main match is called Horror Race. Here are the key rules:

  • Each of the players will select two out of the five characters (vampire, jjangshi, gumiho, mummy, and zombie) to support and the remaining three characters they do not select will be put into a coin box.
  • Based on a predetermined order, each of the players will draw out three coins each from the combined ones put into the coin box and place them on the square they want (either 1, 2, or 4).
  • The character with the most coins in each square gets to move the number of spaces written on the square.
  • If there’s a tie between characters for having the most coins in the square, then the character with the second most number of coins will get to move.

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We Broke Up Episode 6 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: Wonyoung is thinking about what to do. Nina takes the pitcher of alcohol and gulps it down for him. She goes outside and starts to throw up. Woori gives her a hangover cure drink. She asks Nina what she likes about Wonyoung and The Band I Do Not Know. Nina replies that it was love at first sight and that it’s her job to let Wonyoung shine.

Woori tries to walk Hyun Woo back because he is drunk. She tells him that he should stay away from the house because of the mischievous pranks. Hyun Woo confesses to Woori that he likes her a lot more than she thinks. She thinks that he drank too much and tells him that she likes him too. Woori tells him that he’s a great friend. Hyun Woo responds that he’s not drunk and had a crush on her since long ago.  Continue reading →

Running Man Episode 254 Recap


anitaya: This week’s episode of Running Man features Girls’ Generation. The theme is “Welcome to Game World, Girls’ Generation.” The Running Man members receive an invitation to the virtual game world. They all respond with “Yes”, and then instantaneously disappear. The eight members of Girls’ Generation are at a hair salon. They receive the invitation and also vanish when they respond with “Yes”.

Everyone has entered the game world. In order to go back to the real world, they must clear all the missions in the game world. Every time a team wins a mission, they will receive a hint exchange ticket that will help them at the final mission. Only one team can return to the real world.

They are divided into teams:

  • Yellow Team: Gary, Yoona, Sooyoung
  • Green Team: Jae Suk, Kwang Soo, Hyoyeon
  • Orange Team: Haha, Tiffany, Yuri
  • Pink Team: Jong Kook, Seohyun, Taeyeon
  • Blue Team: Suk Jin, Ji Hyo, Sunny

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WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 3 Recap

ccooony: After faking Sungjae out and making him believe that they were there to get his hair waxed, Joy revealed that they were actually at the dermatologist to get her ears pierced. She said that the last time they met, he promised to come with her and that she was determined to get them pierced.

Joy was extremely nervous and Sungjae kept reassuring her that it wouldn’t hurt. He promised that he would give her a piggyback ride the whole day if she felt any pain afterwards. Continue reading →

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