Show Me the Money 4 Episode 2 Recap


ccooony: This episode of SMTM4 was all about the second round auditions. Out of around 7,000 contestants, only 109 rappers passed the initial first round auditions. These 109 rappers would be given 60 seconds to rap solo to a beat of their choice in front of the producers and demonstrate what they have prepared.

Out of the four producer teams, as long as there is at least one producer team that does not press the fail button, the rapper will advance to the next round. Otherwise, if all four producer teams press the fail button, the rapper will be eliminated.

We saw the first round auditions by Winner’s Mino and Woo Taewoon (Zico’s brother) that were left as cliffhangers from the last episode. As expected, the two of them were able to pass the initial auditions to get to the second round.

To start off the second round of auditions, first up was 1Punch’s One. He was able to show an impressive rap and got and “All Pass” from all of the producer teams meaning that he would be advancing to the next round.

Next was actor Kim Min Jae. Although he rapped well in his first round audition, he was ultimately unable to impress all of the producers teams and was eliminated with 10 seconds left on the clock.

Black Nut, who had left a strong impression by going all out with his rap and pulling down his pants during his first audition in front of Zico, was able to bring his wit and well-written lyrics to his second round audition. He received an “All Pass” and safely advanced to the next round. 

Many aspiring young students were quickly eliminated one after another until 17-year-old Yang Hong Won came out and impressed the judges to secure his place in the next round.

As for the idol rappers, which continued to be a hot topic, it was revealed that out of 42 who auditioned in the first round, only 11 had passed to compete in the second round. One by one, many of them were eliminated and failed to impress the judges.

VIXX’s Ravi ultimately couldn’t make the cut and ended up being eliminated after failing to impress the judges.

However, Monsta X’s Jooheon was able to prove he had the skills and received an “All Pass” to the next round with his rap.

Seventeen’s Vernon barely passed to the next round after three of the producer teams hit the fail button. San E and Verbal Jint ended up passing him to the next round. This decision led to some discontent among the other watching contestants.

Andup, a rapper with a high discontent towards idol rappers, particularly called out Vernon by saying that he had no idea why he passed. Tablo told him that rather than just target idol rappers, he should focus more on improving his own skills if he wants to win over them because there are some very strong idol rappers in comparison to some underground rappers. However, he was able to impress with his rapping ability and received an “All Pass” to the next round. Tablo commented that he really wants to see Vernon and Andup battle it out in the third round.

Many notable rappers continued to impress the producers and safely passed to the next round. It was noted that there were quite a few individuals that had some sort of prior relationship with Zico. For example, one rapper used to be the leader of a crew that Zico used to be a part of while another was almost a member of Block B.

Kisum’s close friend Kasper was unable to deliver a clean rap after forgetting her lyrics and losing the beat after receiving a fail from one of the producer teams. This led to her ultimate elimination by all of the producers.

Veteran rapper P-Type shocked all of the contestants and even the producers when he was ultimately eliminated due to his critical lyrical mistakes. It woke everyone up in showing them that the judges had to be fair and those mistakes were not acceptable. The producers themselves had thought at least one other team wouldn’t press the fail button, but ultimately, P-Type’s mistake caused him to be eliminated.

Zico’s brother Woo Taewoon was able to pass to the next round, but his rap was not the most impressive. Zico commented that he has definitely seen better from his brother and today was not one of those days.

Finally, Winner’s Mino was able to impress almost all of the judges with his rapping skills and pointed out Zico and Paloalto as the team he would want to join. Jay Park was the only one who pressed the fail button before Mino even started rapping because he didn’t like the way Mino was gesturing and wasn’t impressed with the way he was starting out.

In the end, 52 rappers advanced to the third round, which would be 1 vs 1 rap battles. When asked individually who they would want to battle, many of the rappers cited Vernon as the one they would want to go against. The episode leaves off with Andup being chosen first as the person who gets to choose his opponent and as expected, he chose Vernon to battle against.

Thoughts: Vernon’s rap was really not as strong as it needed to be but San E and Verbal Jint must have seen some potential in him to pass him to the next round. Vernon really needs to step it up and reach the potential that I know he should be capable of in order to do well in the next round. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how he will do against Andup and am hoping that he brings his best.

Zico’s brother Taewoon also really needs to step it up if he wants to get out of the limelight of his brother. I felt many of the other rappers brought a much stronger performance.

I was happy with Monsta X’s Jooheon’s performance and I’m curious to see how far he’ll go in this competition.

Black Nut’s performance had me laughing especially with the way he confidently brought up some disses against the producers and even ended his rap with declaring that he doesn’t expect much because Winner’s Mino will win anyways. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what he’ll bring to the table.

Can’t wait to see the one-on-one battles and see whether the notable contestants will continue to shine or if they’ll fail to impress.

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