WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 3 Recap

ccooony: After faking Sungjae out and making him believe that they were there to get his hair waxed, Joy revealed that they were actually at the dermatologist to get her ears pierced. She said that the last time they met, he promised to come with her and that she was determined to get them pierced.

Joy was extremely nervous and Sungjae kept reassuring her that it wouldn’t hurt. He promised that he would give her a piggyback ride the whole day if she felt any pain afterwards.

Once Joy’s name was called to go in for consultation, she couldn’t hide her nervousness. Sungjae kept asking questions about the procedure and was by Joy’s side the whole time to help her with her nerves. Once the anesthetic was put on Joy’s earlobes, Sungjae told her funny stories and made her laugh so that she would be less nervous.

He said that when they first met, he felt a “noona” vibe from her and got the sense that she was the older one. However, seeing her a bit nervous, he said that she was very cute and now felt like the younger one.

When the time came for her ears to be pierced, he promised her that it wouldn’t hurt at all and offered his hand for Joy to hold. Joy held on to his hand the whole time as each of her ears were pierced. She was happy that it was over so quickly and they both laughed together when she noted that she didn’t feel any pain.

Sungjae thought she was embarrassed because she had been super nervous about getting her ears pierced, but Joy revealed in her later interview was that it was because she had been holding onto his hand. She said it was essentially their first real skinship. Joy noted that she was really able to get the “oppa” vibe from him and that he was really manly.

With the ear piercing out of the way, Sungjae and Joy received a mission card for their second date. It stated that for their second date, they would only be given a budget of 30,000 won. They headed towards an accessories store and saw a lot of cute items. However, they were concerned about their budget and felt like they couldn’t impulsively get what they wanted.

Even though they kept saying they were going to leave, Sungjae just told Joy to get whatever it is that she wanted and they ended up deciding on a cute pink hair accessory. He said they shouldn’t even look, so they bought it without even looking at the price. It turned out that it cost 5,900 won.

Sungjae helped Joy put the hair accessory on and they continued on their street date. Joy said that it was the first time under an umbrella with a guy other than her manager so it was a nice feeling. The two of them stopped to figure out what they wanted to eat and decided on some ddeokbokki with some ramen as well as a mixed rice lunch meal.

Once their food arrived, Joy took the opportunity to feed a spoonful to Sungjae after remembering how he wanted to feed her before. This led them to continually feed one another spoonfuls of food. The other couples around them could also see Sungjae and Joy’s couple feeding activities and it made Sungjae and Joy a bit embarrassed. The commentators for the show continually noted how cute this couple was.

Sungjae told Joy that he would be more manly because she had said before that she liked manly guys. He said that she had called him gentle while they were figuring out where they were going to eat.

Their bill ended up being 20,500 won, which meant they would only have 3,600 won left to use. They reassured themselves by saying that they will find places to play that don’t require a lot of money.

Before they left, Sungjae ordered Joy to take a seat, and it turned out it was so Joy could take her medicine. In the later interview, Joy said that she had no idea what he wanted when he old her to sit at the time and she thought it was manly how he took the lead and made sure she took her antibiotics. She said that he used to just follow her lead and do what she wanted so she felt an “oppa” vibe there.

In the preview for the next episode, it looks like Sungjae and Joy will be playing at an arcade.


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