Running Man Episode 254 Recap


anitaya: This week’s episode of Running Man features Girls’ Generation. The theme is “Welcome to Game World, Girls’ Generation.” The Running Man members receive an invitation to the virtual game world. They all respond with “Yes”, and then instantaneously disappear. The eight members of Girls’ Generation are at a hair salon. They receive the invitation and also vanish when they respond with “Yes”.

Everyone has entered the game world. In order to go back to the real world, they must clear all the missions in the game world. Every time a team wins a mission, they will receive a hint exchange ticket that will help them at the final mission. Only one team can return to the real world.

They are divided into teams:

  • Yellow Team: Gary, Yoona, Sooyoung
  • Green Team: Jae Suk, Kwang Soo, Hyoyeon
  • Orange Team: Haha, Tiffany, Yuri
  • Pink Team: Jong Kook, Seohyun, Taeyeon
  • Blue Team: Suk Jin, Ji Hyo, Sunny

The first game is similar to the game Pac-Man. The set is prepared like a Pac-Man game. Of the five teams, one team will go against the rest. The rest of the teams must guard the gateway. There is a suspension bridge, and the defense team stays at the bottom. The challenge team must get through and cross the bridge.

In the palm strike zone, one person has to knock everyone down. At the third zone, three members of a team must do a one-legged fight against the other team. For the last zone, one person on defense will be wearing a sock, and the others will have to remove that sock. Hints will be given to the top two teams with the fastest times.

Yellow Team’s record is 4:46. Pink Team’s record is 5:33. Blue Team’s Suk Jin exceeded the time limit and got eliminated at Gate 1. Orange Team’s record is 5:03. Green Team is eliminated after running out of time at Gate 5. Yellow Team is in first place, Orange Team is in second place, and Pink Team is in third place. Green Team and Blue Team are disqualified.

The second game is ‘Gigantic Tetris’. The color of their board is the same as their shirts. The first team to stack the blocks will win. There are six types of Tetrominoes. They have to fill their boards with them and they can fight for the blocks. They can’t steal the ones that have already been inserted. The team that wins round one gets first place and the team that wins round two gets second place.

Green Team finishes the 1st round and wins first place. Orange Team is close to finishing. The first place team gets to throw the Tetrominoes for the second round. They tell the other teams to have a dance battle. Yellow Team earns a Tetromino first because of their dance. Orange Team wins the second round.

For the final mission, there are four bar codes to let them escape the game world. They’re hidden inside the building. There are four kinds of bar codes: A, B, C, and D. A platform with a bar code scanner is located on the ground floor. If they scan the four bar codes, in the order of A, B, C, D, the password will be revealed to open the gate.

Only one team can escape the game world. If they fail to escape, they will have to live in the game world forever. They need to search and find the bar codes to escape, but there are gatekeepers aiming for their name tags. The gatekeepers can’t be ousted, so the teams must run away from them. The Angel Code also blocks the teams from escaping, so they must open the gate and escape.

The first and second place winners from the previous games receive their hints. Yellow Team’s hint is: ground floor, C store. Green Team’s hint is: third floor, V hat store. Orange Team’s hints are: 2nd floor, jewelry store and 3rd floor, household items.

The gatekeepers catch Ji Hyo and ousts her by ripping off her name tag. Hyoyeon finds barcode A. Yuri finds barcode B. A gatekeeper wearing a mask and a crimson suit comes out and rips off Suk Jin’s name tag, causing him to be eliminated.

The gatekeeper on the second floor is Shinee’s Minho. He tries to rip off Sooyoung’s name tag. Minho was the gatekeeper who ousted Suk Jin. Sooyoung recognizes that the gatekeeper is Minho and tries to persuade him not to oust her. He lets her go for now and tells her not to let anyone else know.

Minho rips off Sunny’s name tag. She recognizes him and then runs after him while yelling at him for ousting her. She yells out that Choi Minho is here. Minho runs and rips off Tiffany’s name tag. He rips Seohyun’s name tag and also rips off Taeyeon’s name tag.

The ground floor gatekeeper is Choi Hong Man. Everyone tries to run away when they see him. Hong Man grabs Kwang Soo and Minho rips off his name tag. A group of masked gatekeepers are on the third floor.

Haha finds barcode A. Jae Suk finds a cube and then Yoona finds a cube. They both try to solve the cubes. The team members think that it might be related to Angel Code. Hong Man is unlocked and Minho is unlocked. The gatekeepers are unlocked after they found the angel codes. This means that the gatekeepers can go anywhere they want. There are no safe zones.

Jae Suk runs away from the group of masked gatekeepers, but gets ousted by Minho. Hyoyeon is the last surviving member of Green Team. Haha finds barcode D. Hong Man goes near Yellow Team’s hiding spot. Yoona and Gary run for their lives and manage to escape. Gary tries to run away after he sees Minho, but Minho catches up to him and rips off his name tag.

Sooyoung is still hiding in the same spot and Hongman feels that someone is there. Minho joins him. Hongman looks over the door and Sooyoung reveals that she’s there. Sooyoung tries to persuade Hong Man that if he lets her go, she will give him the phone numbers of all SNSD members. She also says she’ll buy him a meal anytime. Sooyoung asks if he’ll give up on SNSD concert tickets and autographed CDs. Hong Man decides to let her go.

Minho sees Jong Kook and holds on to him. He calls out for Hong Man to come. Hong Man rips off Jong Kook’s name tag. He comments that Jong Kook is weaker than he thought. Haha finds barcode C. Now, Orange Team just needs to get to the platform. Yuri and Yoona try to solve the cube. Minho sees Yoona and passes by her. Yuri figures out that the cube spells out Yoona.

Minho is not trying to oust Yoona. Yoona also figures out that the cube spells Yoona. Gatekeepers don’t try to catch the Angel Code. The Angel Code is the Game Master. Yoona is the angel of the game world. The moment she connects to the computer on the platform, a virus will spread on the computer, and no one can escape. Yoona needs to go to the platform quickly and scan the bar code on her wrist.

Minho sees Haha and he throws the four barcodes on the ground. He tells Yuri to run, but Hong Man is on the ground floor. Yoona makes it to the platform and scans the barcode on her wrist. She successfully spreads the virus. Yoona is the only winner and everyone else has to stay in the game world.


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