WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 4 Recap

ccooony: After their meal, Sungjae and Joy only had 3,600 won left over for the rest of their date. They decided to go to an arcade to play a couple of games and make things interesting by involving a bet. The winner gets to hear the other person sing a song for him or her.

Sungjae mentioned in his later interview that he really wanted to hear Joy sing for him because of her cute and pure voice. When he sang for her on their first date, he didn’t get the chance to hear her sing because she hadn’t had the chance to prepare a song for him.

After playing a shooting game and a fighting game, Sungjae had won the first game and Joy had won the second game. Since they were tied, Sungjae suggested that they each sing a song for one another. They then headed into a small karaoke room within the arcade.

Joy asked Sungjae what song he wanted to hear, and he told her to select the song she feels most confident singing. She chose to sing Kang Suji’s “Violet Fragrance” and made Sungjae feel shy with her strong eye contact and interactions with him since he himself sometimes had a hard time making eye contact without feeling too shy.  

After her song ended, he asked Joy which song she would like to hear him sing. She requested “Drunken Truth” by Kim Dong Ryul. Even though Sungjae was a bit shy and couldn’t maintain eye contact with Joy for very long while singing, he showcased strong and captivating vocals.

Joy commented in her later interview that she could really feel the sincerity coming from Sungjae as he was singing. She could tell he was putting his best efforts into his singing. Even the We Got Married panelists were impressed with Sungjae’s vocals for this song.

After their individual songs, Sungjae and Joy decided to do a duet together. They chose the song, “If I Have a Lover” by G.NA ft. Rain. Joy said that this was always a song she wanted to sing one day with her lover and that it would be the first time for her to sing with a guy.

The two of them were both nervous because it was the first time for both of them. Even though they knew their harmony was a bit off  because of their nerves, they both knew their hearts and feelings were in the same place.

To end their karaoke session, they decided to do an exciting song together. They chose TVXQ’s “Rising Sun” and had a lot of fun singing their hearts out and doing a few of the dance moves.

Once they exited the room, they were given their next mission envelope. Sungjae and Joy received the news that their new home was awaiting them and it was time to head there. They found out that it would be located in Gangnam, which was more than an hour away from their current location. They were given a bus transit card to get there since neither of them had their driver’s licenses yet. 

While on the bus, Joy performed aegyo for Sungjae, including the popular “I dreamed of a ghost” and Sungjae also showcased his personal talents to her, including looking like actor So Ji Sub for three seconds and making the sound of a vibrating phone. Even though it was a long bus ride and they had to transfer over to a different bus to get to their destination due to the distance, they were able to keep each other entertained and melt each other with their cuteness.

Once they reached the point where they would have to continue on foot, Sungjae and Joy were hungry so they decided to use their remaining bus transit balance of 7,500 won to buy some snacks. With the snacks bought, they were off to their new house. As they were walking along the dark alleyway, they noted it was the first time for them to walk alongside one another with no one around. 

Their hands brushed and Joy and Sungjae revealed in their later interviews that they were contemplating about holding each other’s hands. Joy thought that Sungjae might not want to and that she didn’t want to be the one to initiate the hand holding.

For Sungjae, he just had so many thoughts in his head and couldn’t act upon his thoughts by the time they reached the building of their new house. They saw that the rooftop was lit up and reasoned that their new home must be at the top.

Before they entered the building, Sungjae asked Joy if she wanted to enter while holding hands. Sungjae then took her hand and they walked into the building together hand-in-hand.


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