Running Man Episode 255 Recap


anitaya: This week’s episode of Running Man is a summer special. There are six pairs of chairs and the male Running Man members must lift up the blinds to see who their partner is. The guests are: Sistar’s Soyu, APink’s Bomi, AOA’s Seolhyun, Sistar’s Bora, and Lee Guk Joo. The teams are: 

  • Jae Suk & Soyu
  • Jong Kook & Bomi
  • Gary & Seolhyun
  • Suk Jin & Ji Hyo
  • Haha & Bora
  • Kwang Soo & Guk Joo

The couples will meet up at a restaurant. There are cars waiting to take them to Korea’s top three healthy foods. They can choose the menu they want and get in the car. A car can take up to four people, so only two teams can go to the same place. Gary, Seol Hyun, Suk Jin, and Ji Hyo choose chicken soup with ginseng. Kwang Soo, Guk Joo, Haha, and Bora choose premium beef. Jae Suk, Soyu, Jong Kook, and Bomi choose grilled eel.

It’s ‘The Queen of Early Summer Race.’ Only one queen who wins the final mission can become the Queen of Early Summer. The females will put an armband on their left arm. Each team member must obey everything the queen says. The queen who wins each mission can merge with another team’s queen. The queen can divide the food according to the order of people she likes. She will eat and then choose the order. 

The mission for grilled eel is Flip the Cushion. Each player goes to the board and has to flip the cushions to match their side. The team that flips the most cushions within the time limit will get a point. It’s Soyu versus Bomi and they tie for the first round. The second round is Jae Suk versus Jong Kook. Jong Kook lifts Jae Suk up as he flips over the cushions. Jong Kook and Bomi win the second round. 

The final round is for two points. Jong Kook and Jae Suk grab onto one another, while Soyu and Bomi collect the cushions. Jong Kook lifts Jae Suk onto his back and Jae Suk tries to pull on his clothes in attempt to be put down. Bomi and Soyu also hold onto one another. Jae Suk and Soyu win! Bomi gives her arm band to Soyu and is now a member of Queen Soyu’s team. 

The mission for premium beef is the backward step long jump. Each team takes turns five times. The scores are added together and the team with the highest score wins. It’s Haha and Bora versus Kwang Soo and Guk Joo. Kwang Soo, Guk Joo, and Haha all jump and land around the same point, less than one meter. Bora jumps closer to one meter, but when she lands, she takes a large step forward, resulting in zero centimeters. 

Each team keeps making jumps. Guk Joo tries to give Kwang Soo a boost by running into him and slapping his forehead. It wasn’t helpful at all. Kwang Soo and Guk Joo’s total score is 291 cm. Haha and Bora’s total score is 320 cm. Haha and Bora win! Kwang Soo and Guk Joo merges with Queen Bora’s team.

The mission for chicken soup with ginseng is tie the drumstick and eliminate the name tags. They have to roll a dice with various types of gloves written on it. They need to wear the gloves they rolled, and then take off their opponent’s name tag to win. For the first round, Suk Jin rolls mittens and Gary rolls scrubbing gloves. Gary wins!

For the second round, Seolhyun got scrubbing gloves and Ji Hyo got ski gloves. Ji Hyo wins! The final round is Gary with rubber gloves versus Suk Jin with scrubbing gloves. Gary wins! Ji Hyo and Suk Jin join Queen Seolhyun’s team.

The second mission is the rice bowl fight. Everyone dances in the bowl together. When the whistle blows, they have to push their opponents out of the bowl. After the time limit passes, the team with the most members left standing will win. One of the three teams will win by default. The third place team will be split and merge with the other two teams.  

The three queens play rock-paper-scissors to determine which team will advance to the finals. Queen Bora wins! The first round is Queen Soyu’s team versus Queen Seolhyun’s team. Gary gets ousted first and then Suk Jin is ousted. Queen Soyu’s team wins!

The finals of the rice bowl fight is Queen Bora’s team versus Queen Soyu’s team. Haha gets ousted first. Queen Soyu’s team wins the first round! For the second round, Haha is ousted first again. Kwang Soo is ousted next. Queen Soyu’s team wins! 

Queen Seolhyun returns her armband. Since Queen Soyu is the winner, she gets to pick one male and one female to add to her team. She selects Ji Hyo and Gary. 

The final mission is ‘Capture the Flag.’ There are five missions at the water park. When they succeed a mission, they will get different numbers of flags according to difficulty levels. After the 30 minute time limit, the team with the most flags will be the winning team.

The other team can switch out the flags and attempt the same missions. The winning team will ascend the throne to the Queen of Early Summer. Each queen gets the queen card, which will double the number of flags if she uses it. If she fails the mission, the card will be discarded. Queen Soyu’s team is blue and Queen Bora’s team is yellow.

Kwang Soo and Guk Joo arrive at a mission: go down the water slide and spot three numbers. Seolhyun joins them for this mission. They see one number but not the other two. Ji Hyo, Gary, and Bomi attempt the same mission. They spot all three numbers. Team Blue succeeds at the mission and obtains two flags! 

Jae Suk arrives at another mission: a person on the ride shoots a ball and the other person catches it three times. Jae Suk, Jong Kook, and Soyu attempt this mission. Jae Suk slides and throws the ball, but Soyu can’t catch it. Jong Kook also does the same and Soyu misses it too.

Bora and Haha arrive at a mission: get the jump rope from the bottom of the pool, stand on the floating disc, and jump five times in a row with your partner within five tries. This mission is worth three flags. They give up and want to try a different mission.

Suk Jin arrives at a mission: drink the juice out of the straw for one flag. It’s a lengthy straw and takes a long time for the juice to flow through as he sucks on the straw.

Bora and Haha arrive at the same mission as Jae Suk, Jong Kook, and Soyu. Haha slides and throws the ball. Bora almost catches it, but it bounces into Soyu’s basket. Soyu catches the next ball with her basket. She also catches the third ball and wins the mission!

Bomi and Gary arrive at the couple jump rope mission and decide to use the queen card. On their first attempt, they fail at the fourth jump. They fail again on their second attempt after the fourth jump. They succeed at five jumps in a row on their third try! They acquire six flags. Currently, Team Blue has 10 flags, while Team Yellow has no flags.

Seol Hyun slides and throws the ball. Haha catches it. She throws a second ball and Haha catches it again.

Kwang Soo and Guk Joo arrive at a mission: stack up a can tower of five cans on the tray; man carries woman on his shoulder, while woman stacks up five cans on the tray and it has to stay for three seconds. Kwang Soo has a hard time carrying Guk Joo. Bora says that she’ll do it instead. Kwang Soo and Bora succeed in the mission and win one flag! 

Kwang Soo slides down and throws the ball. Haha catches the third ball and they succeed in the mission! The current flag count is Team Blue – 8 flags: Team Yellow – 3 flags.

Bomi attempts the straw mission. She wears the straw and drinks the juice. She succeeds and switches the flag to blue. Guk Joo attempts the same mission. She succeeds and switches the flag back to yellow. 

Kwang Soo, Seolhyun, and Bora try the water slide mission to spot the numbers. They spot all three numbers and get two more flags. Currently, both teams are tied. Everyone rushes to complete another mission to secure victory. Team Blue fails at the water slide mission. Team Yellow succeeds at the couple jump rope mission and acquires six flags!

The final score is 0:12. Yellow Team wins! Bora ascends the throne as the Queen of Early Summer. The prize is golden eggs. Bora zip-lines across the water park for a winning ceremony.


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