We Broke Up Episode 8 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: Woori thinks about what Hyun Woo said about moving out of the share house. She’s not sure about what she should do. The Band I Do Not Know will be on a radio show called, “Volume Up Stars.” Shim Hun posted a YouTube video of their band performing, which helped them gain more popularity.

At Gaha Entertainment, Woori does a presentation. One of the employees asks her about one of the graphs she used. It was from the company’s internal reports. Hyun Woo admits that he helped her. Woori tries to work without receiving any help from Hyun Woo.

Woori goes to get VCR references for her superior’s meeting. She tries to reach for it, but it’s too high. She falls down and papers scatter on the ground. The Band I Do Not Know introduces themselves on the radio show. Hyun Woo sent in his story to the radio station and texts Woori the link without knowing that Wonyoung’s band was on the radio.

The Band I Do Not Know performs,”Wild and Young.” Woori listens to the radio show. Wonyoung reads the story sent in by Hyun Woo about a guy having a crush on a girl for a long time and getting into the same company as her, but the girl has not recovered from her recent breakup. 

Wonyoung’s advice to the sender is that if he’s sure that his feelings for her are true and will not change later, it will work out eventually. The second song that The Band I Do Not Know performs is “0 + 1”. Woori’s eyes start to water as she listens to it. 

Woori asks Hyun Woo if he purposely sent his story on the day Wonyoung’s band was on the show. He replies that he doesn’t do dirty tricks. Woori and Hyun Woo talk about their dreams while drinking. Woori thinks about the deeper meaning of life and what she really wants to do. 

Hyun Woo asks Woori why she and Wonyoung broke up. She doesn’t want to answer that question. She says that love withers and people change.

The Band I Do Not Know returns to their house after Nina drops them off. Nina kisses Wonyoung on the cheek to celebrate his first radio show.


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