WGM Sungjae and Joy Episode 5 Recap

ccooony: Sungjae and Joy walked up multiple flights of stairs towards their new home located on the highest floor of the building while holding hands. They were nervous but excited to see what was in store for them. Once they opened the door to their new home, they immediately set out to explore.

Sungjae felt that it was a perfect home for two people and he liked the interior. Joy noticed how all of the items seemed to come in a set so that they were couple items. The two of them entered the bedroom to see the bed and the couple pajamas placed on top. Joy jumped to sit on top of the bed and Sungjae joined her.

The two of them were extremely shy being side by side on the bed together and felt a bit awkward. It was hard for them to look into each other’s eyes without feeling shy. They decided to change into their couple pajamas and meet again in the living room.

After wearing their blue polka dot couple pajamas, the first thing they did was make some decorations to hang up in their house. They placed the paper characters on the string to look like they were kissing and happily hung them up with tape.

They went into the kitchen to make something to eat using the food items they had previously bought. They ended up mixing in items including ramen, scorched rice, and black bean sauce together to experiment. The two of them enjoyed their meal, especially because they were eating together. 

Back on the couch in the living room, the two of them had a heart to heart talk in which they shared their feelings with one another. Joy told Sungjae that she felt that she was making him uncomfortable because it seemed that he was always going along with what she wanted even though she wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. She said that he always seemed to be gauging her reactions.

Sungjae reassured Joy by telling her that he really does like her and that they do match well together. He was happy that she was being honest with him and that he’d be in trouble if he was paired with anyone else but her.

Joy pulled out a notebook in which they could create a bucket list of some things that they would want to do together. She showed him that she had actually started a list of things she would want to do on a memo on her phone. They decided to come up with six things to put down, including Joy being able to meet the other BTOB members, going fishing and Sungjae and Joy having an aegyo battle.

After looking over the six items they wrote down, the only one that they could do right then and there was the aegyo battle. The person who shows their teeth first loses. Sungjae and Joy took turns showing their cute aegyo to one another with Joy starting out. Sungjae couldn’t help but to laugh and smile after Joy’s second turn.

A few days later, it was the day of BTOB’s comeback showcase where BTOB would be performing their new song in front of all the reporters. When Sungjae was met with a filming crew outside BTOB’s waiting room, the crew covered up that they were there to film for We Got Married by saying they were there to cover the showcase backstage.

Joy disguised herself as a reporter and secretly watched the performance without Sungjae knowing. She had nothing but praise for her husband and really enjoyed the song. 

Once BTOB got back to their waiting room, they saw a big light green present box in the middle of the room as well as signs and decorations around the room. Sungjae was reminded of when Joy had hidden in a similar box during their first meeting and was surprised but happy to see it. 

Joy had personally written all of the messages around the room and planned things out to surprise Sungjae. The other members fooled around and all seven members of BTOB even held hands and went around in a circle around the present box. Sungjae wanted to quickly open it because he assumed Joy would have been squatting in there and he didn’t want her to be uncomfortable for long.

Once they opened the box, Joy wasn’t in there after all as helium filled balloons came flying out. She surprised Sungjae and the rest of the members by entering through the door with a cake in hand to celebrate their showcase and had Sungjae blow out the candles.


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