ASTRO25 Boyfriend Milk Drama Recap

anitaya & ccooony: Premise: Astro partnered with convenience store brand GS25 and put together episodes for a short variety show entitled “ASTRO25” that documented their journey leading up to their own self-produced short promotional drama involving the store.

For their finalized 10 minute drama production involving the store, the story starts off with the main female character Suhyun at work as the cashier who observes different couples’ interactions throughout the store. She’s a bit annoyed at the sight because she is single, but gets past it since there’s nothing she can do about it.

She helps MJ ring up his purchase of a buy-one-get-one-free minion milk, and then waits impatiently for the next part-time worker, Sanha, to come in and take over for his shift. She scolds him for being a minute late before she grabs food from the shelves to satisfy her hunger and also picks up a minion milk.

While waiting for the bus to go home and snacking on her bought goods, she notices that the milk she bought is called “Boyfriend Milk.” Continue to read more from Music & Variety Ent.

Upon her arrival home, she’s surprised by the appearance of a guy who immediately is able to analyze the snacks she ate and the distance she traveled in addition to other facts and details. She looks at the milk again, and notices that it says “Sexy-Brain Guy” and it is indeed Cha Eunwoo as listed on the milk label in front of her.

Suhyun initially finds his demonstration of knowledge sexy, but finally begins to have enough when she’s trying to enjoy a bowl of black bean noodles and Cha Eunwoo can’t help but spew out the lengthy facts and history behind it before she can even take a bite.

The next day at the store, MJ tries to refund the particular minion milk that he bought, but as Suhyun is about to tell him that he is simply unable to because he had already consumed most of it, Cha Eunwoo suddenly appears to spew out more facts and knowledge. Moments later as Suhyun is about to have a different type of noodles, Cha Eunwoo is there again to explain the history behind them as all of the information goes in one ear and out the other. This continues as she goes to look at other products around the store.

She finally has enough of his excessive talking and punches Eunwoo away in the midst of one of his lengthy explanations. Suhyun then goes to the minion milk section of the store again to pick a new flavor while looking at the label carefully this time. She picks up the “Boyfriend Milk Original Flavor” and drinks it, when suddenly MJ in a real life minion costume appears saying “Banana Banana.”

Suhyun browses through for another flavor, and decides on “the guy who came out from comics.” Once she takes a sip, Rocky appears in front of her and he takes her hand as they run away together. She initially finds his character cool, before facing the wide variety of odd characters that Rocky continues to shift into that aren’t necessarily fitting for the setting.

In the end, we see Suhyun tired out as she arrives a bit late to take over Sanha’s shift at the store and he asks her if something happened. We then see he has his own minion milk in hand with her face on it, and what happens from there is a mystery. 

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