KARD attempt “Know All the Beat Challenge” with “Hola Hola”

anitaya & ccooony: KARD was the latest group to attempt the “Know All the Beat Challenge” for the Let’s Dance Segment on 1theK. Out of 5 attempts total, the goal was to stay on beat for the dance to the entire song with song changes happening throughout, and all while completing a bonus mission. KARD‘s bonus mission was to pass a lei to one another and have each member receive and wear the lei twice per person without using their hands upon receiving it to put it on. 

For the first attempt, they failed to successfully pass along the lei without using their hands and it disrupted their dance since they were so focused on the lei. Therefore, the first round was ruled a failed attempt. For the second attempt, B.M. successfully tossed the lei over J.Seph’s head and around his neck right away. They continued with B.M. loudly counting out the beats as they were dancing. J.Seph also successfully got the lei around Jiwoo. However, they still ultimately failed the second attempt due to a missed beat. Next, was the third attempt. Continue to read more from Music & Variety Ent.

The third attempt continued with more beat counts from B.M, Somin’s encouragement, and Jiwoo singing along for a bit, but they continued to have difficulty passing the lei and wearing it without using their hands. The third attempt ultimately failed due to another missed beat.

For their fourth attempt, they showed their resolve to succeed this time around and made a plan for how exactly they were going to pass the lei along. This time around they successfully completed the bonus mission and utilized B.M.’s beat counts and Jiwoo’s singing along to finally complete the dance challenge during this attempt. Both the dance challenge and bonus mission was a success during their fourth attempt.

In the end, they received a final total score of 70 points to tie for 3rd place overall out of all of the groups who had attempted the challenge.

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