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America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 12 Recap


ccooony: With Mirjana’s elimination and Chantelle remaining after her comeback, the top 7 models: Adam, Keith, Shei, Will, Raelia, Lenox, and Chantelle were headed to Seoul, South Korea to continue their competition. 

Once they arrive in Seoul, the models walk into a studio and see a Kpop group being filmed while performing their choreography to their song. The models are greeted by Yu Tsai and Miss J and are introduced to the boy group who is none other than BtoB. Yu Tsai explains to the models about Kpop and how it has to do with fashion. For their challenge for the week, the models would be split into two teams and they would have to learn some of BtoB’s choreography for their song “Beep Beep” and perform it publicly in front of a crowd. While dancing, they would have to keep in mind that they would still have to model and that while they are in a team, they will be judged individually. Adam, Keith, and Shei made up one team, and Will, Raelia, Lenox, and Chantelle made up the other team. BtoB’s English speaking member Peniel was the one who explained the steps to them. Continue reading →

America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 4 Recap


ccooony: For this week’s episode, there was no challenge and everyone went straight into the photoshoot for the week. The theme was optical illusions. They would take the photo with the contestants on their sides and then rotate it so that it gave off a certain impression. For example, some of the contestants would be on their sides while holding on to a scooter and would try to pose so that when it was flipped, it would look like they were riding on that scooter. Some contestants received great feedback, while others struggled. Denzel in particular got so frustrated and angry when Yu Tsai was yelling at him trying to get a good shot that he cursed and tossed his prop, a bicycle, to the side and stormed off without waiting to be told that his shoot was finished. It appeared that Mirjana and Denzel were getting closer even at the set of the photoshoot, and Matthew was still bothered when it came to Mirjana.

Back at the house, the top 13 contestants found out that it was time for makeovers and that there were boxes hidden around the house letting them all know what kinds of makeovers were going to be done but not who they were for. For the one contestant who was able to find the golden shears, they would be able to find out earlier than the rest what their makeover would be. Denzel found the golden shears and discovered that he would be getting a beard weave. Continue reading →

America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 3 Recap


ccooony: This episode picks up right where the last episode left off with the top 14 having been chosen. They find out that their first challenge would be to walk the runway wearing nothing but silly string. All the contestants then head to the runway location and are introduced to Alexis Borges, Director of Next Model Management, and their judge for this challenge. Before getting into makeup and being sprayed all over with silly string, the contestants each showed their runway walk to Miss J who gave them tips and pointers on how to improve their walk.

Even before the runway challenge started, nerves were kicking in for some of the contestants, particularly Will as he recalled all the insecurities he has had in the past regarding his body. Romeo revealed that he thought none of the guys were his competition and it was the girls he was more worried about. He made it clear that he felt Ivy was his biggest competition and therefore he would want her to go home. He even said he used his witchcraft powers to try to make it so that Ivy would be the one going home after having done the same to make Danny go home.
Continue reading →

America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 2 Recap


ccooony: Recap: For this week’s episode, we saw the top 22 get cut down to the top 14 competitors and were introduced to the new creative director for this cycle, photographer Yu Tsai.

The location for the top 22 contestants’ first challenge was the subway station. Their task was to pick out and wear at least three articles of clothing or accessories at each stop. Each stop represented each of the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. They have to be quick enough to make it back onto the subway in time before the doors closed to get their pictures taken and have a chance at winning this challenge. After putting on their articles of clothing, they would then proceed to model in the subway for the photographer judging them based on the clothes that they chose as well as their modeling.  At every stop, people would keep getting left behind until finally Danny and Matthew were the only two left at the last stop. The photographer chose Matthew as the ultimate winner for this subway challenge saying that bringing out his personality would go a long way.

Afterwards, with all the contestants hanging out together, Romeo blatantly expressed his dislike of Danny who does not like Romeo, which brought down the mood of the other contestants. Some of the other contestants clicked and formed bonds with one another and through their interviews, some of the girls and guys revealed who they were crushing on in the house. Continue reading →

America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21) Episode 1 Thoughts

ccooony: America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is back with cycle 21 and it will once again feature both guys and girls just like last season during cycle 20. I’m glad that they decided to stick with having both guys and girls on the show because I think it makes things more interesting and we can see all their different styles of modeling. Cory from cycle 20 made a special guest appearance on this episode and he was the one who initially greeted both the guys and the girls to the competition. I thought that it was nice seeing him back on the show since I watched him in the last cycle. Cory is likable and it was cool to see a familiar face.  Continue reading →

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