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Dream Knight Episode 12 Recap (Finale)


ccooony: In Hyung is rushing out of her trailer to get to the dance competition when she is stopped by Jr. Jr. tells her that there is something he has to tell her, but she doesn’t want to listen to him. Before she can walk away, Jr. tells her that the boys are not human. This is enough to get her to stop walking away and to listen to what Jr. has to say.

The dance competition is underway and different acts showcase their dance moves. JB, Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae are all dressed and ready to go backstage, but In Hyung had not arrived there yet. Jackson said that he didn’t wake her up in the morning because she looked really tired. Mark commented that they should have waited and gone to the venue together. JB decides to go and look for her himself. BamBam, Yugyeom, and Jr. watched all of this from above and BamBam and Yugyeom assume In Hyung might not come. Jr. tells them that he told In Hyung because he wanted her to be prepared and be a little less surprised when her boys suddenly disappear.

In Hyung had just found out from Jr. that JB, Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae are her guardians. She now knows that they are also not human and came from the dolls she received from her mom when she was little. She contemplates everything that she heard from Jr. and takes the time to think about what she wants to do with her new-found information. JB calls out for In Hyung at her home, but she is nowhere to be found.

In the end, he is unable to find her and ends up heading back to the venue for the dance competition. In Hyung arrives soon after, saying that she’s sorry for being late. Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae tell In Hyung to get dressed and get ready and leave her alone with JB. Before JB walks away, In Hyung gives him a back hug. She says to him “I like you. No matter who you are. No matter where you are from.” Continue reading →


Dream Knight Episode 11 Recap


ccooony: JB waits outside the doctor’s office nervously waiting for In Hyung to come out. In Hyung comes out and JB is extremely relieved so he pulls her into a hug. He asks her if she is alright, and she says that she is fine and that she was only a bit too tired. As In Hyung lays in her bed that night, she imagines that her mom is laying right next to her. The doctor told her that her condition is getting worse and it is worsening faster than expected. Her whole body may become stiff soon.

She tells her mom that she has feelings for JB and that while she should let him go she can’t. She asks her mom to please let her be able to dance with him one last time. In Hyung says that if she can dance, she wants to dance with JB. She says that all she is asking for is to be able to last until the end of the competition.

The next morning, she breaks up with Jr., telling him that she used to admire him a lot but it wasn’t love. He tells her that she likes him and asks her to keep liking him. She tells him that she likes JB. Jr. says that he is okay with that and he just wants her to stay by his side. She apologizes and says she is sorry but she can’t. In Hyung walks away and Jr. is left alone and upset because he was really starting to have real feelings for In Hyung.

In Hyung works on her leg exercises during dance practice and JB, Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae arrive happy to see her. They point out that she didn’t like to do the leg exercise before, but she tells them that she likes it now. She says that the exercises makes her legs feel stronger. Day and night, day after day, we see all five of them working hard and practicing all of the dance moves together. In Hyung has improved immensely and is able to keep up with the boys. Continue reading →

Dream Knight Episode 10 Recap


ccooony: Jr. kisses In Hyung on the forehead and asks her to go out with him. She is a bit taken aback by the sudden request, but doesn’t deny that she likes him. Jr. takes her hand and pulls her with him which turns her around to face the other way. She comes face to face with JB, Jackson, Youngjae, and Mark, who had been there the entire time. Jr. simply says that it’s too bad they got there so late because In Hyung has agreed to go out with him and they are going on their date. Jr. pulls In Hyung away, leaving behind the four boys. Jackson speaks up and says that he is confused about what just happened.

We see In Hyung and Jr. on their date, but they both don’t seem too happy. They start off walking together and figuring out what to do with Jr. trying to act inconspicuous with sunglasses and a mouth mask. In Hyung wants to ride on the ferry and says that she always wanted to ride on one when she got a boyfriend. However, Jr. doesn’t want to and suggests they go to eat instead. In Hyung agrees and they go inside a food place.

In Hyung is excited for her meal but Jr. can’t help but notice all of the stares from all of his fans and the people around them. They all notice that he is the famous Jr. and then start gossiping about who he was going out with. Jr. gets uncomfortable, so before In Hyung can even take a bite, he says they should leave.

Once nighttime falls and they find some time alone, he comments that she didn’t get to eat much and they didn’t get to do much. In Hyung says that it’s okay because she understands that he is a celebrity. She comments that it would be something she would have to get used to since he is her boyfriend. In Hyung asks Jr. why he likes her but he is unable to come up with an immediate response. Dodging the question, he asks her why she likes him. Continue reading →

Dream Knight Episode 9 Recap


ccooony: After JB kicks and punches Youngjae, JB gets into a big full body fight with Youngjae, Jackson, and Mark. BamBam comments that they are scary from where he, Jr. and Yugyeom are watching. Youngjae, Jackson, Mark, and JB make it back to In Hyung’s home with bruises and cuts all over their faces. She is concerned and asks them what happened, but Youngjae tells her it’s none of her business and Jackson and Mark ignore her. JB tells her that it’s nothing that she has to worry about.

That same night, In Hyung talks to her four dolls, saying that it has been a while since they last spoke. We see a flashback to when her mom got her the dolls and how she named them. Her mom asked her which one she liked the best and she said JB. That is also when she kissed the doll on the lips as a little girl. While talking to her dolls, she told them that she used to feel very lonely, but ever since JB, Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae entered her life, she hasn’t been lonely since.

However, she tells them that she is concerned that something might happen to the four of them. She tells her dolls that they were her best friends and were always there for her whenever she was lonely. In Hyung is unaware, but JB and the rest of the boys can hear her whole conversation and had been listening in.

The next morning, In Hyung goes to dance practice on her own once again without the boys. JB later confronts the boys on their decision and gets down on his knees in front of them. He tells them that he understands why they are acting this way and how they are feeling. JB says that he is scared too and he doesn’t want to disappear either. Continue reading →

Dream Knight Episode 8 Recap


ccooony: JB, Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae find out that Jr. BamBam, and Yugyeom used to be guardians too, but that they are human now. Jr. tells them that they were born from tears of dispair so when In Hyung sheds tears of happiness, they will all disappear. He tells them that the only way for them not to disappear and become humans themselves is if they betray In Hyung. Even if one of them leave her, then it counts as all of them betraying her because guardians are like one body.

Due to this new information, JB, Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae choose to distance themselves from In Hyung for now in order to think about things. Meanwhile, In Hyung is getting through practice on her own and working hard on her dance moves while wondering if the boys will come. She even utilizes JB’s leg strengthening exercise during her practice because she wants to prove to them that she is working hard even though they are not there.

We see flashbacks of Jr. as a guardian and we see the woman who he, BamBam and Yugyeom were guardians for. JB finds Jr. and demands to know what will happen to In Hyung if they leave her. We see more flashbacks of the woman Jr. was the guardian for and see that he was too late to stop her from falling. He tells JB that they will never see In Hyung again. JB demands a more upfront answer and in the end, Jr. tells him that it is either they die or In Hyung dies. JB doesn’t take this answer lightly. Continue reading →

Dream Knight Episode 7 Recap


ccooony: Jr. knows that JB is not a human and he tells both BamBam and Yugyeom. All three of them do not seem surprised and believe that all four of the boys aren’t human. BamBam and Yugyeom are tasked with finding out what powers the boys have while Jr. tells them he will look for the dolls. He already has a hunch where they might be.

Meanwhile, In Hyung is having her dance practice with JB, Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae, but she’s still unable to pick up the moves. JB tells her that she needs to do the leg exercises that he told her to do and she just calls for a break. They both get frustrated and a bit angry with each other and JB walks off.

Later, In Hyung starts using the board to put up her hand drawings for each step of the dance move which was what she had seen Jr. do a long time ago. JB returns and they both apologize to each other for the comments they made and get back on good terms. He notices the drawings and she just says that it’s something she learned a long time ago. Jr. makes an appearance and In Hyung is excited to see him as usual. JB, on the other hand, is not happy to see him at all and asks why he is there.

Jr. tells In Hyung that he said that he would teach her some dance moves the other time, but that they got interrupted so he wants to teach her now. He’s also happy to see her board with the drawings. The bell rings and JB walks off saying that it is time to go. Before In Hyung follows to leave shortly after, Jr. notices that the dolls aren’t hanging from her backpack. Continue reading →

Dream Knight Episode 6 Recap


ccooony: In Hyung is now free from her leg cast and JB, Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae take it upon themselves to help In Hyung with the dance competition. Dancing to GOT7’s song “A”, the four boys nail the moves, but it is obvious that In Hyung needs a lot of work. JB stops the practice and has her start working out her right leg since the cast was just removed. He reasons that a strong lower body is fundamental to dancing.

At school, GOT are filming promos and getting various shots of them around school. The three of them complete filming their introductions in Chinese, which impresses some of the surrounding students. Lee Jenny catches a handsome side profile of Jr. and blushes. She tells her friends that she vows to win the dance competition. GOT keep on walking outside around campus and the producer filming them asks them if they have many friends.

While Jr. says that he’s too busy, both BamBam and Yugyeom both have friends coming up to them. This causes the producer to ask Jr. who his close friend is. At this point, he spots In Hyung with the other four boys. Lee Jenny points her out as the terrorist and pervert who was involved with the Jr. incident. He steps in to say that it was okay because they are friends and that it was not intentional. She was just a little overexcited at the time.

He then notices that she was dancing and she tells him it that she was planning on choosing to dance to the song “A”. He then asks if she would like him to teach her and she takes him up on his offer. He tries to teach her one of the moves, but In Hyung has a hard time getting it. At this point, JB steps in to show her the dance move and says that Jr. isn’t showing her correctly.
Continue reading →

Dream Knight Episode 5 Recap


ccooony: In Hyung tells JB that she wants to go inside the trailer, but while he helps her up, they both slip. She falls on top of him with their noses and lips briefly touching due to the fall. They are both surprised and Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae catch them in their fallen positions, having come back from when they left to go out.

In Hyung and JB are flustered and are adamant in saying that nothing happened while the three other boys still felt that something did happen. As In Hyung brushes her teeth for the night, she can’t help but to think back to the moment when they slipped and their noses and lips briefly touched.

The next day at school, In Hyung sees a bunch of students gathered around a poster for the dance festival where the winner of the competition gets to perform with GOT. In the school hallway, she runs into a fellow classmate and we see a flashback to when In Hyung asked that classmate to dance with her in the competition, saying that she doesn’t need the money and just wants to perform with Jr. Her classmate said that she had to study abroad in China, but agreed to dance with her.

Flashback to present day, and the classmate tells In Hyung that she really wants to win so she’s dancing with Lee Jenny instead. JB, Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae approach them at this point and state that they’ve got In Hyung’s back and they will compete with her. Lee Jenny and the classmate walk away. In Hyung gets upset at the four boys and thinks that it’s all a joke to them, especially in her condition. Continue reading →

Dream Knight Episode 4 Recap


ccooony: After In Hyung threw water on the boys, with JB getting hit by the bulk of the water, she sees that the four dolls on her backpack (which happen to be the doll versions of JB, Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae) are also wet and wonders how they ended up wet. The next morning, we see that In Hyung had hung up her four dolls to dry.

We also see that JB, Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae have actually come from the dolls and becoming wet had put them back into the dolls. Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae materialize under their hanging doll forms once they dried out, but since JB was still wet, he still had to wait before he could materialize.

We then see In Hyung at the school gym after gym class. She asks the group of mean girls led by Lee Jenny if they’re going to help clean up, but they merely laugh and Lee Jenny says that she’ll treat her girls to ice cream. The rest of the students in the class soon rush out when they see the white van to surround it and realize that GOT has arrived. BamBam and Yugyeom are seen exiting the vans and give the surrounding fans a high five as they pass by.

In Hyung wonders where Jr. is and then her question is answered by Jr. appearing after jumping over the pommel horse. He tells her that he came from a different direction because he didn’t want to take the make-up exam and to keep it a secret. She helps him by pointing out things in his study book that he should be sure to remember. He asks her if she needs help putting things away in the gym. Continue reading →

Dream Knight Episode 3 Recap


ccooony: The episode starts out with In Hyung refusing to let JB, Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae into her trailer until she gets a phone call from her mom’s friend who had emigrated, telling her that her son is planning on visiting and to take care of him. Before In Hyung has a chance to explain her situation, she hangs up.

She mistakenly assumes that JB must be that son to justify why he is there. While JB wants to correct her, Jackson persuades him to leave it be. In the end, she allows them all to stay at her place for the night outside the trailer. We then see her watch an old home video on her camcorder of when she was little and singing with her mom as she falls asleep.

The next morning, she is awaken by all of the boys who are looking for food because they are hungry and she has nothing to eat around her home. She wants to treat them to something, but as she reaches for her wallet, she has no money inside. Mark says that it’s fine and that she has them so she doesn’t have to worry.

We are then taken outside a shopping area where we see JB, Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae start dancing and performing b-boy moves in the middle of a crowd. JB then gives In Hyung a hat to start collecting money from the onlookers as they perform. As In Hyung collects money, she spots her dancing sunbae from school played by 2PM’s Chansung and since he doesn’t have any small bills to give, she ends up taking a 100 thousand won bill from him. Continue reading →

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