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EXO Next Door Episode 16 (Final) Recap

EXO Next Door

anitaya: Chanyeol runs to the playground and finds Yeon Hee sitting down. He tells her that he knows he is late and asks if she is mad. Yeon Hee replies that she’s not really mad and that her lips froze. Chanyeol laughs and places his hands on her face. 

D.O thinks about his encounter with Yeon Hee at the playground. He shows up and asks Yeon Hee what she is doing there. She tells him that she’s waiting for Chan and that it has been four hours. He tells her that she should go home if he doesn’t show up since she’s freezing.

Yeon Hee doesn’t think that Chanyeol will stand her up. She tells D.O. that she will keep waiting for Chanyeol. D.O. goes home and tells Chanyeol about this. Chanyeol rushes over to Yeon Hee.  Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 15 Recap

EXO Next Door

anitaya: Chanyeol asks Yeon Hee out on a date. D.O. approaches them and gets a phone call that Suho is missing. He tells Chanyeol and talks with the other EXO members. Suho left the hospital without saying a word and has his phone off. They wonder why he would do that.

Suho is sitting alone outside with a sad expression on his face. He overheard a conversation between the doctor and his managers. Suho thinks to himself that it might be over for him because of his leg. 

Yeon Hee thinks about her date with Chanyeol. She wonders where and when they will meet and then asks her friend Gaeun about it. Gaeun asks Yeon Hee if Cho Minhwan called her. Yeon Hee tells her to stop making a fuss about him because he just wanted another girl’s number. Gaeun tells Yeon Hee that if the guy doesn’t tell her the specifics, it means that she should decide.   Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 14 Recap

EXO Next Door

anitaya: Gwang Su goes to EXO’s house and waits downstairs. He sees a coat rack and starts practicing martial arts on it. Yeon Hee yells out when she hears a sound. Gwang Su opens the door to the secret basement and finds Yeon Hee and Chanyeol.

Yeon Hee tells her mom that it was an accident and she was cold and scared. She asks them why they didn’t look for her. Chanyeol tells his EXO members that he happened to get stuck behind that wall and Yeon Hee happened to come in. The EXO members think that it doesn’t make sense that’s how they stayed the night together. 

Chanyeol tells him that none of this would have happened if they looked for him. Baekhyun says he thought he was in his room and they were just being considerate. Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 13 Recap

EXO Next Door

anitaya: Chanyeol and Yeon Hee continue their conversation, where they left off on the previous episode. Chanyeol can’t stand it anymore about how Yeon Hee doesn’t know about him.

  • Chanyeol: “Didn’t I ask you repeatedly if you knew me?”
  • Yeon Hee nods her head: “Yes.”
  • Chanyeol: “How did I know your name? Six years old. I even gave you a big hint many times. Don’t you know how to think?”
  • Yeon Hee keeps thinking about it: “One more clue, please.”
  • Chanyeol: “I am Chan! This was my grandpa’s house. I’m Park Chan!”
  • Yeon Hee thinks to herself: “EXO‘s Chanyeol is my friend Chan?”

Yeon Hee’s mom and brother realize that Yeon Hee didn’t come home last night and wonders where she is. Baekhyun notices that Chanyeol stayed out all night and talks to Sehun and D.O. They all wonder where he is. Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 12 Recap

EXO Next Door

anitaya: Sehun shows D.O. a childhood picture with Yeon Hee, Gwang Su, and Chanyeol. D.O. recognizes right away that the girl in the picture is Yeon Hee. He comments that she was cute when she was young. Sehun tells him to look at the boy in the picture and asks if he looks familiar. They think that he might be Chanyeol, but when they see him in person, they change their minds.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun are working on a song together. Chanyeol can’t think of anything at the moment and asks if Baekhyun can find another songwriter. Baekhyun tells him to think about how Suho is doing. Suho is not doing so well alone in the hospital. Chanyeol says that he must find his grandpa’s necklace.

Yeon Hee has a dream about Chan’s grandpa and thinks that maybe it’s because she has been spending too much time next door. Chanyeol searches throughout the house to find his grandpa’s necklace. He places his sweater on a coat rack and it opens the door to a secret hidden basement. Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 11 Recap

EXO Next Door

ccooony: D.O is bandaging Yeon Hee’s fingers and is having her raise both her arms in the air. He asks her if he can be the guy she likes the most, but before Yeon Hee even has a chance to create a response, Chanyeol enters the room from upstairs. Yeon Hee immediately puts her arms down. Both D.O. and Yeon Hee turn to look at him.

Before anyone says anything, D.O. immediately starts reciting his lines from his script where he tells her to look at him and look into his eyes. He motions for Yeon Hee to start reciting her lines. She starts reciting her lines of “Don’t come any closer…” but then is unable to remember any more of the lines. Chanyeol then questions if the two of them are rehearsing and D.O. says yes before telling Yeon Hee that they are done for the day and to be sure to help him out next time.

Chanyeol asks D.O. if he was up filming all last night and Yeon Hee stands up from the couch to ask Chanyeol how he is doing or if he is feeling better. Chanyeol tells her to go to work if that’s what she came for, and she leaves the room to get to work. D.O. tries to start to explain by saying that he can’t get into character if he does his lines with a guy, but Chanyeol just tells D.O. that he’s been up all night so D.O. should go to bed. Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 10 Recap

EXO Next Door

ccooony: It’s night time and we see Chanyeol digging around his grandpa’s favorite tree trying to find his grandpa’s necklace. However, even after digging all night, he is unable to find anything. He ends up getting sick as a result and has to stay in bed.

The next morning, Sehun, Baekhyun, D.O., and Kai are all sitting around the table when Yeon Hee arrives. Baekhyun lets her know that Chanyeol has a cold. Kai asks Yeon Hee if he can ask her something which causes D.O. to look over at them. Kai says that he heard that she likes him the most. D.O. has an unhappy expression while Sehun claps his hands. 

Yeon Hee denies by saying not really, and Kai tells her not to lie. Sehun says he knows all about it and Baekhyun says it’s okay for her to tell them. Kai leans over to whisper in Yeon Hee’s ear in order to ask her if the weather is nice. She says that it’s lovely, but since the others, D.O. in particular, wouldn’t have heard the question asked, it sounded like she said she liked Kai. Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 9 Recap

EXO Next Door

ccooony: All of the EXO members get together and greet one another with high fives and hugs before going into hair and makeup to get ready for their photoshoot. Tao and Xiumin have their shots together, before Suho and Kai have theirs together. Sehun brings up about how masculine Kai looks and continues to praise Kai until Chanyeol ends up telling him to stop.

In the waiting room, Baekhyun is singing along to Lay playing on the guitar and after bringing up how Chanyeol seems to be having trouble with his songwriting recently, the conversation shifts to Incheon Gal. Baekhyun talks about how she cleans very well and that they have it good where they are living.

When Chanyeol walks into the room, Xiumin, Lay, Tao, and Chen start asking him if Incheon Gal is pretty and pester him about wanting to meet her before they have to head to the airport. Chanyeol asks why he has to call her over there so Baekhyun asks him why not and whether or not it makes him nervous or makes his heart race. Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 8 Recap

EXO Next Door

ccooony: The episode picks up where the last one left off with D.O. practicing his lines with Yeon Hee. He says, “Look at me. Look into my eyes. When I see your eyes, I’m finally at peace.” D.O. says all this while Yeon Hee is gazing straight into his eyes. Baekhyun is watching them both the whole time and tells Yeon Hee to continue with the emotions and continue reading the lines.

Yeon Hee looks back at the script and reads the next line, but her tone of voice sounds very formalized. The two of them continue for a few more lines, until Yeon Hee starts to visualize the scene actually taking place and her face starts to turn red. Baekhyun tells her to continue with the next line, but Yeon Hee closes the script and excuses herself from the room by saying that she isn’t feeling well.

Baekhyun asks D.O. what Yeon Hee means about not feeling well and D.O. just smiles and laughs. He tells Baekhyun that Yeon Hee is probably just embarassed. At this piece of news, Baekhyun moves to sit closer to D.O. to ask if maybe she got too into character. D.O. responds that Yeon Hee is very innocent. Continue reading →

EXO Next Door Episode 7 Recap

EXO Next Door

anitaya: Chanyeol asks Minhwan what he’s doing here. He replies that Chanyeol must have gotten the wrong impression. Yeon Hee agrees that it’s a misunderstanding. Sehun asks if Minhwan made her cry. She says that he made her cry because it’s been a long time. She was just happy to see him. 

The EXO members are surprised that they know each other and that she was glad to see him. Minhwan leaves and tells Yeon Hee that he’ll send her a Line message. Yeon Hee calls Gaeun on the phone and tells her what happened. 

The EXO members are back home and they talk about Yeon Hee and that guy. They find it odd that they know each other and he called her by her name. Baekhyun thinks that maybe he is her ex. 

Yeon Hee talks to Gaeun about Cho Minhwan, her first love. She tells her that he was just a dark part of her dull past. Gaeun says that EXO played a part of shining a ray of light into Yeon Hee’s dark love life.  Continue reading →

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