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3 Key Moments from Arrow 1×21

ccooony: With Oliver’s acceptance to become Al Sah Him in exchange for the life of his sister, this had a major impact on all of the characters. Here’s three key moments that you might not have seen coming:

Oliver stabbing Diggle right through the heart at the very beginning of the episode?! At least it really wasn’t Diggle, but this new Oliver killed that man in a flash and like it was nothing! The League of Assassins’ ability to affect the mind is no joke! Definitely a predictor of his tough fighting nature to come!

Thea is taking on a hood and arrows of her own! If she’s going to go against the Arrow, she has to have the right tools at her disposal! Continue reading →


4 Sweet Moments from Jane the Virgin 1×20

ccooony: The episode had its fair share of both cute and funny moments as well as some highly emotional scenes. Here are 4 sweet moments that happened in the episode.

And….. Santos is back in “The Passions of Santos”! Without Rogelio, that telenovela was not the same and the ratings reflected that. Now Rogelio can go back to being the main title character and is celebrating the news with his happy dance! Here’s to seeing Rogelio in more scenes as Santos!

Definitely a Team Michael moment. Jane finds out that Michael was the one who kept her grandma from being deported and no words are needed. All of the thankful, grateful, and warm feelings are conveyed through the hug. Continue reading →

5 Must-See Moments from The Flash 1×19

ccooony: So much action and so many revelations occurred in the most recent episode of the Flash, but here are five must-see moments from the episode that you should be sure to remember: 

1. SnowBarry kiss


Even though it wasn’t really Barry, who could forget that this happened? Barry doesn’t know about this, but Caitlin sure remembers! All fans of SnowBarry definitely got a treat!

2. Cisco and Laurel as Black Canary

Cisco + Black Canary

How adorable is Cisco for being such as big fan of the Black Canary! It’s always nice to see The Flash and Arrow character crossovers!

3. Fight scene between The Flash and the Shapeshifter

Flash vs. Shapeshifter

The shapeshifter may have looked like The Flash, but he is no match for the real thing! There’s only room for one Flash and that title belongs to Barry! Continue reading →

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