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ccooony: This film revolves around the term the “DUFF” or the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend”. In high school, there are so many different labels, from the jock, the geek, the rocker, and the mean girl. The main girl Bianca is content with how she is going through high school until her next door neighbor and jock Wes tells her that she is the “DUFF” to her prettier, more popular friends Jess and Casey.

She refuses to believe him until she starts thinking about it and realizes that it really is true. People talk to her trying to get close to her friends or to get information about Jess and Casey. This leads her to become distanced from her friends and strike up a deal with Wes to help her get rid of her “DUFF” label and get a date with her crush in exchange for helping him pass science class to keep his spot on the football team. Continue reading →

Diary of an Ugly

ccooony: This Filipino teen romantic comedy film is based on a best selling novel of the same name. The basic premise is that the main character girl named Eya Rodriguez sees herself as ugly because of the imperfections on her face and ends up becoming hired to be the personal maid to Cross Sandford, a popular, rich, handsome, and self-centered teen.

Other notable characters include Chad Jimenez who befriends Eya and has a crush on Lory. Lory becomes one of Eya’s close friends and has a crush on Cross. Without spoiling too much, basically we see the interactions, friendships and love lines between these four main characters and see who ends up with who with all of the hilarious and sweet moments in between all of the drama that happens to them. Continue reading →


ccooony: The story revolves around Felix O’Neil, a prankster who gets expelled from his school and goes to great lengths to make sure his parents don’t find out. With help from his best friend Danny, his new friend Katie, and his brother Ben, he tries to carry out his elaborate schemes and hide the truth from his parents.

This movie was written and directed by Alex Goyette, (who we remembered  from the first season of Internet Icon as JouleThief) and has a notable cast including famous Viner Cameron Dallas, YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson (Terry the Tomboy, the React series on YouTube), and Matt Shively (The Troop, True Jackson VP) who play Felix, Katie, and Danny respectively. Continue reading →

Maze Runner

ccooony: Overall I really liked its intricate plot and the characters so I’m glad that it did well in the box office and that there will be a sequel continuing the story coming out later on in the year. Based on the book by the same name, the basic premise introduces us to the character Thomas who starts out by waking up in an elevator to find himself among a group of other boys in a community they call the Glade without any memories of who he is or even what his name is. He discovers that they are all at the center of an elaborate maze and that the group sends out Runners each morning to try to map the whole maze and find a way out.

Everyone carries out a specialized task to keep themselves alive and functioning in designated groups whether it’s to farm, to heal, or to run. One of the rules they live by is that no one runs beyond the walls that enclose them into the maze besides the designated runners because no one has ever survived a night outside. Thomas continues pushing the boundaries and asks questions about everything including who he is and why they are all there in the first place.

One of the things that I really liked in this movie was the development of the different characters and how notable and memorable they were. Even though there were so many members, many of them were able to distinguish themselves and even though not all of them survived at the end, I felt their impact throughout the film. The main character was of course Thomas as the last male to enter into the Glades and change everything for everyone and lead them all to escape. I really felt his growth into a leader throughout the movie and it was nice to see his determination and bravery. Continue reading →

Terry the Tomboy


ccooony: It has been a while since I have watched this movie and I had thoughts about it for some time now. I thought that it was one of those cute and just for fun movies. There were hints of romance in it, but nothing really serious. I was definitely rooting for the best friend (Duncanty) to end up with Terry instead of the guy she had a crush on in the beginning (Brett) and I’m glad that it was heading that way. I thought this movie was made mostly for laughs and with any movie that’s geared towards a younger audience, it had a message at the end. The message I got from it was to be true to yourself. Don’t change for anyone else and you’ll realize that just being yourself will lead you to true happiness. Continue reading →

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