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Pinocchio Concluding Thoughts

anitaya: I enjoyed watching this drama about a girl named In Ha who is a Pinocchio, which means that she hiccups whenever she lies and a boy named Ha Myung whose father has been framed for losing the lives of nine firemen. Both of them become reporters to seek the truth and bring justice. 

I think that all of the actors in this drama did a great job portraying their characters. The storyline was interesting and the relationships between each character was great to watch. This drama centered around family and I could feel the bond between In Ha and her family as well as Ha Myung. It also showed the relationship Ha Myung has with his brother and the relationship Bum Jo has with his mother.
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Hitmaker Recap Episode 1


ccooony: The variety show “Hitmaker” features Jung Hyung Don and Defconn as well as idols VIXX’s N and Hyuk, GOT7’s Jackson, and BTOB’s Sungjae. To give a short synopsis of the show, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn are producers who create a song and try to recruit different members from different idol groups to form a project group to perform the song.

Here’s the recap for episode 1: 

It starts out with Hyung Don and Defconn outside at the top of a rooftop on a hot summer day saying that they have become Brave Duble Tiger (a name based on a combination of famous producers in Korea: Brave Brothers, Duble Sidekick, and Shinsadong Tiger). They have determined that Defconn will be the composer while Hyung Don will be the lyricist and that they are going to form the best project group. To start off their recruiting process, they first call BTOB’s Ilhoon, who works with them on another variety show “Weekly Idol”, to recommend a member from his group BTOB to join their project group. Ilhoon recommends Sungjae, so the two of them retrieve Sungjae’s number and tell him to meet with them and get snacks to bring on his way there. Sungjae arrives along with snacks and they tell him to find a way to contact GOT7. After eating some snacks, conversing with Sungjae, and having him do a variety of things, the two of them have Sungjae contact GOT7’s manager and they all find out that GOT7 is currently at their fan meeting. Continue reading →

Vampire Flower


ccooony: I watched a web drama called Vampire Flower and I personally liked it. There was a total of six episodes and each episode was only about 12 minutes. Even though it seemed really short and the story progressed quickly, I still enjoyed watching it. The story this drama was based on was actually given the nickname as a kind of Korean “Twilight”, and I’m assuming it’s probably because it has the element of a vampire falling in love with a human girl.

Starring A-JAX’s Jaehyung and actress Kim Ga Eun, the story follows vampire Louis (played by Jaehyung) on his quest to find the Vampire Flower which would enable the vampire who finds it to become a vampire lord and the human girl Seoyoung (played by Kim Ga Eun) who gets caught up in his quest and with whom he eventually falls in love with.

Episode 1 Summary: In the very first episode at the very beginning within the first minute we are introduced to the main characters as we see Seoyoung in some sort of an underground tunnel walking quickly away from what seems to be someone who is pursuing her. Before any harm is able to come to her, Louis appears and defeats her pursuers while she gets away and he finds out that they were sent from someone named Ashwel.

We’re brought back to a high school setting where Seoyoung is woken up by her friend wearing a vampire mask and after she tells him to get rid of it, they both head to a flower shop which was revealed to have been previously owned by Seoyoung’s mom. While there, her finger gets cut by a flower and a drop of her blood falls to the ground. Shortly after, she leaves the store just as Louis enters. As he walks through the store he catches scent of Seoyoung’s blood from the drop that fell onto the floor and classifies her as the “one that smells golden”.

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