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The Genius 4 Episode 2 Recap


ccooony: The main match for this episode was a garnet match, meaning that the person with the most garnets at the end of the main match would win and receive the token of life, while the person with the least amount of garnets would become the elimination candidate for the day.

The players are not allowed to give their garnets to anyone else so they have to try to earn garnets for themselves through the game to avoid becoming the elimination candidate.

The main match is called Horror Race. Here are the key rules:

  • Each of the players will select two out of the five characters (vampire, jjangshi, gumiho, mummy, and zombie) to support and the remaining three characters they do not select will be put into a coin box.
  • Based on a predetermined order, each of the players will draw out three coins each from the combined ones put into the coin box and place them on the square they want (either 1, 2, or 4).
  • The character with the most coins in each square gets to move the number of spaces written on the square.
  • If there’s a tie between characters for having the most coins in the square, then the character with the second most number of coins will get to move.

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The Genius 4 Episode 1 Recap


ccooony: The Genius 4: Grand Final includes the most star-studded cast yet and brings in some new twists and games that we’ve come to expect and anticipate after watching the past three seasons. With so many big name players as well as some unexpected characters, I can bet that this season will be one of the toughest ones yet. With 13 players battling it out to win this season of the Genius, I can’t wait to find out who will come out on top! 

The top 6 players from the past three seasons who are participating are :

  • Hong Jinho (Winner of Season 1)
  • Lee Sangmin (Winner of Season 2)
  • Jang Dongmin (Winner of Season 3)
  • Kim Kyungran (Runner Up for Season 1)
  • Lim Yohwan (Runner Up for Season 2)
  • Oh Hyunmin (Runner Up for Season 3)

The other 7 players from the past three seasons who make up the rest of the 13 players are:

  • Choi Jungmoon
  • Lim Yoonsun
  • Yoo Junghyun
  • Lee Junseok
  • Kim Kyunghoon
  • Kim Yoohyun
  • Choi Yeonseung

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The Genius 3: Black Garnet (Finale) Concluding Thoughts + Recap

ccooony: Another season of the Genius has just recently ended and I must say that I was really satisfied and happy with how it ended and how the whole season went. This season had a great cast and the different games met my expectations with its difficulty and how it brought out the skills of the different players. If you haven’t seen this season or the previous two seasons yet I would definitely recommend it! I must say that this is probably one of my favorite variety shows to watch.

The ultimate winner for this season was none other than Jang Dongmin. He beat out Oh Hyunmin 2-1 to claim the title and joined the ranks of Hong Jinho (Season 1) and Lee Sangmin (Season 2) as winners of the Genius. Dongmin had the support from the majority of the other contestants and the way he played the game was truly admirable. Although he came close to defeat against Ha Yeonjoo during his death match in a previous episode when he really couldn’t make any more moves, he didn’t give up and was able to utilize his confidence and boldness and win the match. Throughout the whole season, Dongmin rose up as one of the players to beat and carried an image of being loyal and a leader throughout the games. It was only fitting that he and Hyunmin were both able to make it to the finals together, as they had made a deal halfway through the season to meet each other in the finals and they had been allies ever since.

The finals of the Genius 3 consisted of 3 rounds. Two of the games would be one that has been played before and the other game would be a brand new game. The Genius player that would be able to win two of the rounds would become the final victor of this season of the Genius. All of the eliminated contestants were invited back to watch and they each had the chance to pick and choose an item to give to the player they support. The support was much more swayed towards one player in comparison to the other seasons as 8 of the contestants chose to support Dongmin while only 3 chose to support Hyunmin. Continue reading →

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