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The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 16 (Final) Recap + Thoughts


anitaya: Cho Rim and Moo Gak are getting married! Here comes the groom, Moo Gak, walking down the aisle and then waiting for his bride. Cho Rim’s name is called and everyone is waiting for her to come. Kwon Jae Hee appears behind the door and approaches Cho Rim. She disappears!

Lieutenant Yeom goes to check up on her and realizes that she is missing. She tells Moo Gak and everyone at the wedding. The police are notified of this incident and are searching for Cho Rim.

The police spot Jae Hee in the surveillance footage of him kidnapping Cho Rim. They find out that he is in Paju. Cho Rim has her wrists tied up and is sitting in Jae Hee’s vehicle. It looks like Jae Hee is plotting his revenge against Moo Gak. Cho Rim manages to take off her engagement ring and throws it out the window. Continue reading →

The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 7 Recap

anitaya: Chef Kwon put Dr. Chun in the back seat of his car in a garage under his house. The next day, Chef Kwon has a photoshoot in his kitchen and is going to get new kitchenware. He knocks down a crystal object from the counter and asks the employees in his home to leave.

The police are still looking into the barcodes and the publisher that is represented in them. The publishing company was called Geumtoil Publishing, but it closed in 2000. Moo Gak says that because the murderer left Ma Ri’s car, it allows the police to backtrack his route.

Moo Gak visits the comedy troupe. Cho Rim is holding the board behind the people performing. She hurts her hand when the nail pricks her and she falls down, ruining the skit. The other members of the troupe are angry.

In Bae scolds Cho Rim for ruining the skit and asks if it’s because she’s jealous. Her hand still hurts and she has tears in her eyes. Moo Gak sees this and then runs into the boss and Woo Ya. The boss tells him he’s disappointed in him and Woo Ya tells him about Cho Rim’s situation. Continue reading →

The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 6 Recap

anitaya: Cho Rim blows on Moo Gak’s face, and then he immediately gets up and hugs her. She tells him she likes him too, but it was all a dream. Moo Gak is still sleeping on her lap. Cho Rim wakes him up. He asks her how he’s like when he’s sleeping. She tells him that he’s like a zombie. She walks away and thinks to herself that she must have lost her mind.

They walk to the bus stop and Cho Rim gets on the bus. She gestures to Moo Gak to put on his hood. He does and finds the talking teddy bear. He gets on the bus too. She tells him that she’s returning it to him and that she’s not the kind of person who falls for freebies. He previously told her it was a buy one get one free promotion. 

Moo Gak asks how she knows this teddy bear is the free one and says that they’re both identical. She says she can tell which one is the main one and which one is the extra. She can also tell which ones he paid for and which ones he didn’t.

He asks why she even accepted it in the first place. Cho Rim says in general, she doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of the person giving the gift. She accepted it to be considerate. He hands her back the teddy bear. He tells her since she’s already accepted it, she can throw it away. She can’t accept it because she’s offended and hands it back to Moo Gak. She tells him he can treasure it at home. Continue reading →

The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 5 Recap

anitaya: After seeing Moo Gak and Lieutenant Yeom smiling at each other, Cho Rim walks away feeling sad. She looks through a window of a store and wipes away her lip gloss with the back of her hand. She goes back home and eats while watching TV. Moo Gak gives Cho Rim a call and tells her that he is in her neighborhood. He tells her to come out.

Moo Gak seems to have waited a while for Cho Rim. It looks like Cho Rim dressed up nicely to meet with him. He tells her that he came here to practice the comedy skit with her. They go to eat fried chicken and drink beer at a restaurant and also practice their skit. They get weird stares from other people eating at that restaurant.

Moo Gak goes to the cashier to pay the bill, but someone else took care of it. The cashier says that the person who paid for it wanted to tell them that the countryside isn’t a bad place to live. 

At the police station, Detective Tak bows to the other members of the police. He apologizes for being a burden on the team and says that he’ll pay for his sins. He thanks Detective Choi for catching him early, which prevents him from committing more crimes. The police clean out Detective Tak’s belongings. Continue reading →

The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 4 Recap

anitaya: Lieutenant Yeom looks at the picture of Choi Eun Seol, who looks like Cho Rim. Moo Gak apologizes to Lieutenant Yeom for bringing Cho Rim in the investigation room at the police station. Cho Rim falls asleep on the sofa in the room. Lieutenant Yeom asks Moo Gak for Cho Rim’s name. He tells her that her name is Oh Cho Rim and is his friend.

Lieutenant Yeom tells him to try to break Dr. Chun’s alibi and then she leaves the police station. Moo Gak brings Cho Rim a can from the vending machine and she gets up and sleep walks around the room. He sits on the sofa and she lays down on his lap. He lifts her head and places a pillow under it.

We see a hooded, dark figure walking down the stairs to a basement. He opens a box full of knives and takes one out. He slits the arm of a victim. This suspicious person might be part of the barcode chain murders.

The detectives see Cho Rim sleeping on the sofa at the police station. She wakes up and is surprised to see them. She asks who they are and where she is. They ask her the same questions. Moo Gak comes in and says that she’s a friend of his who was very drunk last night, so he brought her in. Cho Rim apologizes and leaves.

She forgets to take her phone and Moo Gak brings it to her. She asks him why he brought her to the police station. He tells her that she couldn’t find her place because she was so drunk. She says she got kicked out of the troupe because of him. She tells him that her life is over and that she almost let it slide last night because she was so drunk. Continue reading →

The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 3 Recap

anitaya: Moo Gak asks Cho Rim if she’s sure that she sees the scent of Ma Ri’s perfume. Cho Rim is certain and says that the scent is strong, coming from the ground and floating down. As she points that out, she slips and Moo Gak catches her in his embrace. Cho Rim’s sunglasses fell off on the ground and are broken. She gets upset about her favorite sunglasses, and Moo Gak tells her that he just saved her from being crushed. She thanks him for that. Cho Rim tells Moo Gak that Ma Ri’s scent is heading towards the river.

The police are still searching the mountains for Ma Ri. Moo Gak calls Detective Yeh to let him know about Ma Ri’s location. The police lifts up a car from the river. Detective Ki realizes that Moo Gak was right when he said Ma Ri was in the river. Detective Tak confirms that the person inside the car is Joo Ma Ri. Lieutenant Yeom Mi arrives to the scene and confirms the barcode on Ma Ri’s arm. This means that the case is part of the barcode chain murders. Yeom Mi asks Moo Gak how he was able to find Ma Ri. He doesn’t answer and looks over at Cho Rim. 

The chief of the police department comes and asks Detective Kang Hyuk to start a special investigation team within their police station. The team will be led by Lieutenant Yeom Mi, and includes Detective Kang Hyuk, Detective Yeh, Detective Tak, Detective Ki, and Officer Choi Moo Gak. Cho Rim meets up with her dad and he asks her where she has been this morning. She tells him that she was at the troupe. Her dad tells her to quit in seven months like she promised. She gives her dad his favorite steam buns. He thanks her and they say goodbye to each other.

Cho Rim’s dad is Detective Oh and when he goes to work, he sees Lieutenant Yeom. She tells him that another murder occurred under the barcode chain murders. This is the fifth murder with six victims. Detective Oh tells her that he is no longer a cop and just works security at the building. Lieutenant Yeom is looking for the witness, the daughter of the fisherman couple, which is Cho Rim. Continue reading →

The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 2 Recap

anitaya: Flashback to Moo Gak’s sister visiting the aquarium. Moo Gak meets up with Eun Seol who received the highest honor award from school. Back to the present, Moo Gak asks Cho Rim for her name. She tells him that her name is Oh Cho Rim. He tells her that he heard Choi Eun Seol before. Cho Rim tells him that the lady mistook her for one of her friends. They say their goodbyes again.

Moo Gak wants to see the head of the department. The department head scolds him for catching the robber and kicks his shins. Moo Gak tells him that if he makes him a detective, he will increase the department’s arrest rate. The department head gives him a case file from ten years ago and tells him that he will make him a detective if he catches the culprit or else he won’t listen to his story again.

Cho Rim apologizes to her senior for destroying her car. She tells her that she will bring the car to a mechanic. The boss asks Cho Rim why she is not practicing for her audition and that he will fire her if she’s not. She tells him that she is doing a skit with a partner not in the troupe. He tells her to act in front of him today. She tells him that her partner’s out of town, so he tells her to do the act tomorrow or else she needs to leave the troupe. Cho Rim freaks out that she doesn’t have a partner.

Moo Gak is frustrated about the case. There’s no way he can solve it. Cho Rim goes to a mechanic to get the car fixed and receives the invoice. She texts Moo Gak about the invoice for the repair. Moo Gak eats a lot of food at the restaurant and thinks to himself that he must become a homicide detective no matter what to find Eun Seol’s murderer. 
Continue reading →

The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 1 Recap

anitaya: The first episode starts out with a girl named Choi Eun Seol who just got off the bus from school. Four years ago, a mysterious figure drags a body across the floor at Eun Seol’s home. When she arrives home, she sees a guy wearing a hood and also sees the body. She is shocked and the guy puts his hand around her neck, trying to choke her. She starts to cry and runs away, crying for help. The guy runs after her and she gets hit by an oncoming car. She flies in the air and hits the ground. The guy took off her name tag when he was near her. It starts to rain and the guy walks away, leaving her lying on the ground.

It flashes to Choi Moo Gak talking on the phone with his younger sister named Choi Eun Seol. She needs to be taken to the hospital. He goes to the hospital to visit her, a high school girl who was in a car accident. He bumps into a suspicious person. He brings rice cakes to her and notices that she is lying on her side. He sees that her neck had been cut and that she is dead. He holds her, cries, and asks for help.

It’s the seventh day of a fisherman couple who had gone missing. They were found dead and their daughter is Choi Eun Seol from the beginning of the episode. The detective feels bad that she is in a coma without knowing that her parents are dead. The detective realizes that Eun Seol is the witness. At the hospital, Eun Seol regains consciousness and sees scents all around her. She has a different colored eye. Eun Seol screams and tries to hit the scents floating around.

The detective visits Eun Seol and adopts her as his daughter. Her name is now Oh Cho Rim. Cho Rim woke up after 193 days. Her left eye turned blue and she doesn’t remember anything that happened to her. She thinks that she can’t even recognize her own dad. Cho Rim has the ability to see scents. She wears a colored eye contact so people wouldn’t see her different colored eyes.  Continue reading →

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