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The Quest Episode 10 (Finale) Recap


ccooony: With only three Paladins left, everyone could tell that the end was near and that they would have to go through one more test to determine who would be the one true hero. Sir Ansgar volunteered himself to be a distraction and fight against some of Verlox’s riders so that Crio could take the remaining three Paladins and the Queen safely to the Fates. Once they reached the Fates it was time for one final test to determine whether Shondo, Lina, or Andrew would be the one true hero.

The Paladins would have to successfully complete a series of tasks until only one of them remained. After riding on horseback and reaching their designated area of the forest, their first task was to cut down the sand-filled branches set up among the trees and find their next piece of their map. Shondo was able to find his first and sprinted towards the next task. Lina was able to find hers next, while Andrew was getting frustrated and was struggling to find his piece. For the next task, given six different items of various sizes, shapes, and weights, they would have to try to balance everything on both sides of the scale. Shondo arrived first and tried to attack the task by just putting things on the scale and moving them around when they didn’t balance. Once Lina arrived, she made sure to carefully read the instructions and went one item at a time when trying to balance her items instead of just putting everything on the scale. Meanwhile, Andrew was still struggling to find his piece back at the first task. Continue reading →

The Quest Episode 9 Recap


ccooony: Everything is peaceful in the morning at their camp until the group is ambushed and surrounded by creatures who proceed to bring them to their chief. The Queen knows that they are trespassing in the creatures’ area but tries to beg the chief to be lenient with them because they had no other choice. Each of the four remaining Paladins step up to say why the chief should side with them and that within them lies the one true hero who will defeat Verlox. However, the Vizier pulls off his disguise beside the chief and confirms the suspicions of the Paladins about his betrayal. The Queen, Crio, and Sir Ansgar are shocked to see the Vizier and get angry. The Vizier and the chief have all the Paladins locked up in individual cages suspended slightly in the air and lock up the Queen, Crio, and Sir Ansgar in another cage on the ground.

The Paladins’ challenge is to free themselves from the cage and then free the others. Using a rope in their cage, they have to lasso it around a wooden pole and then pull themselves to a tool that will allow them to cut through the ropes securing the doors to their cages. Andrew was able to free himself the fastest and then proceeded to grab and hand everyone else tools to use to get themselves out of their cages and then assisted in helping everyone get out. Afterwards, they all rushed into the woods and the Queen angrily tossed away the amulet that had previously been given to her by the Vizier.
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The Quest Episode 8 Recap

ccooony: This episode picks up right where the last one left off and the whole group sees that a dragon has appeared and is attacking the outpost of Asper off in the distance from their campsite by breathing fire. The Queen urges everyone to go and help them but Sir Ansgar and Crio are worried for the Queen’s life.  In the end, they respect the Queen’s wishes as she leads the way towards the town on her horse and everyone follows behind her as they move throughout the night.

Once they reach Asper, they see that everything has been scorched and burned and nothing is left standing. They find two villagers at the site. They help the injured villager by first giving him water and the other villager informs them that Verlox has released his dragon from its lair and that the rest of the villagers have fled into the forest. The Queen assures him that they will send help and announces that they must trap the dragon back in its lair.

Sir Ansgar has Crio take the Queen to safety and announces the Paladins’ next challenge. Before nightfall, since the dragon sleeps during the day, the Paladins must each successfully piece together a device that will be used to lower the gate over the dragon’s lair and lock it in. It was a close competition between Andrew and Shondo, while both Bonnie and Lina were struggling. Andrew was able to finish just before Shondo to take the win, while Patrick finished shortly after the two of them. Afterwards Sir Ansgar had the guys go and help the girls finish up, and Lina found that the reason why she couldn’t figure it out was because she didn’t have all the parts she needed because she didn’t know that there was an additional sack with parts. With Andrew and Shondo being the fastest to complete the challenge, it meant that Bonnie, Lina, and Patrick would have to compete in the Fates challenge. Continue reading →

The Quest Episode 7 Recap

ccooony: This episode begins right where the last episode ended with the castle being attacked. The remaining six Paladins see Verlox for the first time and find out that he is the one attacking the castle. Sir Ansgar has the Paladins escape the castle along with the Queen and Crio, while other guards are trying to fight and hold off Verlox . As the group approaches the entrance to the forest, the Grand Vizier is suspiciously already there. He gives the Queen an amulet to wear, which is supposed to protect her, before the Paladins, Sir Ansgar, Crio and the Queen all make their way through the tunnels. Since it was already nightfall, Sir Ansgar tells them that they will spend the night in the tunnels and continue their journey in the morning. The Paladins discussed amongst themselves how suspicious the Vizier has been and question whether the amulet is what the Vizier says it is or if it is some kind of tracker.

The  next morning, they all make their way out of the tunnels and Sir Ansgar says that they should make their way to Darvia and abandon the Quest since the Darkness has already arrived. Crio then speaks up to say that he knows what true courage is and that he truly believes in the Quest so they will continue on with or without him. Sir Ansgar then agrees to continue with the Quest. He then has the group split up. He has the guards take the Queen to one location while he takes the Paladins with him into the forest. Before they reached the forest, Sir Ansgar spots Verlox’s scouts from his army scouting the area so they all had to take cover before rushing into the forest before the scouts could spot them. Continue reading →

The Quest Episode 6 Recap

ccooony: In episode 6, with only seven Paladins remaining, the time until Verlox’s approach was getting closer and closer. Everyone had been enjoying themselves at the end of the last episode with everyone singing the song that Bonnie had written for Sir Ansgar. However, it appeared that a traitor within Everealm who was working for Verlox allowed dangerous orbs to be scattered around town. Each of the orbs were said to have enough power to bring down the whole castle. Sir Ansgar and his guards were able to catch the traitor and deactivate one of the orbs, but seven of them were still missing. We also find out that Sir Ansgar recognized the person who was revealed to be the traitor and this scared the remaining Paladins because they didn’t want to even imagine Sir Ansgar somehow being affiliated with the evil forces.

Sir Ansgar sent the Paladins off to their rooms to search for the remaining missing orbs but they were unable to find any of them. Unable to be at ease, the Paladins were unable to get much rest that night. The next morning Sir Ansgar told the Paladins that his men were able to recover three more of the orbs meaning four was still left to find. He also introduced them to a special falcon and told them by putting on the mask they saw in the area above them they would be able to see everything the falcon saw and it would guide them to where the missing orbs were. Their challenge for the day was to try to find and bring back an orb so that Sir Ansgar could deactivate it. Continue reading →

The Quest Episode 5 Recap

ccooony: Recap: In episode 5, we’re brought to where the last episode ended off with an ogre just right outside the castle. Sir Ansgar tells the remaining eight Paladins to grab their helmets and gear and get to the armory to bring out and assemble the Scorpion, one of the weapons they had used in their first challenge. All the contestants struggled to assemble the device but without prior experience or knowledge assembling it, they just couldn’t do it. However, everything turned out fine because Sir Ansgar, with the help from his mallet, was able to single-handedly defeat the ogre himself.

For the Paladins’ next challenge, they were separated into two groups and their task was to first try to barricade a door the best they could within a certain time limit and then afterwards try to break through the opposing team’s door using a battering ram. Christian and Lina were the team captains and they each chose members for their team one by one with Christian going first. To everyone’s surprise, he chose Patrick first instead of his good friend and roommate Andrew which allowed Lina to be able to choose him instead. From there, everyone continued to be surprised by Christian’s team member choices as he chose Adria and Bonnie over Leticia and Shondo. Even Leticia said that she had the dream team and it was really just too good to be true to be able to have such a strong team. Continue reading →

The Quest Episode 4 Recap

ccooony: So recently we’ve really been getting into watching this new show on ABC called the Quest. To give a quick summary of what it’s all about, it’s basically fantasy world meets reality competition. Twelve people are placed into this fantasy world and interact with the characters within this story who are all following a predetermined storyline, but the twelve people themselves don’t know what’s going to happen next. They compete in a series of challenges and whether they do well or not is all dependent on themselves and their skill level.

Each week, the contestants, who are called Paladins, are given a challenge that correlates with what is happening in the storyline. The winner of each challenge receives a badge, while the three who did the worst must compete against one another in another challenge called the Fates challenge. The winner of the Fates challenge is safe from being banished and can continue on with the Quest while the other two are put to a vote by the remaining contestants to determine which of the two of them will stay, and who will be banished. Three episodes had already aired so far and through them we got to meet all of the contestants, meet some of the key characters in the fantasy world. and see them show their skills in a couple of challenges as well as watch relationships be formed.

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