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JJ Project Bounce

anitaya: JJ Project is a duo with JB and Jr. who later became part of the group GOT7. “Bounce” is an upbeat dance song that you can groove to. The music video starts out in a classroom at school and then everyone gets up to dance. This song has a catchy chorus and melody. It sounds like a pop rock song. The main dance move for this song is shaking your body. There is a dance break at the end of the song with cool dance moves. JB rolls on the back of Jr. in the music video. “Bounce” was the first song that JJ Project sang. Continue reading →

EXID Up & Down

ccooony: Even though this song was released all the way back in August 2014, it wasn’t until more recently that the song received much attention because a Hani-focused fancam went viral. It even won them their first ever wins on the major broadcast music shows. Their music video has over 9 million views with the view count still increasing. I’ve been hearing this song a lot more and the chorus is really easy to remember. I think that the song is actually pretty catchy and it is easy to recognize their choreography for the dance as well.

I think that their success really shows the power of viral videos and I think everyone will be looking to see how their next single/album will do to see if they will just be a one hit wonder or if they can continue their current fame and recognition to rise as one of the top girl groups or not. We’ll just have to wait and see. But for now, they’re doing well with this song and I know I’m not tired of listening to it yet. Continue reading →

My Ear’s Candy

ccooony: This song was released by Baek Ji Young featuring 2PM’s Taecyeon all the way back in 2009 and is a pop dance track with some techno beats in it. The choreography for this song, particularly the “shoulder shimmying” move and the partner dance between the two of them are easily memorable and the beat of the song makes you want to groove along to it and just dance along.

While Baek Ji Young mainly releases ballad songs that showcase her strong vocals, this is a song she is well known for and there have been many parodies and performances of this song. More recently, she performed this song on the 10th anniversary of M Countdown featuring Taecyeon’s hoobaes GOT7’s JB and Jackson.

While I had heard the song quite a few times, I had never actually watched the music video until now. After watching it, I thought that the music video was actually fitting for the song with all of the lights and metallic colors. I really like how Baek Ji Young and Taecyeon’s voices work well together in the original version of the song and overall I really enjoy listening to it. 

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Toheart Delicious

anitaya: Toheart is a unit group formed by the collaboration between Shinee’s Key and Infinite’s Woohyun. Key and Woohyun were able to come together as Toheart because of the merger of SM Entertainment’s SM C&C and Woollim Entertainment. “Delicious” is a pop dance song with a catchy melody. The song is about two guys fighting over a girl who they have both fallen in love with.

In the music video, it shows scenes where the two guys used to hang out together as friends. The guys are competing and trying to look charming to the girl they like. In the lyrics of the song, the guys ask the girl to choose one between them. I really like this song and think that Key and Woohyun work well together. Key and Woohyun are the same age and are both good friends.  Continue reading →

Xia Junsu Incredible


anitaya: “Incredible” is a feel good song and a fun song that you can dance to. I like this song and Xia Junsu’s vocals, but I don’t like Quincy’s rap in this song. I thought that the lyrics of the rap were not good and did not fit the song well. In the music video, people are having fun at a party during the summer. They are dancing in a decorated room and are wearing colorful clothes. They also dance on a floor with water. I enjoy watching the dance moves and choreography for “Incredible.” This song is about a beautiful girl who has got something incredible about her. Continue reading →

Rather Be

anitaya: I thought that this song was pleasant to listen to. The music included violin, keyboard, and percussion instruments. I liked the flow of the song and how well the vocals suited the instrumental music. “Rather Be” is a song that you can dance to. The music video is about a Japanese fan of the band having hallucinations of the band and logo in her everyday life as a chef. The fan is always thinking about the band everywhere she goes. This song is soothing and upbeat. I would recommend listening to this song.

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BTS (Bangtan Boys) Boy in Luv

ccooony: In light of BTS’s upcoming comeback, which I am super excited about, I decided to pick the BTS song that really got me into the group as my throwback song choice for this post! When I first heard “Boy in Luv”, it was immediately catchy to my ears and I was able to recall the chorus to the song pretty quickly. I had heard of BTS before, but I had never really listened to their songs. One day, I saw that this song had been released and I decided to check it out. I’m really glad I did because this is probably my favorite song by them at the moment.

For the music video of this song, I thought it was all right but like many other music videos, sometimes I don’t really know what’s happening or the purpose of some of the scenes. There was wrist grabbing, which seems to be a common occurrence that I have seen in many dramas before, but I’ll probably never fully understand. There was dancing of course, showcasing some of their choreography to the song as well as other scenes, where I couldn’t quite grasp the story line, but I was fine with them nonetheless. Overall, I still enjoy listening to this song and I can’t wait to see what BTS will release next! I’m hoping that I’ll like their next song just as much as I like this one! Continue reading →

Deal With It and Juliette


anitaya: I remember watching and listening to Corbin Bleu’s music video for “Deal With It” during the time High School Musical aired on Disney Channel. Corbin Bleu was working on his solo music career aside from the High School Musical series. I became interested in listening to K-pop and watching K-pop music videos a few years later. When I first heard Shinee’s song “Juliette”, I immediately recognized the familiar melody and song and realized that it sounded exactly the same as Corbin Bleu’s “Deal With It”. The meaning of the song “Juliette” is extremely different than “Deal with It” and seems to be the opposite of each other. This song appears to be more popular and more successful for Shinee than it is for Corbin Bleu.

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Empty and Mirotic


anitaya: This is an English song sung by a Korean group called JYJ. I enjoy listening to this catchy song. Their vocals sound pleasant and match the percussion and piano melody.  Although JYJ had problems with SM Entertainment and were not allowed to be on broadcast stations, I would like to see JYJ  be able to perform on music shows for television broadcasts.

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Simon Dominic 2014


ccooony: When I first heard this rap, I thought it was really memorable and the chorus got stuck in my head. I thought that Simon D came up with a great rap for himself. Makes me wish I could have a cool sounding song with my name in it as well. It’s still stuck in my head from time to time and it’s still catchy to me whenever I hear it. Continue reading →

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