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Unpretty Rapstar Concluding Thoughts + Recap

ccooony: Season 1 of Unpretty Rapstar has finally come to an end after 8 episodes and it’s been a great season filled with relationships, tears, disses, and most importantly great original rap lyrics and awesome tracks. While I initially thought it was going to be like Mnet’s other rap show “Show Me the Money”, it was different in a good way.

Since there were only 8 rappers and they were competing for a track on a female rapper compilation album consisting of 6 total tracks, I feel like I was able to get to know each of the rappers better and had more opportunities to see what they had to showcase.

The winner of the final track, and essentially the winner of Unpretty Rapstar ended up being Cheetah and I think it was well deserved. Throughout the whole season, she was one of the top rappers to keep an eye out for and she dominated the stage with her well-written raps and her strong charisma.

Jessi, who came in 2nd place, definitely had a strong presence within the competition and she had such a strong power with her rap and voice. If Cheetah didn’t win, then I definitely think that it would have been Jessi. Cheetah and Jessi were both one of the top contenders throughout the whole competition and definitely proved themselves and their skills. Continue reading →

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