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We Broke Up Episode 9 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: Nina drives away and Wonyoung smiles as he enters his house. The dog, Kot-Dong, barks at him when he goes inside. Woori thinks about the time when she and Wonyoung broke up. She tells Hyun Woo what happened. The Band I Do Not Know was not doing well and didn’t know when they would ever debut.

The band came home drunk one night. Woori and Wonyoung had an argument about the band’s situation. The next day, they apologized to each other. However, after that incident, they knew that they felt differently about each other and then broke up a few days later. It wasn’t a bad breakup, but lately, they haven’t been on the best of terms.  Continue reading →

We Broke Up Episode 8 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: Woori thinks about what Hyun Woo said about moving out of the share house. She’s not sure about what she should do. The Band I Do Not Know will be on a radio show called, “Volume Up Stars.” Shim Hun posted a YouTube video of their band performing, which helped them gain more popularity.

At Gaha Entertainment, Woori does a presentation. One of the employees asks her about one of the graphs she used. It was from the company’s internal reports. Hyun Woo admits that he helped her. Woori tries to work without receiving any help from Hyun Woo. Continue reading →

We Broke Up Episode 7 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: Wonyoung is lying down on his bed and Woori tells him that he shouldn’t give up on this opportunity. He says that he doesn’t want to compromise his music for money. She asks him how he felt when he got kicked out of the studio and tells him that he needs to think about what’s most important right now. 

Nina enters the room to speak with Wonyoung and Woori leaves. Nina tells Wonyoung that she gives up on trying to persuade him. She lets him know that she’ll believe in him this time and tells him not to blame her if things go wrong.

Nina also asks Wonyoung how he could let her go home drunk the other night after what she told him. He tells her that she was too drunk to mean it. She admits that she doesn’t do that to anyone. She confesses to Wonyoung that she is interested in him.  Continue reading →

We Broke Up Episode 6 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: Wonyoung is thinking about what to do. Nina takes the pitcher of alcohol and gulps it down for him. She goes outside and starts to throw up. Woori gives her a hangover cure drink. She asks Nina what she likes about Wonyoung and The Band I Do Not Know. Nina replies that it was love at first sight and that it’s her job to let Wonyoung shine.

Woori tries to walk Hyun Woo back because he is drunk. She tells him that he should stay away from the house because of the mischievous pranks. Hyun Woo confesses to Woori that he likes her a lot more than she thinks. She thinks that he drank too much and tells him that she likes him too. Woori tells him that he’s a great friend. Hyun Woo responds that he’s not drunk and had a crush on her since long ago.  Continue reading →

We Broke Up Episode 5 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: Hyun Woo removes something from Woori’s hair as they are in front of her house. They say goodbye to each other. Woori enters the house and Wonyoung goes in shortly after. Wonyoung asks her what she has been doing lately. 

Wonyoung comments that Woori is drunk late at night which makes her look easy. Woori tells him that he’s the one who slept out last night. He tells her to make out somewhere else.  She doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Woori reminds him that he was the one who came up with the rule to mind off each other’s dating.

One month later, Woori and Wonyoung still dislike each other. Woori and Hyun Woo get the job at Gaha Entertainment. Wonyoung works at Mars Music, which is located at the building next to Gaha Entertainment. Wonyoung and his band members sign a contract with Mars Music. Nina asks them to celebrate. Continue reading →

We Broke Up Episode 4 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: The episode starts off where Woori and Hyun Woo look into each other’s eyes. She recognizes who he is and they play tug of war over the book. They both need the book. Woori tries to persuade him to hand it over to her. She tells him that she needs to read the book for her interview with Gaha Entertainment. Hyun Woo comes up with a solution. They should stay up all night together. 

Wonyoung finishes his band performance of “Wild and Young.” The audience cheers for them. Hyun Woo and Woori share the book while studying it in the library. Woori falls asleep and Hyun Woo puts his jacket on her.

Hyun Woo looks over at her and sees her slide show presentation on her laptop. Woori dreams about watching Wonyoung singing a sweet song. She drools all over the book and then wakes up. Hyun Woo offers her a ride to the interview on his motorcycle.  Continue reading →

We Broke Up Episode 3 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: The episode starts off with a flashback. Wonyoung was looking through pictures of Woori and him from when they were a couple on his phone while working at the convenience store. He has a nightmare of a scary looking person with Winner’s Mino’s song, “I’m Him” playing in the background.  This song is Nina’s ringtone.

Nina calls her phone and Wonyoung answers her call. He tells her to get her cell phone at Yeon-hee convenience store and to bring his phone back. She asks him to come to where she is because she is too busy to go there and tells him that she can pay him $300. 

The housemates at the share house eat a meal together. One of the housemates tells Woori that Wonyoung slept out. She remembers the time when Wonyoung cared about her as her boyfriend and asked her not to sleep out as a promise to him. He said that he was always there for her and then kissed her on the lips. Continue reading →

We Broke Up Episode 2 Recap

we broke up

anitaya: Wonyoung falls on the floor and yells at Woori that he had told her not to put dog food there. Woori asks him if he feels like moving out now. Woori kicks him and tells him to leave the house. Wonyoung is frustrated. His band plays music in the house and Woori gets annoyed.

Woori can’t stand it anymore and tells them to be quiet. Wonyoung comes out of the shower and tells her that she used to say that they were the best band ever. Woori tells Wonyoung to stop fooling around and that the house is not a studio.

The other housemates are fed up with Woori and Wonyoung’s arguments and tell them to stop making a fuss before they call the police or kick them out. They tell Woori and Wonyoung to make an agreement. If either of them breaks any of the rules, he or she has no choice but to move out.  Continue reading →

We Broke Up Episode 1 Recap

we broke up

2NE1’s Sandara Park (as Woori) and Winner’s Kang Seung Yoon (as Wonyoung) star together in this new web drama based on the popular webtoon “We Broke Up”.

anitaya: Three years ago, Woori is sleeping on her bed and her friend tries to wake her up. Woori overhears her friend’s phone conversation about a new semester party. Woori tells her friend that she’s ready to go to the party. They both go to the party and Woori’s friend calls out for a boy from the freshman class who can sing.

A band named The Band I Do Not Know performs Kang Seung Yoon’s “Wild and Young” at the party. Woori gets up and walks closer to the band. She stares at the lead singer, Wonyoung . They look at each other.

Woori and Wonyoung are dating and in love. Wonyoung sells his guitar to pay rent for the share house they will live together. A girl named Nina sees Wonyoung and his guitar and tells him to keep it up.

Woori goes back to the guitar store and begs an employee named Hyun Woo to sell it back to her. He is one of her classmates. Hyun Woo eventually gives in to her after she tries to persuade him by dancing and acting cute.  Continue reading →

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